IRS Notice CP80 – Credit on Account, Missing Tax Return

When payments and/or tax credits are applied to a taxpayer’s account but the IRS has not yet received a tax return for the applicable period, IRS Notification CP80 is delivered.

Why did I Receive IRS Notice CP80?

Despite not receiving your tax return for that period, the IRS made credits to your tax account and sent you a CP80 notice as a result. You risk losing the credit if you fail to submit the proper return or notify the IRS (s).

Next Steps

Keep a copy for your records and read your notice CP80.

In case you require to file a tax return then:

  • Send your completed tax return to the address listed on your CP80 notice. The credit(s) will be applied by the IRS to any taxes you may owe.

If you have already filed your return:

  • To the address listed on your notice, provide a freshly signed copy of your tax return. Attach copies of all planned and other documents that were originally included with the return.

If you want the credit transferred to a different tax form, time period, or tax ID:

  • Dial the IRS number on your tax notification to contact them.

The IRS temporarily stopped issuing CP80s as a result of processing backlogs for tax years 2019 and 2020. Please resubmit the return if you received a notification for your 2019 return and you filed it on time. DO NOT resubmit your 2020 tax return if you receive a notice.

Consequences of Ignoring IRS Notice CP80

Ignoring the IRS Notice CP80 can lead to serious consequences for taxpayers. The IRS can take legal action to collect the outstanding debt, including wage garnishment, bank account levies, and property liens. Additionally, interest and penalties will continue to accrue, increasing the amount owed.

Whom to Contact if You have more Questions?

To get answers to your questions related to your IRS Notice CP80, you can call the IRS numbers (800-908-4490)

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