How to Print Employee W-2 in QuickBooks Desktop and Online

The W-2 forms are the statements that have information related to the wages and salaries that are paid to the […]

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The W-2 forms are the statements that have information related to the wages and salaries that are paid to the employee by their employer. When the employees are going to prepare for their tax returns then they required these W-2 Forms. The employer and employees both must have copies of W-2s as it is an important part of your year-end tasks. You can send paper copies to your employees or print W-2s if you want to file them manually with the IRS.

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Here, you get to know how to print W-2 in QuickBooks Desktop and Online with their requirements. Just follow the procedure to implement it easily and smoothly.

Table of Contents

Create Your W-2 Forms in QuickBooks

  • Begin by going to Employees, then you have to go to Payroll Tax Forms and W-2s.
  • Then you have to select Process Payroll Forms.
  • Select Annual Form W-2/W-3- Wage and Tax Statement/Transmittal in the File Forms section and then you have to select Create Form.
    • Use the scroll bar to scroll down the list, in finding the form option.
    • If you are not able to see the form in the list then the form may be inactive.
    • Choose to Make a New Form Active from the Forms drop-down menu to make the form active. Then you have to choose the State drop-down arrow and then choose Federal. Choose Add Form after selecting the W-2 form. The W-2 form should now be visible in the File Forms section, Where you can select it.

Submit Your W-2s Forms in QuickBooks

  • Begin by selecting All Employees or selecting Employee’s Last Name (choose From and To) to file by batch, on the Process W-2s page.
  • From the Select Filing Period section enter the year of the form that you are filing and click on OK.
  • Now you have to select the employees that you are filing for in the Select Employees for Form W-2/W-3 window. To select all employees displayed you can select Mark All.
  • You have to click on the E-File Federal Forms.
  • On the login screen, you have to enter the Phone Number and email address of your company and then click on Submit.

Requirements When Print in QuickBooks Desktop

The things you take care of or requires are as follows:

  • Check for your version of QuickBooks Desktop that is supported.
  • You must have an active subscription to QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced or Standard service.
  • You must have the latest payroll tax table.
  • Black ink and print onto paper are required to print W-2 forms.
  • Verify the compatibility of the form with the QuickBooks Payroll Version.
  • You have to print the form on blank paper, preprinted forms, or perforated paper with a laser printer.
  • For inkjet printers, use the preprinted forms.

How to Print W-2 Forms in QuickBooks Desktop

There are few steps to follow properly that are as follows:-

  • Open the W-2 forms from QuickBooks Desktop
    • In QuickBooks Desktop, Click on the Employees menu.
    • Further, Select the Payroll Tax Forms and W-2s.
    • Click on the Process Payroll Forms.
    • Select the Annual Form W-2/W-3- Wage and Tax Statement transmittal.
    • Hit on the Create form button to create it.
    • You have to click on the All employees option if you want to file the forms of all the employees.
    • Click on the last name of the Employee with the above step.
    • You are required to add the year of the form that you want to print and then click on the OK button.
      • Only one version of the tax form is stored by the QuickBooks Desktop.
        • For Example: If you have the 2021 version of the form that you already got, But you want to print w-2 forms for 2019 then you have to use the newer version of the form.
    • Choose the employees for printing the form.
    • If all the W-2 forms are not reviewed by you then click on the Review or Edit option.
    • Then click on the submit form to proceed further with the printing process.
    • Select the employees to print the form.
    • In the end, Click on the Print or E-file.
  • Choose the type of paper with the item to print in the Print W-2 forms window.
    • Firstly, Select the paper options that are perforated paper, blank paper, or preprinted forms.
    • After that, You have to select for whom you are printing.
    • Click on the section, Select an item to print then choose and follow the steps accordingly:-
      • For Employer
        • W-2 – Copy D: for your records, 2 per page.
        • Employer filing instructions for a W-2 form.
      • For Government
        • W-2 – Copy 1: for your State or Local Tax Department, 2 per page
        • W-2 – Copy A: for the SSA, 2 per page.
      • For Employees
        • In the case of Blank Paper or Perforated Paper
          • 4 Per Page: copies B, 2, 2, C
          • 3 Per Page: copies B, 2, C
          • Employee Filing Instructions: Mandatory if not printed on paper.
        • In the case of Preprinted Forms
          • W-2 – Copy C: for Employee records, 2 per page.
          • W-2 – Copy B: for Employee’s Federal Tax Return, 2 per page.
          • Copy 2 of W-2: for your State or Local Tax Department, 2 per page.
          • Employee Filing Instructions: Required if not already printed on paper.
  • To Export the Form to Your PDF Reader and Start Printing
    • You have to do a print test if you are using the preprinted forms.
    • Then click on the option Print PDF.
    • In the end, start with the process of printing from the PDF reader.
    • Then you are done.

Requirements When Print in QuickBooks Online

The things that are required to keep in mind before printing W-2 forms in QuickBooks Online are:

  • You are required to print the employee W-2s on the 4-up horizontal blank perforated paper.
  • Check that you have an active QuickBooks Online Payroll subscription in your account.
  • Use the blank ink to print forms.

Steps to Print Employee W-2 Forms in QuickBooks Online

In QuickBooks Online, there is no manual process to enter the details. So it saves you time while printing W-2 forms. The steps to print the W-2 forms are as follows:

  • In QuickBooks Online go to the Taxes tab.
  • Click on the section of Payroll Tax.
  • After that, Click on the option Annual Forms.
  • You have to click Annual forms on all employees or specific employees’ names.
  • Select the W-2 form with copies B, C, and 2.
  • Also, Select the period menu and then choose the date range correctly.
  • You have to click on the View option to open the printable forms.
  • Then click on the Printer icon to print it.

How to Print, Save, and Email Employee W-2 Forms with Adobe Reader

  • Open the Payroll tax center.
    • In QuickBooks, Click on Employees.
    • Select option Payroll Center from further options.
    • Click on the tab File Forms.
    • Now, you have to click the View/Print & W-2s.
    • Add the payroll PIN then click on the OK button to continue.
  • After that, Click on the link View Employee W-2 Forms for all years.
  • Select and click on the name of the employee for this W-2 form that you want to print.
  • Follow the instructions of Adobe to open the W-2 form in the Adobe Reader.
  • Click on the file and then click on the Print option.
  • Again, Click on the File and then select the Save option to save the file.
  • Select the location on your system and then click on the Save button.
  • Email the W-2 form that you have saved.
  • Click and select the file and then choose the Send option.
  • Hit on the page by email.
  • Attach the file to the email, then mention the subject accordingly, mention the recipient, and send.

How to Reprint a Lost Employee W-2 on QuickBooks?

When crumbling to manage all the financial and accounts-related requisites for your business, you feel the real quest for software that could take care of it proficiently. With regards to the same, QuickBooks has been acknowledged to be one of the best software to manage and track all accounts-related and financial activities.

While discussing QuickBooks, one of the key actions that you would require the exigent need for is reprinting a lost W-2. The primary reason for this would be at times when any of your employees would raise a request for reissuing the form.

Thus, get complete details with this article on how to reprint a lost W-2 on QuickBooks. Going further, you would find assisting ways and steps to execute the same.

Steps to Reprint a Lost W-2 on QuickBooks

Follow the steps below carefully and proceed:

  • Visit the Payroll Tax Center (PTC). You will find the Payroll Tax Center (PTC) under QuickBooks File.
  • Choose Employees followed by tapping on Payroll Center.
  • Go through the File Forms tab and hit View/Print Forms & W2s.
  • At this step, you need to provide your respective PIN which is assigned to your payroll subscription service. After entering your payroll subscription service PIN, press OK.
  • A list of the employees would be displayed on the W-2 page. In case you do not see the list of employees on the W-2 page, tap on View/Print W-2 forms (you can choose this for all years).
  • From the list, click on the employee’s name who has raised the form reprint request and view the W-2 form. In case, the W-2 form is not opening, press CTRL + ALT at the same time while you are making a click on the employee’s W-2.
  • Choose View Reprints. Once you have selected this, you need to verify that the forms should have a REISSUED STATEMENT watermark.

You don’t have to worry about adding this watermark since it will be automatically added when you tap on the W-2 form for reprinting it in QuickBooks.

  • Using the Adobe Reader, open the paper and consider printing them specifically on the perforated paper.

Make sure to check on filling out the instructions form for your employees before you finish the complete procedure.

Alternative Way to Reprint a Lost W-2 on QuickBooks

There is also an alternative way to reprint a lost W-2 on QuickBooks. Here’s how it is done as per the steps put forward below:

  • Choose Employees followed by tapping on Payroll Tax Forms and W-2s.
  • Choose Process Payroll Forms and tap on Saved Filings from Filing History.
  • On the history look for the form which you wish to print. To do this, go to the Saved PDF column and click on the respective link.
  • For finishing the task tap on the print icon.

How to Print Employee W-2 on a Preprinted Form in QuickBooks?

Perform a print test on a blank sheet of paper before printing your preprinted W-2 forms to ensure that the boxes are aligned correctly.

This is how:

  • Select Employees, then select Process Payroll Forms, W-2s, and Payroll Tax Forms.
  • Then you must choose the Annual Form W-2/W-3 – Wage and Tax Statement/Transmittal by selecting File Forms and clicking the Create Form button.
  • Select either Employee’s Last Name or All Employees.
  • In the Year field, Enter a filing period and hit OK.
  • Click Print/E-file.
  • Then you have to print the Test in the Print W-2 and W-3 Forms window.

You can now print the form using the preprinted forms if the text lines up with the boxes on those forms. If it is not aligned, you can adjust the alignment by doing what is shown below:

  • On the Preprinted forms alignment page, Click Align, then adjust the alignment in the W-2 and W-3 forms window.
  • To check the result of your alignment, Click Print Test.
  • Click OK if the alignment is already accurate and correct.

Feels a lot easier to understand how to reprint a lost W-2 on QuickBooks. Well, that was the clear objective of this article.

At times while you are searching for this query, you will also see questions like, How to print w2s on pre-printed forms or How to print old w2 in QuickBooks 2017, make sure not to get confused.

These questions are nothing but the same query you are looking for but just framed differently as per the respective individual’s clarity on understanding the responses for the same.

Follow the steps which are mentioned above and you will be more than enough to proceed with the execution.

In conclusion, you get to know the step-by-step procedure to print W2 in QuickBooks Desktop and Online. You also get to know about its requirements and how you can print, save, and email it using Adobe Reader.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

When Can You File and Print the W-2s?

You can easily file your W-2s manually or electronically with the IRS. After that, print and send them to your employees on January 1. Then also mail copies B, C, and 2 to your employees. It must be postmarked by February 1 and then received within the 7 business days when the postmark is done.

When the W-2s can be seen and Printed in the QuickBooks Workforce?

The employees can see and print the copies of their W-2s after January 15; when you have sent the invitation to your employees for the QuickBooks workforce. The employee accepted the invitation and then they can easily access it to view and print the forms.

When they do Mail W-2s to the Employees so that they can Print W2 in QuickBooks Desktop and Online?

The W-2 forms are mailed by the United States USPS to the employees automatically starting January 20 through January 31. When they receive they can print W2 in their QuickBooks Online or Desktop software using a simple method.

How can I Electronically File a W2 in QuickBooks?

First, open QuickBooks, choose your employees, and then go to the payroll tax forms and W-2s. Once you have done this, you need to click on Process payroll forms. Now go ahead and select your state worksheet in the file forms section, review the filing period, and change it if you need it to be different. Once you have updated all the requisites click on OK.

Can You let me know the Process steps to Prepare the Taxes for the Client in QuickBooks Online?

You can use a Prep for Taxes tool in QuickBooks Online Accountant. It will let you review your client’s account from a single dashboard. Once you have reviewed your client’s account, you need to assign them to specific lines on the tax forms. For this purpose, go to the tax mapping tab and click on Edit (pen icon) against the form name. After that, you can select the appropriate tax for your account.

Can You list down the Reports that I would need from QuickBooks to file Taxes to the IRS?

You will need reports like QuickBooks company and financial reports, QuickBooks sales reports, vendors and payables reports, QuickBooks employees and payroll reports, QuickBooks budget and forecasts reports, and QuickBooks service tax reports. With these reports you can file your taxes, you won’t need any other report from QuickBooks for filing taxes with the IRS.

Can You list down the Steps to Track Estimates in QuickBooks?

For tracking estimates in QuickBooks, you need to go to the customer menu and click on customer center. Now you need to go to the transactions tab and click on Estimates. Now, you need to sort the filter drop-down menu to open the Estimates and change the dates if required. Now click the Run Reports button and choose View as a report.

When and Why would Exactly I Face the Situation Wherein I Need to Reprint a Lost W-2 in QuickBooks?

The foremost reason for you to consider reprinting a lost W-2 in QuickBooks is that you need to reissue the form based on the raised request by any of your employees.

This can come from an employee whose form might have been damaged due to any given reason thereby raising the cause for reprinting a lost W-2 in QuickBooks.

While Printing the W-2 Form, is it Mandatory to Print on the Perforated Paper?

While printing the W-2 Form, advisably you should get it printed on the perforated paper. In case you do not have perforated paper at your disposal, you can also make use of any other good-quality paper.

Can I Procure the Information of the Previous Year’s W2 Form? If Yes, What are the Steps Involved in This?

Yes, you can procure the information from the previous year’s w2 form. To do this, you need to consider pulling it out of the tax worksheet present on QuickBooks.

Check out the steps given below for fetching the data from the previous year’s w2 form:

Visit the Reports Menu.
Choose Employees and Payroll.
Tap on More Payroll Reports in Excel.
Select Tax Form Worksheets.
Make your selection for the Annual W2/W3. You will find this in the Excel file that you have downloaded. If you wish to reprint the W-2 of the prior year, in that case, you can change the year as well.
Tap on Create Report.

Instead of Reprinting the W-2 Form for My Employee, can I Directly make it available to the Respective Employee Who has Raised this Request?

Absolutely! You can consider making the W-2 form directly available to the respective employee who has raised this request instead of reprinting it yourself.

To do this, you have to take the help of Intuit’s QuickBooks Workforce which is a free access site. To start with, enable the option that would provide your employees with online access to their W-2 forms.

However, before you enable this option, make sure that you have processed the form before this in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll.

Once your employees get an email invite, here’s what next, they have to do for access QuickBooks Workforce:

Tap on the link ( present on the notification email sent by you.
Select the Sign Up option and assign security questions when you see them prompting.
Create an Intuit account as per the instructions displayed.
Sign In to the account.
Choose to either view only or print your W-2 form.

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