How to Import Credit Notes Using Contacts in QuickBooks?

Importing can be a tricky process in the QuickBooks if a user doesn’t know the process properly. Today in the […]

Importing can be a tricky process in the QuickBooks if a user doesn’t know the process properly. Today in the below article you will get the information about how to import credit notes using the contacts. A user can import the customer credit notes into QuickBooks however you need to fulfill the below two conditions.

  • Total number of credit notes should not be zero
  • Make sure that sales references and invoice date already have been mentioned in credit note
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It is always recommendable to import the customer before importing the credit notes. It means that any new customer can be matched to existing customers in QuickBooks correctly.

A customer credit notes after importing to QuickBooks will apply to the customer account and should be manually applied on payments or invoices by the accountant or the bookkeeper.

If the user is using the perpetual accounting method, the related cost of goods returned is not imported to QuickBooks at the same time as the customer credit notes and follows the same rules as the cost of goods that are sold.

Steps to Import the Customer Credit Notes

The method going to below mentioned will import all credit notes at the same time. This is the fastest way to import all credit notes.

  • First, go to left navigation, go to accounts >>> then QuickBooks
  • Now click on Import and Update contacts which helps to update or import any new customers
  • Now you need to click Import Customer credit memos
  • You will get the notification message once the process will finish

Steps to Import individual Transactions

If you want to import only one credit note, or you want to inspect the credit notes before importing, just follow the below steps:

  • Go to left navigation >>> select accounts >>> Select QuickBooks
  • Now click on Import contacts which helps to enter a new customer
  • Select choose which is available to next to Import customers credit memos
  • Now check the specific credit notes which you want to import
  • Now click to Update /Import order

Hopefully, the above steps help to manage to import the credit notes using contacts in QuickBooks. Importing the credit notes would be useful instead of transferring data from one place to another. Quick importing data may save your time and gives you an error-free importing.

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