How to Convert QuickBooks Enterprise to QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks is one of the best-known accounting software, it has many versions and editions which always come with the latest […]

QuickBooks is one of the best-known accounting software, it has many versions and editions which always come with the latest technology. QuickBooks also allows converting the file from QuickBooks Enterprise to Online. However, It is not a simple task and one needs a step-by-step guide to convert the same. It offers a complete solution for your business. Today in the below article you will get step-by-step guidance to convert QuickBooks Enterprise to Online.

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Steps to Convert QuickBooks Enterprise to QuickBooks Online

Before starting the process make sure to use Internet Explorer 10 or above. Now go to the option mentioned below.

File >>> Utilities >>> at this step copy the company file for QuickBooks Online

The company file will be saved with the “.OE” extension. It would be very beneficial to retrieve the file if you save it on your desktop. After clicking on save your company file will convert to .OE format, however, may take some time as per your company file size.

Now, follow the below steps to convert QuickBooks Enterprise to Online, How to import QuickBooks file

  • Open the Internet Explorer 10 or Internet Explorer 11.
  • Now, go to for your QuickBooks online accounts.
  • Sign in using the login credentials.
  • Open the QuickBooks online file.
  • Click on the gear option.
  • To import Desktop data click the option “Click import Desktop Data”.
  • Choose the QuickBooks for Windows 2005 and below option in the dropdown.
  • Clicks continue to go-ahead.
  • You can see the screen getting ready with the list of requirements to upload the file.
  • At the bottom, you can see the Continue button, click on that.
  • See the options coming and check on the box which is applicable in the Import checklist.
  • Click on the Continue button.
  • You will see the window with the start import option, click on Start Import.
  • You will be getting a message which gives warning that all the data in QuickBooks Online file will be overwritten.
  • Again, click on the continue button.
  • Install the Active X Control on the system by clicking on the Install button.
  • Once the Active X Control is installed, a congratulations message can be seen.
  • Click the continue button again.
  • Now in the next window hover over QuickBooks for Windows 2005 or earlier. Go ahead as per the instructions to export the file from QuickBooks, you can also the option “Yes I have prepared my file for import”.
  • Go ahead by clicking on continue.
  • Now, click on the Browse option to go to the saved OE.qbw file.
  • From next upcoming window, select your OE.qbw file and click on open.
  • Choose the type of import which you want to use, you can see two options and you need to opt for anyone.
  • After selecting the options click on continue again.
  • QuickBooks online starts processing your file for import. It may take some time.
  • You can be asked to enter the admin password if it exists in the file.
  • Now in the next window, you can see the file starts uploading.
  • After completing uploading 100%, click on continue.
  • Till the uploading and completed and imported, you will be locked out from the file.
  • Once uploading is done, you can click Sign out of QuickBooks Online.
  • You will receive a notification email when the file has been imported and ready for use.

Generally, it takes minutes for your file to make it ready, however, it shows 24 hours on the screen. Sometimes following the above steps you might be blocked to continue, in this case, you may require to add * to your trusted websites. To do so follow the below step:

  • Click the gear icon at the top right corner
  • after that click on Internet options.
  • Then click on the Security tab
  • Click on the Sites button available at the right side
  • Now type * in the add this website field and click on the Add button
  • While doing this remember to see that the box should be unchecked of option “Require server verification (https : ) for all sites in this zone”

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