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How can Dancing Numbers benefit its users?

  1. Automatic process implementation
  2. Fast Processing
  3. Saves time to invest in growing business
  4. Bulk Data Transfer
  5. All-time expert advice for your accounting things.

How can data be processed?

The data can be processed in a few simple steps that are done accurately without any errors and interruptions. QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop data processing can be done easily.

What Dancing Numbers is all about?

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Dancing Numbers Team

Accuracy and Efficiency

The data transfer is done accurately and with efficiency so that you won’t get any duplicate or corrupted data transferred.

Save Time and Money

An automatic process to transfer your data whether in single or in bulk saves your time and money.

Transfer customised data

Import, export, and delete your data in a customised way so that you can transfer your data as per your requirement.

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Data Transfer Services For You

Dancing Numbers Data Import

Import data into QuickBooks

Automatically import all the lists and transactions with a few simple steps into QuickBooks that help you to save your time and money.

Dancing Numbers Data Export

Export data from QuickBooks

Easy to export all the data including all the lists and transactions from QuickBooks to Excel spreadsheet in a hassle-free way.

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Delete data in QuickBooks

Delete the data from your QuickBooks account in bulk specifically by customizing the filter options.


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Some stories by our customers

User Friendly

This is user-friendly software. I am now using it for the company file of my client. Instead of entering the bulk of sales receipts in QuickBooks from out of the excel file, I can now automatically transmit them to my QuickBooks. I’ll be happy to introduce this application to my future clients.

Good and Easy to Use Software

I used the software for importing sales receipt to my QuickBooks from excel. Also the initial setup was quite easy and effortless. Thanks to the tech support team.

Easy to Use

Easy to use software for importing data into QuickBooks Desktop. Also there support team was really helpful while setting up the software.

Great for Importing

I was having difficulty importing, luckily there technician was well trained. Was able to found the issue and solved the issue in moments . File was imported immediately. Thanks.

Best Importer Tool for QuickBooks

One of the best tools for importing journal entries into QuickBooks. Also, the support team was helpful in explaining all the features of the software. And also helped in importing the first batch of data for me. Thanks a lot!

Awesome after sales service

Helpful executives. Guided full process from setting up the software and using it with QuickBooks. Also, the software works efficiently.

Really Good Software For Data Automation

Good software for data automation in QuickBooks. One can easily import or export quantity of data in QuickBooks Desktop in no time.

Great software and support

Really good software for exporting data from QuickBooks and the customer support provided by agent was savant and polite. Thanks.

Delete multiple payments with ease

Used the software for deleting multiple payment invoices from a client’s company file. Just map your data and the rest of the work is done by the software. Reliable results.

Easy to Use and Reliable

Used it to delete some of the irrelevant transactions from my company file data. And the process was quick and easy. Just map your data into the software and all the hard work is done by itself in no time.

Great For Importing Invoices at Once

The software was really helpful in importing bulk invoice data into QuickBooks Desktop at once. I was stuck with manual entries for a client which gonna take me at least 1 or 2 weeks to complete. But with Dancing Numbers, I was able to import all the invoice data through a CSV file in one go and it was imported in a minute. Easy to use the software. Highly recommended.

Best data automation software

One of the best software for importing and exporting data into QuickBooks. I have used various automation software in the past but Dancing Numbers feel fresh to use. With its clean and intuitive UI, even first-time users can easily use it. I used it for importing sales receipts for one of my clients. And the process just took me seconds. Happy to use!

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Customers Testimonials

I am using Dancing Numbers last 2 years and I had no issues with the software till now. It provides great features and the best one is the automated process that saves the time that I do invest in other activities of the business. I just put my data for import, export, or delete to and from QuickBooks using Dancing Numbers software on an automated process.

Karen C. Carson

Karen C. Carson

I am delighted to share my exceptional experience with Nick from the Dancing Numbers’ team. Their software has proven to be an invaluable asset in streamlining my data migration tasks with its user-friendly interface and powerful features. Nick’s support is outstanding, providing quick and comprehensive solutions to any challenges I encounter. He went above and beyond in customizing fields to meet my specific accounting needs. Highly recommended!

Keith Alm

Keith Alm
MAAS Brother’s Powder Coating

I was looking for software in which I can transfer my data by customizing it easily. so,I got to know about the Dancing Numbers and now I am using it since 2021 It helps me in transferring data to and from QuickBooks Desktop in which I can choose which data I want to import,export,or delete.

Dennis Ramsey

Dennis Ramsey
Accounts Payable Associate

I am using Dancing Numbers Desktop and I am happy with the software as it saves a lot of time and money. Now it also has a new edition as Dancing Numbers Online for QuickBooks Online users. As I expanded my organization so I am also looking to switch to QuickBooks Online for more digital features. When I have Dancing Numbers Online then I have no issues with data transfer.

Helen J. White

Helen J. White
Cost Accountant

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