IRS Notice CP504 – Notice of Intent to Levy

A Notification of Intent to Levy is IRS Notice CP504. The IRS starts the tax levy process and sends it to taxpayers who continue to disregard balance due notices.

Why Did I Receive IRS Notice CP504?

Because of your failure to pay back taxes or reply to previous attempts to recover your tax debt, you were served notice CP504. An IRS tax levy against your property is currently being implemented. The IRS may levy your bank accounts, your income (wage garnishment), and your property if you don’t make the required payment right away. Your state and federal tax refunds fall within this.

What You Can do?

A copy of your CP504 notice should be kept for your records. The notification will outline your total debt, including interest and penalties. After receiving the notice, you have 30 days to pay the sum in full or make arrangements for a payment plan.

In case you agree with the amount due:

  • Pay your payment by the due date. If making a payment using a check or money order, use the attached payment slip. To make an online payment, go to
  • Pay what you can now and ask for a payment plan if you are unable to make the whole payment. You may also be eligible for other tax relief programs.

If you disagree with the amount due:

  • Speak with an IRS agent by dialing the number on your CP504 notice. Before calling, make sure you have your account number at hand.

If the IRS does not receive the money within 30 days of the notice date, they may proceed with the levy. But, before the collection takes place, you can submit a request for an appeal through the Collection Appeals Program (CAP).

Whom Should I Speak With If I Have More Questions?

Call (800-908-4490) or the number on your notice if you have any questions regarding your IRS Notice CP504. 


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