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QuickBooks Windows Administrator Permission Issue: Causes and Solutions

QuickBooks, the most widely used accounting software for business enterprises, has multiple versions for different requirements. This software accounting app may require the user to open the desktop app with the Windows Administrator account. In the event of a failure, you may experience different errors and display problems. It can impact not only QuickBooks Point […]

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How to Delete Duplicate Transactions in QuickBooks Online?

Are you also tired of having many duplicate transactions into your account? To delete duplicate transactions in QuickBooks online account, here is the whole process for it. You are just required to implement the process and get it done in a simple and easy way. Let’s get started! For Removing the Duplicate Transactions in Register […]

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Can we Share Inventory Between QuickBooks and QuickBooks POS?

The POS or point of sale is a system where your customers make payments for the product and services that you sold to them. And QuickBooks point of sale system is a retail POS system used majorly by small and medium businesses. Apart from the payment facility it also provides inventory and customer management tools, […]

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How to Delete an Account in QuickBooks Online?

Are you also looking for deleting the account into your QuickBooks online account? Did you know that instead of disconnecting you can inactive the account to mark it deleted? Below, you get the information about how many ways there are and what is the difference, and how to delete an account in QuickBooks online. To […]

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How to Find Gross Sales in QuickBooks?

If you wish to calculate net profits, it is imperative to monitor the gross sales. Thanks to QuickBooks, users get the golden opportunity to monitor the company’s earnings from sales. Once the income is established, you can deduct the price of the goods and then determine the overall net gain. Users also have the privilege […]

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Infographic: Import Expenses into QuickBooks with Dancing Numbers

Import expenses into QuickBooks are easy with Dancing Numbers. It provides you the automatic services of importing the expenses into your QuickBooks account. Just follow few steps and then you are done. You can utilize your time in any other work you like to do. Steps to Import Expenses File Selection Firstly, open the Import […]