IRS Notice CP3219A – Statutory Notice of Deficiency (ASL)

When the information on a taxpayer’s tax returns and the information the IRS has received differ, the IRS will send that taxpayer IRS Notice CP3219A. The return was made by the IRS, which might have resulted in a rise or fall in tax owed.

Why Did I Receive IRS Notice CP3219A?

Because the IRS had previously sent you letters requesting more information regarding discrepancies (in your income, credits, or deductions) on your tax return, you were the recipient of notice CP3219A. The IRS made the suggested changes to your return because you failed to reply by the specified deadlines on those notices. These changes led to an increase in taxes. A bill is not CP3219A. It gives an overview of the suggested changes and discusses how you might appeal the ruling in the US Tax Court.

What You Can do?

Review your CP3219A thoroughly. It will list the planned changes in detail and the amount you now owe. The IRS will calculate the additional tax you owe, as well as any applicable penalties and interest charges, and send you a bill if you fail to respond to the notice.

If you agree:

  • You have two options: pay the entire amount now or wait for a bill. Form 5564, Notification of Deficiency Waiver, must be properly addressed, signed, and dated.

If you disagree:

  • You might be able to settle your case with the IRS directly. Send a completed copy of Form 5564 (included with your notification) or a written explanation of your opposition to PO Box 621505, Atlanta, GA 30362-1505. These documents may also be faxed to the number provided on your notice.
  • You also have the option to petition the U.S. Tax Court to review the deficit determination and any associated fines. You have 90 days from the date of your CP3219A to file (or 150 days if you live outside the U.S.). The Tax Court won’t take your case into consideration if you file after the deadline.

By visiting or calling the Clerk of the U.S. Tax Court at the number listed in your CP3219A notification, you can download the necessary petition form. The filing fee is $60.

Where to contact if you have more questions?

Call the IRS number (800-908-4490) provided on your notice to talk with a representative about your IRS Notice CP3219A. We’ll examine your situation to determine your eligibility for tax relief.

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