How to Integrate QuickBooks with Website?

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It is possible to integrate QuickBooks with an e-commerce website. However, the particular web hosting company that has your business site should offer the QuickBooks Web Connector service to complete the integration.

Furthermore, many web hosting organizations provide this feature to their respective customers. The process of integration allows a web service that works on the given server and upgrades the accounting software QuickBooks on the particular computer of the client. This service enables your e-commerce site to upgrade the QuickBooks data directly. Not to mention, it can be configured to run manually or even automatically.

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Why it is Important to Integrate QuickBooks with a Website?

Your e-commerce platform is the main element of your online retail business. Hence, it is imperative that you have a system that has great and robust factors. Since there is ample data that is passing through your sales channels almost every single day, you would require a way to manage and handle the numbers with the total accounting system.

Selecting an e-commerce system that integrates with QuickBooks can make your processes very easy, and at the same time help you save time and enhance precision.

When you utilize an e-commerce system that can operate with QuickBooks, all your business data syncs automatically with your respective bookkeeping records. Such data includes orders, inventory, shipping, customers, etc. With the automatic transfer of data, you can save ample time that would have been used up had you entered the data manually into QuickBooks.

Having a precise and effective system also allows you to provide improved customer service. With the relevant inventory records, you do not need to be concerned about overselling. Also, you can reorder the inventory successfully. Precise customer information makes sure shipments reach at the given time and allows you to customize your mode of communication to your given customer base.

How to Integrate QuickBooks with a Website?

In order to integrate QuickBooks with a website, you need to follow certain steps as given below:

Step 1: Open the particular administrative control panel for your specific e-commerce site. Then, on the site, you need to log in as an administrator. Now, after this, you need to press the option that says Manage Users.

Step 2: Make an administrative user that will be utilized specifically for the web service. In order to do so, you need to press the option, Add New User. Now allocate a user ID and a password for the particular user. Authenticate the password and give an email address for that account. Press the OK button.

Step 3: Prepare a QWC file for your particular store. To prepare this file, press Operations in the main menu of the control panel. Press the QuickBooks option and then press Account Settings. The Manage Account settings page appears.

Step 4: Press the drop-down box of Admin User and choose the administrative user you prepared from the particular web service.

Step 5: Press the drop-down box QuickBooks Type and then press the version of QuickBooks that is available on your computer.

Step 6: Press the Get .QWC File option and then press the Next button. A link on the next page will enable you to download the QWC file.

Step 7: Press the option Download your Store .QWC link. Now you will be able to save the file to your particular hard drive.

Step 8: Open the e-commerce store account in your QuickBooks application on your given system.

Step 9: Download and then install the particular QuickBooks Web Connector application. You can download it from the Intuit website.

Step 10: Open the said QuickBooks Web Connector Application on your computer system.

Step 11: Press the button that has written on it, Add Application. Now a file selector will open up.

Step 12: Go to and press on the QWC file that you got from the control panel of the web host. Press the Open button. The Authorize New Web service message will show up.

Step 13: Press the OK button. The QuickBooks Web Connector Authorization window will appear.

Step 14: See the box that appears before you enter a website. Press the Update Selected button that is available on the top toolbar to synchronize the software manually with your particular website. Keep the Auto-Run box unchecked to synchronize the software with your site manually.

Step 15: Enter the password for the web host control panel in the said Password field. Now you can press the Yes button in order to save the password. The particular QuickBooks application and your e-commerce website then sync.

Step 16: Check the particular box in the given Auto-run column to organize automatic synchronization.

Step 17: Enter the interval in minutes into the field, Every Min. this will help to sync your site with QuickBooks automatically. A majority of the web hosting organizations enable you to sync a 10-15 minutes maximum.

Step 18: Now, you can import the inventory into the QuickBooks application post the first synchronization. In order to do this, open the Web host control panel. Now log in with your administrator ID and password. Press the Operations tab and then press QuickBooks. Press the Account Settings option and then check the particular box in front of the option Import Inventory on the Next Sync. Press the box for Export Orders. Now press the Save button.

Step 19: Get back to the QuickBooks Web Connector application on your system and then synchronize the app with your particular site. You can also wait for an automatic update of the application based on your configuration settings. Your site is now successfully integrated with QuickBooks.

Integrating QuickBooks with your website is perhaps the best thing for your business. Not only it will benefit you to manage your website and other aspects, but it will also help you take your customer service to the next level.

Integrating QuickBooks with a website is very easy. You can do it by just following the steps given above. Still, if you fail to do so and require professional assistance, you can get in touch with our Dancing Numbers experts via LIVE CHAT.

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Who can Integrate QuickBooks with a Website?

Here is the list of the individuals who can integrate QuickBooks with a website:

checked A QuickBooks admin can permit this integration.
checked Every Admin who has an Intuit account that is active.

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