How to Delete a Sales Receipt from Deposit in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks comes with a lot of benefits for businesses. Connected directly with the bank accounts, the details get reflected in […]

QuickBooks comes with a lot of benefits for businesses. Connected directly with the bank accounts, the details get reflected in the deposit section of QuickBooks whenever the flow of fluid assets is initiated. Know how to delete a Sales Receipt from Deposit in QuickBooks.

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Sales Receipt from Deposit in QuickBooks

A sales receipt is something that you cannot create directly from the deposit. It will be created before a deposit. This receipt is like an invoice and the only difference is that it doesn’t fit into the Accounts Receivable section.

Why Delete Sales Receipt from Deposit in QuickBooks?

There are instances when you come across inconsistencies in the sales receipt or you might want to remove it from your records to free up some space. Hence, deleting sales receipts from deposit in QuickBooks seems the most suitable option.

When it comes to getting rid of the sales receipt in QuickBooks, most users consider voiding and deleting as similar. However, while deleting makes sure the sales receipt is permanently deleted, voiding would just disable the information for the time being.

In short, if you find any changes to be made in the sales receipt, you will not be allowed to make it once it is connected to the deposit. Thus, deleting becomes necessary to upload the new correct information.

Steps to Delete a Sales Receipt from Deposit in QuickBooks

Method 1: Delete a Sales Receipt

  • Login to the QuickBooks Account
  • Click on the Gear icon
  • Select Chart of Accounts or Account and Settings
  • Click on View Register or Account History. This will retrieve a list of transaction.
  • Find the incorrect sales receipt
  • Tap on Deposit
  • Click on Edit
  • Click on the incorrect sales receipt
  • Make sure the sales receipt is unchecked
  • Click on Save
  • Click Yes to confirm

Method 2: Delete Bulk Sales Receipts

  • Open the Sales menu
  • Click on the All Sales tab
  • Choose Filter
  • Go to the Type menu option
  • Select Sales Receipt
  • Follow and agree with the on-screen instructions that appear
  • Choose Apply
  • Mark and select all the sales receipts you want to delete
  • Right-click on the Actions column
  • Click Delete
  • Click Yes to confirm
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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

How to Delete Duplicate Sales Receipts?

The steps are as follows:

checked Locate the Sales Receipt and open it
checked Click on More
checked Select Delete
checked Click on Yes to confirm the action

Is it Necessary to Take the Backup of the Sales Receipt?

Yes, definitely. The steps to do so are:

checked Choose the menu icon
checked Click on Settings
checked Select Reports
checked Choose Backup Receipts
checked Select a tax year
checked Type in the email ID where you want the backed-up file to be sent
checked Click on Send

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