Stripe QuickBooks Integration: How to Connect QuickBooks to Stripe

QuickBooks is a leading payment and invoicing software that lets you create and send invoices, track payments, and automate bookkeeping. […]

QuickBooks is a leading payment and invoicing software that lets you create and send invoices, track payments, and automate bookkeeping. Facts about Stripe QuickBooks Integration.

At the same time, Stripe provides robust APIs for recurring billing and online payments.

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Integrating QuickBooks and Stripe is very easy and convenient. It lets you synchronize QuickBooks Online with Stripe data. Also, it synchronizes Stripe Customers, Payouts, Sales, Taxes, Fees, etc.

QuickBooks Online allows you to keep books accurate and precise without the annoyances of manual data entry.

Stripe integrates with both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. You can integrate Stripe to QuickBooks Desktop to import complex Stripe transactions into your books to make them neat and ready for tax reporting.

This integration enables users to pay invoices and automate Stripe transactions in QuickBooks.

Dancing Numbers allows you to import, export, and delete info between QuickBooks Online and Stripe automatically in a matter of minutes.

What’s QuickBooks Stripe Integration?

QuickBooks Stripe Integration provides a number of benefits for online businesses. For handling online payments and operations both platforms are appropriate and integration allows enhanced features and benefits. Reducing manual work and saving time the integration automates various processes.

How Can You Integrate Stripe and QuickBooks?

You can use an application from the QuickBooks App Store to integrate your Stripe or you can do is to link your Stripe account with QuickBooks by just creating an account on Stripe’s official site. Once it is linked then you can connect the invoices that are generated in your Stripe account with QuickBooks.

Use the QuickBooks App Store

The Apps Store is one method of integrating Stripe with QuickBooks. This store has a connection with Stripe as well as a variety of applications that address various business needs.

  • While the program is running, Open the QuickBooks Apps shop.
  • Go to the Search icon and type Sync Orders into the search box.
  • Then from the list, you have to choose an application.
  • Review the overview of the application.
  • Ensure that the program permits integration with Stripe.
  • In order to get the program, click Get App Now.
  • Start the integration process using the downloaded app.

Merging Stripe and QuickBooks Accounts: How do I do it?

With the help of Stripe QuickBooks connection, you can merge your Stripe Checking Account, Where payouts are received, with your actual banking account in the program.

  • Select Lists > category of accounts to see all of your accounts.
  • Make sure the two accounts being merged are on the same level (either primary level accounts or sub-accounts).
  • Pick the account that is no longer needed.
  • At the bottom of the account category window, tap Edit Account, then tap the Account tab.
  • Change the account’s name to match the name of the other account.
  • Then you can save the changes that you have made.

Click Yes to merge the account with the other account after renaming it, or click No to cancel. Records for the renamed account will be combined with those for the original account. Follow this procedure for every new import.

How to Integrate Stripe with QuickBooks Online?

Find the appropriate app in QuickBooks Online’s Apps area and choose it to connect Stripe to QuickBooks Online. then access the tool for paying bills.

  • You can select Apps in QuickBooks Online.
  • Click the Find the Right App button.
  • Use the Paying Bills option in Step 3.
  • Then you can Click Make Payments after that.
  • You must first view the Key Benefits after clicking a tile. Press each tile to get access to the benefits.

Stripe QuickBooks Desktop Integration: What Are the Steps?

The QuickBooks Desktop Stripe application makes it possible to integrate Stripe with QuickBooks Desktop. By choosing Find More Business Solutions from the Help menu, you can locate this software in the Software Center to sync or integrate payment processing technologies with your QuickBooks Desktop account.

  • Begin by clicking open “QuickBooks Desktop
  • Then you have to push the tab for “Help”
  • A menu will be displayed. You have to click on App Center. You have to find “App Center: Find More Business Solutions”.
App Center: Find More Business Solutions
QuickBooks Desktop Marketplace
QuickBooks Desktop Marketplace Dashboard
  • You have to tap on “Search” in the window.
  • In the box, you have to “Write Stripe“.
  • Now you have to press one of the following options:
    • Search button
    • Enter key
  • You have to wait for the Stripe application that needs to be seen
  • Now you can get the application.

How Does Stripe Works with QuickBooks

Accounting and bookkeeping have become more enjoyable and convenient with this integration. Stripe will save customer’s an average of 300 hours per year. It automates bookkeeping for small enterprises that use QuickBooks so that you can focus on your enterprise.

The Stripe data will accurately account for the sales tax on your sales transactions processed via credit card payments through Stripe.

Stripe can hold funds on your behalf. When you accept a payment or make a sale, Stripe will pay the customer’s payment and then deposit the funds to a holding account. This is your balance of funds composed of different types of transactions. Then, Stripe will transfer these payouts from your available account balance into your existing bank account based on your payout schedule.

Also, Stripe withdraws funds from your balance to pay for different expenses such as payment processing fees and refunds. Thus, the transfers Stripe will regularly make to your existing bank account will not show all the credits and/or debits behind the scenes.

Advantages of Stripe QuickBooks Integration

With QuickBooks Stripe integration, you can find these advantages:

  • Data from Stripe is automatically imported into QuickBooks, giving you a clear picture of how your business is doing.
  • When integrating Stripe with QuickBooks Online, you can configure sales, products/services, taxes, fees, application fees, expenses, and payouts.
  • Your Stripe transactions, including sales, fees, expenses, and refunds, can be reconciled easily.
  • Tracking sync status at any time and reverting any action with one click makes amending errors in data easier.
  • You can categorize your sales by taxable and non-taxable transactions and apply the right tax rate by using such functions as default tax codes, generic tax codes, and zero-rated tax codes.
  • Multi-currency payments can be managed with the multi-currency feature.

Stripe QuickBooks Integration: Tutorial Video

How to Record Historic Stripe Payments in QuickBooks Online?

It is entirely possible to manually record each and every Stripe transaction in QuickBooks Online. However because this manual process is dependent on a step-by-step workflow, it can be very time-consuming, ineffective, and demanding.

By turning the entire Stripe transaction recording process over to QuickBook Online, you wind up saving a ton of money and effort from the side of manpower.

You should be aware that sales receipts will include a line item for tax during this phase. Credit card transactions will be accounted for in the Stripe data. You must export data from QuickBooks Online in CSV format to Excel format. If you decide against using a third-party app, you can finally import it into QuickBooks Online.

Also, by connecting to a Stripe bank account, Which is easily available in QuickBooks, you may record all Stripe transactions. Also, It should be noted that different third-party apps will have different syncing methods.

How to Reconcile Stripe Payments in QuickBooks Online?

Once the entire syncing process is done, It must be ensured that the Stripe payments and processing fees for each transaction are properly balanced.

There are various third-party applications that may provide a detailed, step-by-step walkthrough of the full process of reconciling Stripe transactions. The best way to track all Stripe transaction-based activity is to sync everything with a bank account in QuickBooks, then turn on payments processing for reconciliation.

All payouts from Stripe are sent to your connected checking account. The selected payment method is nicely set up for a variety of other things, such QuickBooks sales receipts, costs, etc.

You have to Follow the Below given Steps to Reconcile Stripe Transactions to QuickBooks:

  • The first and most important step is to create a checking account for QuickBooks Online Stripe. This entire process is automated.
  • Next you have to enable payout, after which you can choose your checking account. So you can add funds.
  • After that, You must proceed with syncing all Stripe transactions, whether manually or automatically. You must configure the auto-syncing process if you intend to do it automatically.
  • Now you have to select the Match that is next for each payout. This you have to do in the For review list that can be found in the Banking menu. The funds will take 3 or 7 days to deposit in your account.
  • Lastly, You have to reconcile your checking account with automatically recorded transactions.

The issue with Stripe and QuickBooks Online integration is that your information must be manually entered into your QuickBooks company and not analyze the transactions before import.

However, you will be needing something that synchronizes your data in detail and gives you total control over the actions happening with Stripe data in your QuickBooks Online so that you can always keep your book updated by matching Stripe transactions with QuickBooks Online entirely and accurately.

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