IRS Notice CP53 – Refund Check is Being Sent by Mail

The taxpayer receives notice via IRS Notice CP53 that their refund check will be mailed to them.

What if I Receive IRS Notice CP53?

The IRS is unable to electronically deposit your tax refund, which is why you received notice CP53 (direct deposit). Instead, a check for your refund will be mailed to you.

What You Can do?

For your records, keep a copy of your CP53 notification. You must get in touch with the IRS by dialling the toll-free number provided on your tax notice if you don’t get your refund check within three to four weeks.

Your cheque will be returned to the IRS if you moved and neglected to update the IRS of your new address. To update your address on file, send Form 8822, Change of Address, or phone the number provided to avoid delays.

What to do if I have More Questions?

If you have any queries then simply contact with IRS (800-908-4490).

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