How to Delete Tax Payments in QuickBooks Online Payroll?

If you are using QuickBooks online payroll and for tax payment for your business, then at one point or other […]

If you are using QuickBooks online payroll and for tax payment for your business, then at one point or other you may have to delete the tax payment due to incorrect information entered. In the below cases you can delete tax the payment yourself:

  • When the tax payments were recorded manually or non-electronically.
  • When the tax payments were recorded electronically but the electronic payments have not been processed yet.
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Steps for Deleting the Tax Payment in QuickBooks Online Payroll

You can follow the below instructions to delete the tax payment yourself in QuickBooks Online:

Step 1. First of all, click on Taxes > Payroll tax > choose Tax payment history under Tax resources.
Step 2. Now choose the name of the Tax payment and edit the date range required.
Step 3. Now click on Delete from the ‘View and Print form’ drop-down menu and select Yes to confirm.

In case you are unable to see the Delete option, it means, you won’t be able to do it yourself, you will have to then contact via Live Chat.

Some FAQs relating to tax payment deletion and other related actions are also mentioned below so that you can refer to them and get any additional help.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Can I Edit or Change the Payroll Taxes in QuickBooks Online?

Yes, You can, click on Taxes > Payroll tax > enter prior tax history > click Add payment > now select tax type and liability period, enter payment date, check number, notes, tax items amount, and at last click on OK.

How can I Delete or Clear the Payroll Liability Amount in the Payroll Centre?

You can go to the Pay Liabilities tab > click transactions from the payment history tab > click on the Delete tab on top of the screen and click OK to delete the payment.

How can I Void the Tax Payment in QuickBooks Online?

You just need to go to the Taxes tab > choose payments under Sales tax >click on the drop-down menu beside the view tab and click on Delete. And then click Yes once the confirmation screen appears.

Why Payroll Taxes are not Calculated Correctly in QuickBooks Online?

The following reason can lead to incorrect tax calculations:

✔ The total annual salary is exceeding the salary limit.
✔ Employee’s gross wages from the last payroll are too low.
✔ Payroll in QuickBooks is not updated to reflect the updated tax rates.

How does QuickBooks Calculate the Payroll Taxes?

It is calculated on the basis of payroll data and transactions entered by the business owner. You can review and verify your employee’s YTD wage and tax calculations by using the payroll Details review report.

Will the QuickBooks Online Payroll Service will Deduct Payroll Taxes Automatically from my Behalf?

If you are using full payroll services or enrolled in e-services then QuickBooks online payroll will directly deduct the tax amount from the bank account. If you are not using any of the services, you can pay it directly to the state or IRS.

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