IRS Notice CP21B – Changes to Your Form 1040

When the IRS changes Form 1040 based on data supplied by the taxpayer, Notification CP21B is sent. As a result of such changes, there is now a refund required.

Why Did I Get a CP21B Notice from the IRS?

Because you discovered an error on your original tax return and either filed an updated return or contacted the IRS immediately, you were issued IRS Notice CP21B. After making the changes you requested, the IRS concluded that a refund was now due.

What You can do

Carefully read IRS Notice CP21B. It will include information on the changes made to your tax return as well as the amount of your tax refund.

If you accept the changes:

  • Nothing else is necessary. Within two to three weeks, you should get your money back. But, the IRS may give part or all of the refund to settle your tax bill if you have an outstanding tax balance. If after three weeks you have not received your refund, call the number on your notification.

In case you disagree with the changes made:

  • The IRS can be reached at the number on your notification if you want to review your account with someone there. Before calling, make sure you have a copy of your tax return and the notice.
  • By mail contact the IRS. Use the address listed on your CP21B notice’s top. Remember to include in the letter your Social Security number, the tax year, and the form number (1040).

The IRS will assume you accept the changes if you don’t reply to the tax notification. A copy of the tax notice should always be kept for your records.

Whom Should I Speak With If I Have More Questions?

Call (800-908-4490) or contact the IRS at the number on your notice if you require any extra help with your CP21B notice.

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