IRS Notices Library

We have a collection of IRS notices that you can browse to find out more about why you received this letter and the next steps you should take.

Common IRS Letters & Notices

IRS Notice CP01

Your claim of identity theft was verified by the IRS, which also placed an indicator […] Learn More

IRS Notice CP01A

Taxpayers given an identity protection personal identification number receive a CP01A […] Learn More

IRS Notice CP01H

Taxpayers who have used a Social Security number (SSN) that is linked with a locked […] Learn More

IRS Notice CP09

IRS notices aren’t always terrible. If you get IRS Notice CP09, you might be owed a refund […] Learn More

IRS Notice CP12

The taxpayer will get notification CP12 when the IRS changes a tax return that results […] Learn More

IRS Notice CP21B

When the IRS changes Form 1040 based on data supplied by the taxpayer, Notification CP21B […] Learn More

IRS Notice CP27

Taxpayers who may be eligible for the Earned Income Credit (EIC) but did not claim […] Learn More

IRS Notice CP49

When part or all of a taxpayer’s expected refund is used to settle an unpaid tax bill or other […] Learn More

IRS Notice CP53

The taxpayer receives notice via IRS Notice CP53 that their refund check will be mailed […] Learn More

IRS Notice CP80

When payments and/or tax credits are applied to a taxpayer’s account but the IRS has not […] Learn More

IRS Notice CP301

An IRS CP301 notice is issued to the taxpayer after they register for an online service […] Learn More

IRS Notice 433

When corporation taxes are not paid on time, Notice 433 outlines the penalties and applicable […] Learn More

IRS Notice CP503

The IRS issues Notice CP503 to taxpayers who continually refuse to settle their outstanding […] Learn More

IRS Notice CP504

A Notification of Intent to Levy is IRS Notice CP504. The IRS starts the tax levy process […] Learn More

IRS Notice CP566

A taxpayer is informed via IRS Notice CP566 that the IRS needs more information before […] Learn More

IRS Notice CP3219A

When the information on a taxpayer’s tax returns and the information the IRS has received differ […] Learn More

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