Best Accounting Software for Cleaning Businesses of 2024

Owners of cleaning businesses can want support with bookkeeping and financial monitoring. They can create invoices, handle payments, oversee payroll, […]

Accounting Software for Cleaning Businesses of 2024

Owners of cleaning businesses can want support with bookkeeping and financial monitoring. They can create invoices, handle payments, oversee payroll, and more with the aid of the top accounting software packages.

Although owners of cleaning businesses may feel confident in their ability to provide excellent cleaning services to happy clients, the accounting side of their business may seem a little confusing. Making sure that all of their bills, accounts, and invoices are in order may be a challenge for even the most adept cleaners when it comes to managing their clientele and satisfying their expectations. Investing in accounting software might therefore be beneficial in order to automate and streamline a variety of financial tasks.

This guide will examine a number of software applications that may meet the requirements. In addition to highlighting some of the top accounting programs for owners of cleaning businesses to take into consideration, we will discuss what to look for in accounting software. It’s always a good idea to carefully consider each alternative because the best fit will depend on the specific needs of a business.

Important Points while Choosing the Best Accounting Software for a Cleaning Business

Selecting software may seem like a straightforward process, but before signing a contract, business owners should take into account a few crucial factors. The last thing that owners of businesses want is to switch all of their procedures to a program that is either unsuitable for their requirements or perhaps unlikable. The most crucial things to bear in mind when looking for accounting software for a cleaning firm are the following: price, user resources, accounting functionality, and subscription options.

Pricing and the Trial Period

When selecting the best accounting software, cost is one of the most crucial factors. It’s crucial that business owners can afford the recurring costs of subscription-based software because there are numerous other expenses related to operating a business, including insurance, supplies, equipment, and payroll. Since their operational budget may already be heavily burdened by regular expenses and cleaning business insurance prices, new business owners may be particularly cost-sensitive.

Pricing tiers are a common feature of cleaning software packages, which allow subscriptions to be tailored to the needs of various owners based on their company size. Software providers might provide inexpensive solutions with basic accounting features that are appropriate for small enterprises with a limited number of customers. But, more functionality-like inventory management or expenditure reporting, for example—would probably be needed by larger companies with hundreds of clients and several workers to support their operations, and such services will cost extra.

In order to help consumers decide whether or not the software is a good fit for their cleaning firm, a lot of the best programmes also provide free trials. Although this can vary from software platform to software platform, trial periods typically last for about 30 days. This is a terrific opportunity for the business owner to determine whether the software is a suitable fit without committing to anything since the software may be used to learn how to use its various capabilities.

Plans and Subscription

As previously said, accounting software for small business owners usually provides a variety of subscription options at various pricing points. Common functions span the gamut from comparatively basic financial duties to more comprehensive functionalities that address almost every facet of cleaning business operations. Although basic software subscriptions are less expensive, they could restrict the user’s access to certain capabilities and only enable them to send out a predetermined number of bills per month. Despite these drawbacks, entry-level memberships might be the best option for people who are just beginning a cleaning company. A more established cleaning company might benefit more from the capabilities found in top-tier subscriptions, which might include limitless access to bank accounts, inventory, project management tools, reports, invoicing, and payment processing.

Entrepreneurs who have more limited resources and less complicated bookkeeping needs could decide to begin with a basic subscription. Bookkeeping and invoice generation are two essential features that small business owners may get with basic accounting software. However, cleaning service owners may discover that a more costly subscription with additional features suits their needs better when their company expands and they want more sophisticated accounting capabilities.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Features

More sophisticated features than just processing invoices are frequently available with business accounting software. To assist business owners in making the most of their funds and resources, these platforms frequently include extra accounting and bookkeeping tools. Invoicing platforms, payroll administration, inventory monitoring, cost management, cash-flow reports, and bank account reconciliations are a few examples of accounting and bookkeeping capabilities that software may offer. To assist cleaning companies in maintaining good client interactions and managing their customer relationships, certain platforms could also come with account management software. With the aid of these capabilities, business owners can effectively handle their accounting obligations, monitor many facets of their daily activities, and utilize reporting data to make informed decisions based on the most recent information available.

Integration with other Software

Business accounting software that interfaces with other software applications that they use on a regular basis is a popular choice among business owners. An owner might select an accounting platform, for instance, based on how effectively it integrates with their payroll, tax, and reporting software. Some software applications are included in a bigger software suite, which offers countless possibilities for interfacing with other applications, making this process simpler. Users can simply move data between software programmes and even track information in real time with this level of integration.

When it comes to accepting payments, integration becomes even more crucial. Popular home-service apps like Jobber are used by many small businesses, as are readily available electronic payment platforms like Square and Stripe. Automating and streamlining accounting may depend on locating software that integrates easily with the financial reporting produced by these electronic pay systems.

User Resources

Not many business owners will feel comfortable accessing accounting software on their own, and getting the most out of any software platform may take a little know-how and experience with the specifics of a given application. They could require some assistance in those situations from customer service or from tools and resources. Users might select a software provider, for instance, that offers tutorials through webinars, blog entries, videos, and more. These resources can come in handy especially when entrepreneurs are faced with a difficult problem.

But occasionally, users of software require answers immediately and lack the time to view tutorial videos or read blog entries. Some might rather talk to a representative than try to solve problems on their own. Live assistance is crucial in these situations. Owners of businesses who would rather have hands-on help would be better off with companies that offer live chat, phone support, and other interactive services.

Top Accounting Software for Cleaning Business of 2024

Owners may want to think about how various pricing points, subscription choices, and feature availability will affect their daily operations and budget when selecting the finest accounting software for cleaning services. Based on each product’s advantages, we have indicated the greatest use cases in addition to a list of some of the best platforms to take into account.

1. QuickBooks

Intuit QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a fantastic choice for cleaning companies because of its extensive resource library, ease of integration with hundreds of third-party apps, and affordable banking options.

Numerous capabilities, such as project management, payroll administration, reporting, payments, and invoicing, are available with QuickBooks. Additionally, it is interoperable with more than 750 third-party software applications, making it very easy for many business owners to integrate into their processes. QuickBooks’ rates can be a little expensive for this kind of software, with monthly membership fees ranging from $30 to $200. However, business owners may test the site out for free before committing to any payment plans thanks to its 30-day trial.

QuickBooks users in the cleaning industry can choose from a wide range of bookkeeping resources and solutions. To assist business owners in making the most of the platform, live assistance, blogs, forums, and video training are all offered. In addition, QuickBooks offers conventional automatic bookkeeping features, such as organizing costs for taxation and classifying transactions based on predetermined guidelines. This degree of automation reduces the time required to manually organize and document financial documents, which could be quite helpful for small business owners who don’t have much time for these tasks.

The flexibility for all businesses that subscribe to QuickBooks to open a bank account with a five percent annual percentage yield (APY) is another major selling point. With such a high annual percentage yield on a company bank account, owners may be able to increase their wealth. QuickBooks Checking customers can receive APY on the savings amounts in their accounts, and Green Dot Bank, a partner of QuickBooks, offers banking services. Small company owners will find these accounts even more enticing because they don’t have any monthly fees, overdraft fees, or minimum balance limitations.


  • The pricing value is $30 to $200 per month.
  • Simple Start, Essentials, Plus and Advanced are the plans and subscriptions of the QuickBooks.
  • 30 days trial period.
  • Accounting and bookkeeping features are available like invoicing, reporting, payments and banking, Project management, inventory tracking, Payroll.
  • Video Tutorials, blogs, webinars, community Forum, live support are some examples of user resources of QuickBooks.


  • Commonplace automatic bookkeeping features.
  • Many different software connections are offered.
  • Included is a business bank account with a comparatively high APY of 5%.
  • Numerous free bookkeeping resources and tools.


  • Comparatively high monthly payment.

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2. Xero


Xero might be a good choice for a lot of cleaning business owners because of its advanced AI software, simplified bank reconciliation, and standard data collection.

Check out Xero if you’re a cleaning business owner looking to maximize your use of current technology without going over budget. Numerous services, like banking and payments, expense reporting, payroll processing, and inventory management, are provided by the online accounting software. Additionally, it makes use of artificial intelligence to evaluate a company’s income and outlays in order to forecast future cash flow—a potentially useful tool for companies that deal with slow-paying or on-demand clients. Users could still experience software problems even with such state-of-the-art technologies at their disposal. Xero provides a plethora of materials to assist entrepreneurs in optimizing their accounting software and streamlining their business processes. Small business guidelines, templates, podcasts, blogs, video courses, and community forums are some of these resources.

Due to the restricted invoicing choices offered by Xero’s lower-tier plans, larger enterprises may not find these plans acceptable; however, smaller cleaning operations may find that these less expensive plans are a good fit for their requirements. Along with these tools, every Xero subscription includes bank reconciliation services, which let users import bank statements manually or automatically as needed. Additionally, there are bulk reconciliation software that help business owners maintain current financial records and swiftly and efficiently reconcile bank transactions. By guaranteeing error-free reconciliation procedures, these features may help business owners manage their money more efficiently and in less time. The ability to scan vital papers from a mobile device for effortless organization is another benefit of Xero’s data-capture features.


  • The pricing value is $15 to $78 per month.
  • Early, Growing, Established are the plans and subscriptions of the Xero.
  • 30 days trial period.
  • Accounting and bookkeeping features are available like payments and banking, expense reporting, project tracking, payroll, reporting, inventory management, invoicing, data capture.
  • Blogs, Community forum, online course, webinars, video tutorials, templates, Podcasts are some examples of user resources of Xero.


  • Regular services for bank reconciliation.
  • Standard features for data collection.
  • Analytics tools powered by AI are accessible.
  • Numerous user resources are accessible.


  • Certain plans have limited options for invoices.

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3. FreshBooks


Customers of FreshBooks can get a nice discount on their first three months of service, and the time-tracking tool within the app might help them be more productive.

Accounting software costs can be managed and incorporated into running budgets with the aid of discounts for business owners. New users can get a substantial 75 percent discount from FreshBooks for the first three months of their memberships. Users can integrate services like spending management, payments, and invoicing during this phase, in addition to other reporting. Additionally, they can monitor how long it takes for various activities using the platform’s built-in time-tracking features, which will help them handle productivity concerns and precisely determine house-cleaning prices.

Though the amount of invoices available for those five customers is infinite, those contemplating the least expensive FreshBooks subscription would want to be aware that such plans can only handle five customers. As a result, smaller businesses with fewer clientele might find them suitable. Customers of FreshBooks have access to a multitude of tools and resources that they can use to enhance different areas of their cleaning business in addition to getting more value out of the programme. Businesses may make the most use of their resources by utilizing mark-up calculators, invoice generators, business templates, and even loan calculators.


  • The pricing value is $17 to $123.75 per month.
  • Lite, Plus, Premium, Select are the plans and subscriptions of the FreshBooks.
  • 30 days trial period.
  • Accounting and bookkeeping features are available like invoicing, Payments, time tracking, expense management, reporting.
  • Blogs, Virtual assistant, Podcasts are some examples of user resources of FreshBooks.

Advantages of FreshBooks

  • Common productivity and time-tracking tools
  • Many of the tools and resources are available for small businesses.
  • A large 75% off for the first three months

Disadvantage of FreshBooks

  • Some plans have restricted options for invoices.

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4. ZipBooks

With a feature-rich free plan, ZipBooks is among the most reasonably priced accounting software options available for smaller businesses on a tight budget.

Costly accounting software is ineffective, and ZipBooks ensures that cleaning business owners don’t have to deal with that thanks to its reasonable prices. Depending on the membership level, the cost of the company’s accounting software is $15 or $35 a month. For those in search of free accounting software, ZipBooks offers an incredibly feature-rich entry-level plan that lets users handle clients and vendors and send an infinite number of invoices. For easy report generation on completed payments, the free plan also interacts with Square and PayPal. Customers can get more comprehensive capabilities with an advanced “Accountant” membership from ZipBooks by contacting the firm to inquire about pricing.

The company’s user resources may prove to be relatively restricted for business owners that need extra help and support. In order to gain additional knowledge about the platform and accounting procedures for small businesses, users can refer to a collection of blog posts. Invoicing, spending tracking, reporting, and payment management features will also be available to ZipBooks users. They can also make use of advanced automation for spending tracking, which can route costs to the right customers based on predetermined guidelines. For example, business owners may need to buy a certain cleaning solution in order to satisfy a client’s requirements.


  • The pricing value is $15 to $35 per month.
  • Starter, Smarter, Sophisticated, Accountant are the plans and subscriptions of the ZipBooks.
  • 30 days trial period.
  • Accounting and bookkeeping features are available like invoicing, Payments, expense management, reporting.
  • Blogs are the examples of user resources of ZipBooks.


  • Strong complimentary plan accessible.
  • Pass-through functionality and automated cost monitoring.
  • Very affordable $15 or $35 a month for subscription plans.


  • A resource library with some limitations.

5. Sage 50

Sage 50

For individuals considering expanding their business, Sage 50 is a viable accounting software option because it can readily handle the demands of a developing company.

Growing cleaning companies that could soon need to enhance their accounting capabilities will find Sage 50 to be a terrific solution. Cleaning business owners never need to worry that their accounting platform will become obsolete because it is simply one component of a much bigger portfolio of software solutions. In addition, business owners will have the tools and assistance necessary to maximize the potential of the software programme for their cleaning company, thanks to the abundance of readily available materials, including blogs, webinars, and message boards. If such resources don’t address all of the questions consumers have, they can use live and on-demand training programmes to become fully conversant with the Sage 50 platform.

While a free trial is available to new users, it lasts for just 14 days, which is not too lengthy for accounting software. In order to streamline accounting procedures, those who choose to remain with the programme can benefit from features like inventory management, payment solutions, cash-flow reports, invoicing, and other reporting alternatives. Sage 50 offers consumers even more value from their accounting software by including cyber security, fraud protection, and credit monitoring services with every subscription.


  • The pricing value is $59 to $160 per month.
  • Pro Accounting, Premium Accounting, Quantum Accounting are the plans and subscriptions of the Sage 50.
  • 14 days trial period.
  • Accounting and the bookkeeping features are available in this some of them are like Cash Flow and Invoicing, Payments and Banking, Inventory Management, Job and Project Costing, Reporting.
  • Live and on Demand Training, Blog, Community Forum, Video Tutorials, Webinars are the examples of user resources of Sage 50.


  • Many software suites available for expanding companies
  • Services like fraud protection, credit monitoring, and cyber security were included.
  • Training is offered both live and on demand.


  • 14-day trial period that is somewhat brief.

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How to Choose Best Accounting Software for Cleaning Business

The workflow of a cleaning company must be integrated with accounting software, which is a major undertaking that requires great thought before a decision is made. The most significant elements that could affect an owner’s choice were taken into consideration when compiling our list of the top accounting software packages for cleaning companies.

For example, we examined all of the services that each provider could provide across all of its different subscription options. We took a close look at cost elements including monthly rates and any additional expenses or savings that could affect rates. We also took trial periods and user resources into consideration during our investigation. Making sure every programme provided a lot of value and support for individuals in need of extra help was the aim. The top programmes and use cases for each application were identified after we considered the advantages and disadvantages of each programme.

Before Selecting One of the Top Accounting Software Applications for Cleaning Companies

Business owners should consider their needs and which features make the most sense to integrate into their specific workflows before choosing one of the top accounting software packages for cleaning businesses. A cleaning company might not be the perfect fit for the greatest construction accounting software, but it might be for a general contractor. For tracking their income and expenses, small-scale cleaning firms might be able to get away with simple spreadsheets and invoice templates. This is especially true for company owners who are confident in their capacity to monitor and handle their accounting requirements. However, it could be necessary to spend money on a specialized accounting solution when a company outgrows these basic accounting software tools, such Excel spreadsheets.

The Price of Using the Best Accounting Software for Cleaning Companies

Depending on the type of subscription, utilizing accounting software has different costs. While lower-end plans might be easy to budget for, many top-tier software programmes might cost between $100 and $200 per month. Software businesses in this field generally provide various subscription plans at varying price points. Even with their comparatively limited features and capabilities, free subscriptions might nevertheless provide smaller businesses a lot of value. Accounting software that matches a cleaning business owner’s budget is essential because they have a lot of expenses to manage, such payroll, cleaning supplies, and premiums to stay covered by some of the top small-business insurance providers (like NEXT or Thimble).

Benefits of Choosing One of the Top Accounting Software Packages for Cleaning Companies

Accounting software may streamline numerous financial procedures and automate a number of tasks for cleaning companies, eliminating a lot of uncertainty. For instance, business owners can save time and focus their attention on more important activities by using a single programme with bank reconciliation functions instead of two separate apps for checking bank accounts and invoicing. Furthermore, businesses can keep an eye on unpaid invoices thanks to accounting software that has invoice-tracking capabilities. The greatest accounting software packages for cleaning businesses often allow for business expansion. Users are able to choose more advanced membership packages and access additional features as the demands of the firm grow. There are numerous additional ways in which cleaning businesses can profit from the greatest software systems, such as:

  • Integrating and extracting financial data from numerous sources, even hundreds of business applications.
  • Giving organizations access to cutting-edge standard features straight out of the box, like bank reconciliation, automated bookkeeping, and data collection capabilities.
  • Providing an extensive range of educational and customer support materials, including blogs, community forums, video tutorials, and on-demand training webinars.


Small business owners may find it intimidating to select an accounting software because of the potential financial consequences. In order to make a better informed decision, cleaning business owners can still have some queries after conducting their own study on the topic. You can contact our experts for any type of queries, we have experts for this. They will help in resolving your issue easily, so that you can work easily and independently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What is the most Straightforward method for keeping a Cleaning Company’s Records up to Date?
Ans: Using simple accounting software is the most straightforward approach for small business owners to keep records for their cleaning company. These programmes enable businesses to stay in compliance with tax laws, handle data, and produce reports automatically. For business owners who are concerned about meeting their annual tax obligations, legal accounting software can be of tremendous assistance.

Ques: For Cleaning Companies, What are the Advantages of Accounting Software?
Ans: Beyond what personal accounting software can provide, bookkeeping systems offer cleaning businesses advantages including time savings, cash flow monitoring, invoice tracking, and streamlined procedures. These advantages make purchasing accounting software for cleaning businesses well worth the price for many business owners.

Ques: What are Accounting’s Golden Rules?
The following three accounting golden rules are:

  • Pay with what you take out and debit what you bring in.
  • Giver gets credit, recipient gets debited.
  • Credit all earnings, debit all outlays.

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