How to Create and Use Electronic Signature for Checks and Paychecks in QuickBooks

QuickBooks allows you to make and print checks for payroll use, pay bills, or personal use. Generally, checks just need […]

QuickBooks allows you to make and print checks for payroll use, pay bills, or personal use. Generally, checks just need one signature for identification. However, in some cases, checks require two signatures, and this is in cases where the checks are more than a particular dollar value.

If your organization or business needs two signatures on checks, you can easily add them by just signing on a paper and then sending the signatures as a graphic file into QuickBooks.

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As the owner of the company or the signer of the checks can upload image of their signature. They can print these signatures on the checks which are paid to the employees etc. It will help you in saving your time of signing every check one by one manually.

Note: When a user uses the user name and password of QuickBooks, then the particular electronic signature file is saved by the company and the user name. If for some reason, you are functioning with several user names and passwords, then the implied user is considered the admin user.

What is QuickBooks Electronic Signature

QuickBooks Electronic Signature is a secure, legally binding way to sign documents electronically. It’s fast, easy and free to use, and there’s no need to download or install any software. Simply click the “Sign” button in QuickBooks, and your signature will be added to the document instantly. QuickBooks Electronic Signature is legal in all 50 states and is compliant with the Federal ESIGN Act.

Creating and using e-signature is very simple process. In order to complete this process, you have to follow the following steps. In order to add digital signature to your checks or paychecks, you just have to simply scan your signature and add them in QuickBooks.

What are the Requirements for an Electronic Signature to Make it Valid?

The following are the requirement you have to follow in order to legally bind the electronic signature. There are mainly five factors for this:

  • Intent to Sign or opt-out Clause: In this the electronic signatures are valid only if the user demonstrates the clear intent to sign.
  • Consent to do Business Electronically: In this the respective parties must express or imply their consent to do business electronically.
  • Clear Signature Attribution: IN this the sign will indicate the attribution of an electronic signature.
  • Association of Signature with Record: It is not easy for electronic signature to be connected to the document which is being signed.
  • Record Retention: In this the validity of electronic signature record as long it actually represent in the agreement.

How to Create and use Electronic Signature in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows


  • In case of single user whenever you log in with your id and password in QuickBooks then your electronic signature file automatically saves by the user name and the company.
  • In case of multiple users whenever you log in QuickBooks in multiple users then your electronic signature automatically save as admin user.
  • This feature is not accessible for wallet checks.

Step 1: Create the Electronic Signature

  • First you have to sign on plain piece of paper.
  • Scan your signature image with the aspect ratio of 11:3 on your computer.
  • In case you are not able to adjust the size of your signature then QuickBooks will help you in adjusting your signature in line or the Colum of signature.
  • Once the scanning and adjusting process is completed then you can save your image in .bmp, .jpeg, .png, .tiff format.

Step 2: Add and use the Electronic Signature for Checks and Paycheck

You have to follow the following steps in order to adding and using the electronic signature for checks and paychecks:

  • Open your QuickBooks Account and log in to your QuickBooks account with the help of user ID and Password.
  • Then click on the file menu on the right top on the screen.
  • From the file menu you have to click on the printer setup.
  • Now from the drop-down list find for the option form name.
  • In drop down list click on the check/paycheck option.
  • In order to add signature, You have to click on print signature add checkbox.
  • Search for the file which includes signature in it.
  • Once you find your file click on the open button in order to open the file and upload the signature in the account.
  • From the signature window you have to click on Ok button.
  • In last you have to click OK button on printer setup window.

How to Create and use Electronic Signature in QuickBooks Desktop for MAC

Step 1: Create a Signature File

In Mac the signature file is created by the user who have the admin rights. The following are the steps which are to be perform in creating the signature file.

  • Use the black or blue pen for signing on the blank white paper.
  • You must draw the sign on a paper of the same size as you can sign physically in real time.
  • In case if you want to add two signature of two different people the make sure that one sign is underneath the other.
  • Make sure that the sign sized is of same size of signature lines.
  • Scan your image in 11:3 aspect ratio on your computer.
  • In case you are not able to adjust the sign then QuickBooks will help you in adjusting it.
  • Now save your file in .jpeg or .png format.

Step 2: Change the Signature Preferences

You can use signature preferences in order to manage various signature files. Following are the steps in order to change the signature preferences.

  • Open your company file.
  • Click on the menu file and then from the options select the preferences.
  • Select your signature.
  • Click on the plus icon visible on the screen.
  • In order to add the image selects the image which you want to upload and then click on pen button.
  • Once the file is completed then click on the Quit button in order to exit from the window.

Step 3: Add the Signature to Checks

Follow the following steps in order to add signature on the checks:

  • Select the banking menu and from the drop-down menu of banking tab click on the write checks option.
  • You can select new in order to fill new check or you can also click on the existing check.
  • Once you selected your check click on the signature icon which you have uploaded earlier.
  • In last hit the save button then QuickBooks automatically add the selected signature on the check.

Removing of Signature from the Checks

Follow the following steps in order to remove your signature from the check.

  • Go the check option and click on it.
  • Select the signature icon.
  • Click on the no signature option from the list of option.
  • Click on the save tab in order to save the changes.

How to Add Signature in QuickBooks Online

Adding a signature to your QuickBooks Online account is a great way to add a personal touch to your business. Here’s how to do it:

  • Log in to QuickBooks Online account and go to the ‘Settings’ menu.
  • Under the ‘Preferences’ section, select ‘Custom Forms’.
  • On the ‘Custom Forms’ page, select the ‘Signatures’ tab.
  • Click the ‘Add Signature’ button and enter your name and title.
  • If you want, you can also upload an image of your signature.
  • Once you’re done, click the ‘Save’ button.

That’s all there is to it! Now when you create invoices or other documents in QuickBooks Online, your signature will automatically be added.

How to Add Signature to QuickBooks Checks

Adding a signature to your QuickBooks checks is a great way to add a personal touch to your business. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to the “Edit” menu and select “Preferences.”
  • Click on the “Signatures” tab.
  • Click on the “Add” button.
  • Type in your name and click “OK.”
  • Your signature will now appear on all of your QuickBooks checks!

How to Put Two Signatures on a Check in QuickBooks?

Before you learn how to put two signatures on a check in QuickBooks, you must learn how to put digital signatures to single checks in QuickBooks from the following steps:

How to Put Digital Signatures to Single Checks in QuickBooks?

Step 1: Put the authorized signature on a white background. Now the authorized manager or owner must sign in the middle of the index card.

Step 2: Now the Index card must be scanned. After that, it needs to be saved on the computer.

Step 3: Once you choose the checks, you need to click on the button that says Pay Bills present at the Bottom.

Step 4: The dialog box of Payment Summary will show up. If you want to pay more bills then press on the Pay More Bills option. If you do not want to pay more bills, then click Print Checks.

Step 5: The dialog box of the selected checks to Print will show up now. Ensure that the present bank is being used by you and the number that is available in the field of First Check number is similar to the number on the first check that was put by you in the printer.

Step 6: Press OK.

Step 7: Now the dialog box of Print Checks comes up. On the right side, press on the Signature option.

Step 8: In the particular dialog box of Signature, press on the File option that is on the right side.

Step 9: Go the signature that was prepared by you.

Step 10: Select File and then press on Open.

Step 11: The Signature on the dialog box will be visible to you now.

Step 12: Press OK.

Step 13: Make sure that you put a checkmark in the box that is beside the Print Signature Image.

Step 14: Press Print.

Step 15: You will see that the checks are not getting printed with that particular signature that was chosen by you.

How to Put two Signatures on a check in QuickBooks?

In QuickBooks, you can create checks and print them too for your payroll or for personal use, or even for paying bills. There are some checks that require two signatures in QuickBooks. Here are the steps to put two signatures on a check in QuickBooks:

Step 1: Ink your signature on a white piece of paper that is preferred for printing either in black or blue color. Make sure the signature is same as it is when you sign a check in the bank.

Step 2: Ensure that the second party has put their signature below your name. Make sure there is a small gap in between the signatures to make sure the name is aligned in the right manner when they are imported into the QuickBooks checks. Take a proper look at the gap that is present between the lines of the particular signature on the available check.

Step 3: Now scan the paper on your system. The aspect ratio should be 11:3 (Width: Height). You can also search for other options to change the aspect ratio in the settings of the scanner.

Step 4: Save the image in the file format such as PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, etc. Make sure that you save the image in a location that can be easily accessed.

Step 5: Now go to QuickBooks. Press on File and now press on Printer Setup. Now in the drop-down menu, click on Form Name. Now choose the checks.

Step 6: Click the particular checkbox beside Print Signature Image. Now go to the location where the signature and image file are saved. Press on the file first to open.

Step 7: In the Signature box, press OK. Now click on OK in the Printer Setup box. Signatures are imported by the software QuickBooks and after that, it adds them in check.

How to Create Digital Signature Image File with Paint

Following are the steps in order to create digital signature in paint.

  • Open the Microsoft Paint File on Your System: Paint is the tool of Microsoft which is used to create drawing or edit images. With the help of paint, you can save your image in any file format as your requirement.
    • First you have to hit on the start button.
    • Then click on the programs and select the accessories.
    • From the accessories option click on the paint file.
  • Create the Signature: In order to create the sign we must have to give definite size etc , so for this you have to follow the following steps:
    • Select the image size 350 x 200.
    • Now you have to select the pencil and its color is black. You also have to select the thickness of the pencil in this step.
    • Now you have to draw your signature as you use to sign in your daily life.
    • You can enter any text in order to check the size.
  • Save Your File: Now in last you have to save the file in any one of the file format i.e bmp, jpg, gif or png. Once you are done with the saving of your file then you can add it to ezcheckprinting, ezpaycheck, ezaccounting, ez personal application.
    • Ezcheckprinting: It tells that how can you print your own checks in house with signature.
    • Ezpaycheck: It tells that how can you add signature to paychecks.

We hope that the above article will help you in creating electronic signature on checks and paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop for you. These steps are easy and simple which is very helpful to make understand that how can you create and use electronic signature. But still if you need any kind of technical help then you can connect with Dancing Numbers experts via LIVE CHAT and get the instant queries of yours on a particular QuickBooks topic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Create the Digital Signature in File?

In order to create the digital signature file you have to follow the following steps:

checked Open your PDF file in adobe acrobat reader.
checked On the right of the screen click on the fill and sign in the tool pane.
checked Click the sign option and the add signature option.
checked A popup message will open on screen in front of you showing the three types of option i.e Type, Draw, Image.
checked You have to perform various actions like drag resize, and position of the signature file inside your PDF File.

How can I Add Signature to the Online Check Writer?

In order to add the signature on the check you have to follow the following steps:

checked Click on the setting tab.
checked Select the design of the check and the bank account from the list.
checked Once you select the bank account, you can choose to add signature option.
checked Now draw the signature with the help of mouse.
checked You can also draw signature with the help of mobile.

How Can I Create the Signature Image?

In order if no signature is previously store on your device, then you have to store it. In order to create the image file and store it on your system then you have to follow the following steps:

checked Click on the create signature option or you can also replace the existing signature.
checked Click on the re-tap option or clear saved signature option.
checked Tap on camera in order to capture the image of your sign.
checked In case you want to draw it with your hand then you can select the hand draw option from the list.
checked Once you are done click on the save button in order to save the changes.

How Can I get DocuSign for Free?

There are a simple and easy step-in order to get the DocuSign for free:

checked Create and open the free DocuSign account.
checked Now create your signature. In order to create the signature, you just have to select the font.
checked Once you are done with signature you have to upload the document which is to be sign.
checked Now drag and drop the signature on its place.
checked In last you have to email your sign document.

How Can You Print the Checks on Printer?

In order to print the checks on printer, you have to set the printer and follow the following steps:

checked First select the file menu and then click on the printer setup.
checked In order to print the check, you have to select your printer from the printer list.
checked Select the page orientation in order to set the page for print.
checked Choose for the check style which you are using for printing your checks.
checked You can select the full-page source or partial page source as per need of your printing.
checked Now click on the OK button in order to save the changes and close the window.

What kind of Printer do We Need to Print Checks?

In order to print the secure checks and financial documents You require MICR Laser printer. Here MICR stands for the Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. MICR uses laser technology in order to melt MICR tonner on the check paper in order to create MICR characters and other line items. These type of printer or toners are specialized. They are specialized magnetic toner which is used to eradicate check for the fraud and the check rejections.

How to Make my own Electronic Signature?

Follow the following steps in order to make your own electronic signature:

checked First you have to click on the review tab and sign in by using link in email.
checked In your email you received the sender of the document in order to sign.
checked Click on the link.
checked Select the prompt in document.
checked Now create your electronic signature.
checked Select signature option.
checked Now sign the document.
checked Recheck all the enter data and finalize the signature.
checked In last hit the send button.

How to Create an Electronic Signature in PDF?

The steps to create sign in PDF are:

checked Open the form which you want to sign like if you want to sign in PDF then you have to open the PDF Document.
checked From the toolbar you have to select the sign icon.
checked Once you select the sign icon the new window option which display fill and sign tool.
checked After selecting the form field is automatically displayed.
checked Now you have to choose the signature which you want to add.

How to Create Electronic Signature for Free?

In order to create the electronic signature for free you have to follow the following steps:

checked First you have to create a free DocuSign account.
checked Now you have to choose handwriting fount for your electronic signature.
checked Create your own account by signing in with your trackpad or your system etc.
checked Upload the document on which you want to sign.
checked Now drag your saved signature to the document.
checked Once the signature was drag on the document and you found the correct place of sign where it is to be then just release the click and drop that sign on that place.

How to Delete a Signature from Checks in QuickBooks?

In order to remove a signature from a particular check in QuickBooks, you need to follow the steps given below:

checked Navigate to the check option and press on it.
checked Now press on the Signature icon.
checked Now press on the option No Signature.
checked Now press on Save. After that QuickBooks will remove the particular signature from the checks.

How to Access different Signature Files that have been Uploaded in QuickBooks?

In order to access different signature files that have been uploaded in QuickBooks, you need to:

checked Open the particular file for your company.
checked Select the preferences from the given QuickBooks menu.
checked Select your signatures.
checked Select the + symbol.
checked Shut the curtain and door.
checked The signature is copied and kept in the same position where the company file is kept.

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