How to Set Up and Print Deposit Slips in QuickBooks Online

Want to know how can you easily set up and print deposit slips in QuickBooks Online? Well, your wish is […]

Want to know how can you easily set up and print deposit slips in QuickBooks Online?

Well, your wish is our command, we are going to dig into the process with all the details on this topic only. But before we move any further, we should know the meaning of the deposit slip and why should you print it?

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A deposit slip is what you get when you deposit funds into the bank account, it comprises of name and account of the depositor and amount details as well. You can print the deposit slip from QuickBooks Online to have the physical record of the Transactions.

What is QuickBooks Deposit Slips?

QuickBooks deposit slips are pre-printed forms that are used to record deposits made to a bank account in QuickBooks. These slips typically contain fields for the date of the deposit, the name of the account being deposited into, the amount of the deposit, and any notes or memos associated with the deposit.

When using QuickBooks deposit slips, you would typically enter the deposit information into the software, print out the deposit slip, attach any checks or cash that are being deposited, and then bring the deposit slip and attached items to the bank to make the deposit.

QuickBooks deposit slips can help ensure that all deposit information is accurately recorded in the software, which can make it easier to track and manage your finances. However, it’s important to ensure that the information on the deposit slip matches the information on your bank statement to avoid errors or discrepancies.

Process for Set Up And Print Deposit Slip In QuickBooks Online

Setting up the deposit slip in QuickBooks Online will help you in printing it in the correct format that covers all the pre-printed form area. Let us have a look into the process steps in details:

Print Deposit Slips Setup

Follow the steps in the following sections before printing your first deposit slip to make sure the data on your deposit slips will print in the correct places on your pre-printed forms.

Print a Sample Deposit Slip

Printing a sample deposit slip is the first step in setting up the deposit slip in QuickBooks Online. It is recommended that you print the sample slip on regular blank paper so that you can correctly be aligned without wasting the pre-printed forms. You can follow the below steps to print a sample slip in QuickBooks Online:

  • Begin by selecting +New.
  • Then, you have to select Bank Deposit under Other and then select Print.
Bank deposit
  • To access the Print deposit slip setup page you have to select Setup and Alignment.
  • Select a Print sample and view the preview and then select Print.
  • A blank pre-printed form and your printed sample deposit slip should be placed on top of one another and held to the light.
  • Select Yes, I’m finished with setup in the Print window if the printed information lines up with the correct parts of the form. If not, choose No and carry out the setup.

The following step is to configure Adobe Reader if your printed page is not aligned with your form.

Setting up of Adobe Reader

Download and use Adobe Reader to manage printing in QuickBooks Online for more reliable results.

  • First click on the onscreen link to Download the Latest Version of Adobe Reader and Set it up as your Default PDF Viewer after Downloading.
  • After that, You need to Click on View Preview and Print Sample and Click on Print later.
  • Now you need to Compare the Print to the Pre-printed Form and Click on Yes, I’m finished with set up if you are Satisfied and if the Information is Correctly Aligned.

If this does not work, You can go with the option of Fine Tuning, for Which you can Follow the Below Steps:

  • First, You Need to Compare the Alignment Grid in Preview Window on fine-tune Alignment Page.
  • Now you Need to Drag the on-screen grid to match its Location to your Print out.
on-screen grid
  • After that, Select View Preview and Print Sample and Click on Print.
  • Once the Sample Lines up with the Pre-printed Form, Click on Finish Set up. Else you can Continue doing fine-tune Alignment until it Matches.

Fine-tune Alignment

To match your pre-printed forms, fine-tune your printed page’s alignment:

  • In the Preview window, you can compare the alignment grid with the grid on the Fine-tune alignment page.
  • To match its location on your printout you have to drag the on-screen grid.

QuickBooks Online knows how to modify the alignment and change the Horizontal and vertical offsets as required from this position.

  • You have to select View Preview and print sample and then you have to select Print to ensure the information on your printed sample deposit slip lines up with the correct areas of your pre-printed form.
  • Now you have to select Finish setup in case the sample lines up with your form.

Until it matches continue to fine-tune the alignment if not.

Follow the below steps, if the alignment tool is not saving your changes:

  • Start by going to the fine-tune alignment screen
  • To match its location on your printout you have to drag the on-screen grid
  • Then you have to select Finish setup

Printing up of Deposit Slip in QuickBooks Online

After completing the set up of the deposit slip in QuickBooks Online, You can follow below steps to print them in QuickBooks Online:

Step 1. At first, Click on New and then Bank Deposit under Other.

Step 2. Now go to the Bank Deposit Window and Choose the Customer Payment you wish to Deposit.

Step 3. Now you need to Click on Print to Specify Whether you want to Print Deposit Slip and Summary or Print Deposit Summary only.

Print Deposit Summary

Step 4. After the above step, You can click on Print. If the Preview of the Print Appears as Blank, You need to Manual Download the PDF File, Open it and Give Print Command there.

Step 5. Now you can Close any Open Previews or Print Window after Completing the Printing Process and click on Save and Close.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Let me Know the Process of Recording the Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop?

First, Click on the Banking menu > select make deposits. After that, Go to the deposit window under the payment and select the payments you wish to combine. Now select the accounts you want to put the deposit into from and deposit to drop-down in the make deposit window. After this, you need to enter the needed amount in making the deposit and click on save and close.

How can I Record an Upfront Deposit Receipt or Retainer from a Customer in QuickBooks?

At first, go to the customer menu and choose enter sales receipts. Now from the customer job drop-down list choose the customer or job. Now in the deposit to the field, select the account into which you wish to deposit the fund, in case this field does not appear, the funds will be identified as undeposited funds and can be deposited later. Now choose the payment method, enter relevant info like date, sale no, etc. Choose upfront deposit in the detail section and enter the amount in the correct field after that you can click on the save & close button.

Can You List Down the Steps to Clear undeposited Fund Account in QuickBooks?

First of all, click on +New icon and choose Bank deposit. Now from the account drop-down menu, select the account where you want to deposit the money or funds. Now you need to put a check-mark against each payment you want to combine and then you can click on save and close. This will clear the undeposited fund in QuickBooks.

How can I Manually Enter the Missing Bank Transactions in QuickBooks?

Start by clicking on the edit button and then click to choose preferences. Now select checking and then pick the company preferences button. Now go to the Bank Feeds section choose advanced or express and click on Ok.

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