IRS Notice CP01H – Identity Theft Lock

Taxpayers who have used a Social Security number (SSN) that is linked with a locked account receive IRS Notification CP01H.

Why Did I Get a CP01H Notification from the IRS?

Due to the SSN on your tax return belonging to a deceased taxpayer, you received IRS Notification CP01H. The IRS has locked the account linked to that SSN and won’t process your return due to the possibility of tax fraud and identity theft.

What You can do?

Please double-check the SSNs on your tax return if you receive notification CP01H. If your SSN is accurate, get in touch with the Social Security Administration and request that they address the problem. You will need to ask the IRS to unlock the account in writing after the problem has been fixed. You need to include add the following items:

  • Your IRS Notification CP01H in copy
  • Copies of at least one of the following things, in photocopies
         ○ Driver’s license
         ○ Passport
         ○ Social security card
         ○ Other government-issued ID
  • With original signatures your tax return

The address listed on your CP01H notice must send the letter and any supporting documentation. Keep a copy of all correspondence and notices for your records.

To Whom Should I Contact if i Have Questions?

In case if you have more questions regarding CP01H notice then you can call with IRS (800-908-4490).

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