How to Delete a Scheduled Payroll in QuickBooks- Pending Payroll

To make the handling of payroll in an organization easier, the authorities schedule the same to ensure they don’t have […]

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To make the handling of payroll in an organization easier, the authorities schedule the same to ensure they don’t have to work on each and every employee’s payment processing every month individually. The things are set up accordingly in whichever accounting software the entity uses.

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While creating a Payroll, you may enter an incorrect amount. However, you must correct it once you are aware of the same. There can be other reasons for deleting the pending payroll in QuickBooks Desktop. The fun part of working with QB is even after submitting the wrong payroll, the record is still removable. The software is generally used for organizing financial chores like employee payroll. Processing payroll of each employee every month is a hectic task. It is done to ensure that the calculations and deductions are automatically done each month. It is also important to delete the payroll of the inactive employee to avoid confusion.

What is Scheduling Payroll in QuickBooks?

By scheduling payroll, the organizations make sure the details about the monthly payment of employees are well maintained and the executives handling the payment process do not have to face any hassle while preparing the payment details every month. The details are set beforehand for every month and hence, the processing of the payment, including the deductions and contributions applicable, is done smoothly.

Why do You Need to Delete the Scheduled Payroll?

Though the payroll is scheduled to make things easier to be handled by those taking care of the payroll processes, there are employees who do not stay with the company forever, right? It becomes important to delete the scheduled payroll in QuickBooks for the employees who are inactive.

Steps to Delete a Scheduled Payroll in QuickBooks

Follow the mention steps to delete a scheduled payroll in QuickBooks.

Step 1: Removing the Schedule for all Associated Employees

  • At the top of the menu bar, click on Employees
  • Click on Employee Center
  • Find the concerned employee’s name
  • Double-click it
  • Choose the Payroll Info tab
  • Check the Payroll Schedule section to confirm it’s the same schedule that you would like to delete
  • If it’s the same, press the cursor and highlight to select it
  • Press backspace and remove it
  • If you want to select the Payroll Schedule for other employees, you can do that too
  • Repeat the same steps for other employees

Step 2: Deleting the Payroll Schedule

  • Go to the Employees menu
  • Choose Payroll Center
  • Click on the Pay Employees tab
  • Check the Create Paychecks table
  • Choose the Payroll Schedule that you wish to delete
  • Click on the drop-down for Payroll Schedules
  • Select Delete Schedule
  • Click on OK

The scheduled payroll in QuickBooks will be successfully deleted once you finish the steps.

How to Delete a Pending Payroll in QuickBooks Desktop?

The Desktop users can simply remove the pending payroll. To do it, you need to open the payroll list, tap on the paycheck you will be deleting, and remove it. To know the further details about how to delete the pending payroll in various ways, go to the below sections. Here, you will be learning to delete scheduled payrolls and other such exclusive tricks:

Deleting the Scheduled Payroll

You can erase any incorrect entries from the scheduled payroll and re-enter the proper information if you discover any. Only in the event that there is no staff allotment in the timetable is this option available. To cancel the planned payroll in QB Desktop:

  • Tap the “Payroll Settings” after selecting the “Gear” selection.
  • Go to the “Payroll And Services” section.
  • Go to the “Pay Schedules” Option by navigating.
  • Click “Delete” after selecting the “Edit” tab.

Note: With the proper credentials, you can schedule the new paycheck even though the first one has been deleted.

Rejecting the Payroll Entry

To cancel payroll entry, modify the paycheck and tick it as void. For details check the below steps:

  • From the “Employees“, click on “Payroll Center“.
  • Locate the “Pay Employees” menu.
  • Go to the “Other Activities” from the bottom and click the “Edit Paycheck” menu.
  • Go to the from and through place to enter the date range. It will show the checks.
  • Select “Void” to cancel the check you selected.
  • Go through the instructions displayed on the screen and tap “Done“.

Deleting the Unprocessed Paycheck

You still have time to delete the paycheck if you haven’t submitted it for processing to your payroll agency. You can accomplish this by performing the subsequent actions in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll:

  • Select “Banking” from the menu.
  • Then select “Use Register” from the menu.
  • You can select and open the cheque by doing so here.
  • Click the “Delete” button located at the top of your paycheck.
  • Select “OK” from the menu.

Note: You can void the paycheck even if the payroll has already been processed. But that depends on how quickly things are processed. Your payroll taxes and direct deposit may still be deducted from your bank account.

Deleting the Paycheck from the Employee Menu

You can use the Employees tab to remove the paycheck. You can then access the most recent payroll and choose the one you want to erase.

  • Select “Employees” from the menu at the top.
  • Next, Choose “Payroll Centre” from the menu.
  • A “Pay Employees” tab should be selected.
  • You can now choose the payroll by going to the “Recent Payrolls” column.
  • You can select all the paychecks you want to eliminate from this page.
  • Once finished, Select “Delete” from the menu.
  • To finalize the modifications, press the “OK” button.

Deleting All Payroll

You must find the paycheck in QuickBooks Desktop and delete it if you want the entire payroll to be taken out of your account. The steps are as follows:

  • You must locate the paycheck before you begin. Open your paycheck when you find it.
  • Then tap on “Delete Paycheck” under the “Edit” button. The keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + D” is also an option to delete.
  • A window asking you to confirm the deletion will then appear. To proceed, click the “OK” button.

There may be times when your payroll is pending and you want to take it off the list. If your payroll is already scheduled or posted, you can easily remove it. To erase the payroll, you simply need to open the paycheck list and select it. Here, you will come across several options for getting rid of payrolls. Now that you know how to erase a pending paycheck in QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online, you can remove them seamlessly.

How to Delete a Pending Payroll in QuickBooks Online?

You might type a wrong amount when setting a payroll. Once you are aware of it, though, you must correct it. In QuickBooks Online, canceling the pending payroll may be necessary for various reasons. Working with QB is enjoyable because the record can still be removed even if the paycheck was submitted incorrectly.

Removing the Entire Paycheck

If you are switching from QuickBooks Online to the Desktop and have not used it for a long time, remove the payroll. This step will match the ending balance in QB Online to the opening balance of QB Desktop. To delete the payroll checks, you should:

  • From the left, go to “Employees.
  • Tap on “An Employee” to choose the “Paycheck List” menu.
  • Click on the “Delete” tab at the bottom.
  • Checkmark in the box to confirm delete.
  • Tap on “Delete Paycheck“.

Note: Deleting the payroll will also permanently erase it from the record. You can now schedule a new payroll now if you want.

Removing the Scheduled Payroll

If you find any wrong entry in the scheduled payroll, you can delete it to re-enter the correct details. This option is only accessible in case there is no employee allotment in the schedule. To remove the scheduled payroll:

  • Tap on the “Gear” menu and then on the “Payroll Settings.
  • Navigate to the “Payroll And Services
  • Navigate to the “Pay Schedules” Option.
  • Tap on the “Edit” tab and click on “Delete“.

Note: As the scheduled payroll is deleted, you can reschedule the new payroll with the right credentials.

Removing the Payroll Paycheck

The QuickBooks give you an exclusive permission to delete the payroll Paycheck even post submission. The processing time determines the removal of the payroll paycheck. Moreover, you can also erase the DD (Direct Deposit) payment, if needed. The below steps are also applicable for QuickBooks Online Payroll Full Service:

  • Go to the “Payroll” list.
  • Select the “Employees” and go to the “Paycheck List“.
  • Select the paychecks you will delete next.
  • Once they are selected, tap on the “Delete” menu.
  • Click on “Yes” to confirm delete.

Note: The steps are similar to QuickBooks Elite, QuickBooks Enhanced, Core, Online Payroll Premium. If the deadline for the payment is over, the employee will receive the money on their pay date.

Clearing the Payroll Transaction

In case the entered amount in the posted paycheck is wrong, remove the paycheck. It is not possible to delete the bulk paycheck in QB. So, if you want to remove them all, erase them one by one.

  • Go to the “Payroll” tab.
  • Go to the “Employee” menu.
  • Reach the “Run Payroll” section, you can select the “Paycheck List” menu.
  • Customize the date range as per your requirement. Remove the paycheck you want.
  • Select the “Paycheck” and press on “Delete“.
  • Checkmark to confirm the above steps.

Note: As you delete the paycheck from the QB portal, it will be deleted from both paycheck list and payroll reports. You can now create a new paycheck.

There may be times when your payroll is pending and you want to take it off the list. If your payroll is already scheduled or posted, you can easily remove it. To erase the payroll, you simply need to open the paycheck list and select it. Here, you will come across several options for getting rid of payrolls. Now that you know how to erase a pending paycheck in QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online, you can remove them seamlessly.

I hope the above-mentioned steps are quite easy to follow. You can do it yourself. However, if it’s your first time, it is likely for you to get stuck at any stage while following the instructions. In such a scenario, you can count on our Dancing Numbers experts available. They are there to help you instantly no matter which hour of the day you call them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I Need to Schedule the Payroll for the Employees?

Employees payroll is scheduled so that you do not have to perform the same task of processing payment every month. Scheduling will automate the deduction and calculation of the payroll checks of the employee.

Why Should I Remove a Pending Payroll?

You should remove a pending payroll to avoid many instances. For example: If any employee is inactive, you must remove the payroll of him or her from the payroll list.

Can I Remove Payroll in QuickBooks Online?

Yes, You can remove the payroll in almost all the versions of QuickBooks including QuickBooks Online. However, there are different methods of removing it, the details of the process are elaborated above.

Why keep the Payroll Scheduled in QuickBooks?

This is done to make sure you don’t have to work on the same thing every time you process the payments for your employees.

When do You Need to Delete the Payroll Schedule?

This is done to remove the payroll schedules for the inactive employees who are no more associated with the organization.

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