IRS Notice CP12- Changes made to Your Tax Return

The taxpayer will get notification CP12 when the IRS changes a tax return that results in a refund due to one or more errors.

Why did I receive IRS Notice CP12?

Receiving a CP12 notice is ok as it is not a bad thing. It indicates that the IRS has corrected one or more errors in your tax return that you made. Fortunately, the adjustment(s) made them owe you more money (refund).

What You can do?

Be sure to read IRS Notice CP12 carefully if you receive it. It will explain the changes that were made, why the IRS thought your tax return contained an error and the additional refund that is now owed to you.

In case you agree with the changes:

  • Make the necessary changes to your tax return, then save the updated copy for your records. The IRS should not receive this.
  • Within 4-6 weeks, you should receive your reimbursement. However, your return might be used to reduce debt if you have an unpaid tax bill or a liability to the government.

If you disagree with the changes:

  • Use the toll-free number in the top right corner of your notice to get in touch with the IRS, or send a letter to the address there in response. Provide a copy of your notice and any necessary supporting documents if you respond in writing.

After getting the tax notice, you have 60 days to get in touch with the IRS. They will undo the changes, but they can also send your case for audit. The changes will remain in effect and you will lose your opportunity to file an appeal with the U.S. Tax Court if you fail to submit your reversal request on time.

How should I contact you if I have more questions?

Contact the IRS at the number (800-908-4490) provided on your tax notice if you have any further inquiries regarding your CP12 notification.


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