How to Delete Multiple Transactions in QuickBooks Online and Desktop?

Looking to know How to Delete Multiple Transactions in QuickBooks Desktop or Online? Get an instant solution to Mass delete transactions in quickbooks online & Desktop.

QuickBooks permits you to delete any transaction that you have created mistakenly or accidentally. Don’t worry about any interruption; you can remove irrelevant transactions without impacting reports or your account balances. This article will explain the steps to delete transactions in QuickBooks.

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All the payments and transactions that have been done through QuickBooks are registered in the same program. It is quite likely that you may type or overwrite the wrong details when adding particular entries. They must be erased right away to stop the corruption of your accounting records.

When this type of event arises, you must be aware of the steps to delete multiple transactions in QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, and QuickBooks Self-Employed. It will indeed restrict the software from issuing problems in the accounts during the process of reconciliation. Other than this, users are also enabled to clear the downloaded or duplicate payments from their particular accounting software. Not just from the main system, the entries can also be deleted from mobile devices like Android smartphones, iPhones, etc.

In this article:

Why did you Need to Delete Transactions in QuickBooks?

  • To make the QuickBooks more organized, you need to store only the required information and delete the unnecessary one. So, you need to delete un-required or duplicate transactions to keep the system clean.
  • To clean up company files of QuickBooks
  • Wrong imported transactions
  • Incomplete transactions
  • When you forget to enter accurate details in it.

How to Delete Transactions in QuickBooks?

Unwanted transactions may get registered in the accounting software. But, often you may wish to remove only a small payment from the particular records. It can be completed with the assistance of the More button in QuickBooks. Apart from a single transfer, users may also need to delete several transactions in QuickBooks. To finish this requirement, the Banking option can be lucrative.

Remove a Single Entry:

You may by mistake enter wrong information when making an entry for a particular transaction in the program. Removing it while making an entry for a transaction in the program can help you, because you may not remember it later. To quickly terminate a payment from the accounts, you must find the program first. When the program is located, choosing the More tab can help you to move forward. It has many options that can finish the purpose.

Here are the steps to delete a transaction in QuickBooks with ease:

  • Launch the accounting program.
  • Now shift the transaction which is to be deleted.
  • Now open it.
  • Now go down to the bottom of the window area and select More.
  • Next, Press the Delete button.
  • When you are prompted to give the confirmation, choose Yes. Once you click Yes, the selected entry will be deleted.

How to Mass Delete Transactions in QuickBooks Online?

The banking option that is available in the QuickBooks menu comprises the list of every transaction that occurred through the program. When you require deleting multiple payments, you can move toward the tab.

Moving through it can assist you in determining how to mass delete transactions in your QuickBooks Online. To get more details, follow the steps stated below:

  • Navigate to the Banking option present on the QuickBooks homepage.
  • Click the Bank Feeds option.
  • Now, you are required to press the Bank Feeds Center button.
  • Shift to the section named, Items Reviewed and select the name of the account.
  • Next, you must select the tab for Items to Delete.
  • Now choose the transactions that must be cleared.
  • In the next step, you need to click on the tab for Delete Selected.
  • Click Yes for approval.

How to Delete Bank Transactions in QuickBooks Online?

It is possible to clear an individual bank payment from your QuickBooks Online by selecting the Expenses or Sales option available in the menu panel. If you wish to delete several transactions, accessing the Bank tab can be very helpful.

Not to mention, this particular button can also be accessed when attempting to erase all the transfers or the bulk entries together. Likewise, this option enables you to delete duplicate payments too.

Let us learn more about how to delete transactions in QuickBooks Online through different methods:

Delete Transactions in QuickBooks Online via Expenses/Sales

The Expense/Sales tab enables the users to get a view of the transfers that have been implemented through the accounting software. This option can be seen in the main window of the program. Selecting this button can also help you understand how to delete a particular bank transaction in QuickBooks Online.

Once you navigate through this section, you can select the payment that you wish to delete.

  • In the screen of QuickBooks Online, find and press on either Expenses or the Sales tab.
  • Look for the entry that you wish to delete.
  • Review the transactions first before moving ahead to erase them.
  • Now navigate to the end of the screen and click on More.
  • Now, you must choose Delete.
  • Next, the transaction gets deleted. Now press the OK button. This will make the changes to your particular records.

Delete Transactions in QuickBooks Online via Banking

The banking feature saves all the payments which are either recognized or not recognized. By going through this feature, users can easily understand how to erase several transactions in QuickBooks Online.

You need to select this option from the software homepage menu. With this, you will get the option for the bank from where the particular transfers will need to be erased.

  • Open your QuickBooks Online.
  • Now, Choose the Banking menu.
  • Next, Select the bank.
  • The option, For Review, has to be selected here.
  • Now select the payments that should not be included.
  • Next, Select Batch Actions.
  • Press Delete now.
  • Now the button for Yes needs to be clicked to confirm the removal.

Delete Transactions in QuickBooks Online by Clearing all Payments

There can be several unwanted transfers registered in the accounting software which are not of any use to you. Hence, you must clear them. In such a scenario, the Banking or Transactions tab should be used.

Here are the details of the steps that must be implemented to delete transactions in QuickBooks Online by clearing all the payments:

  • Got to the accounting software QuickBooks Online
  • Now go to the Transactions or Banking section
  • Next, click on the option for Banking
  • Post this, click the bank account that you want to clear the form of the transaction
  • Now, you need to go to the option, For Review
  • Then, add a tick beside the Date checkbox
  • Finally, the tab for Exclude should be clicked to delete all the transactions easily

Delete Transactions in QuickBooks Online by Delete Bulk Transfers

There can be scenarios when you are not required to keep a record of the initially created transactions. Thus, you may wish to erase them in mass murders. Selecting the Banking tab to bulk delete or erase transactions in QuickBooks Online can be very useful.

Here are the detailed steps to delete transactions in QuickBooks Online by deleting bulk transfers:

  • Navigate to the menu of QuickBooks accounting software
  • Click Banking
  • The accurate account should be selected
  • Now go to the feature, For Review
  • Now, you will need to choose the items that you are going to delete
  • Click on Batch Action
  • Click the button, Exclude Selected, after Step 7
  • The transfers need to be marked once more so that you can comprehend how to erase several transactions in QuickBooks Online
  • Next, Press on Batch Actions
  • Navigate to Delete to enable the transactions to get erased

Delete Multiple Transactions in Bank Register QuickBooks Online

Often, you record transactions by mistake, which after some time are found to be the same as the other one. But, you do not know how to erase duplicate transactions in your QuickBooks Online.

Such entries may then begin triggering wrong records. Thus, to save the situation now, you can now start choosing Banking from the available menu panel. Not to mention, you will need to search for the Bank Feeds tab and then click on it.

  • Go to the Banking section which is at the top of the QuickBooks Online page
  • Now, click the Bank Feeds feature
  • Now navigate to the Bank Feeds center
  • In the section for Items Received from Financial Institution, select the payment
  • Click on View this step
  • The payment should be matched by pressing on the tab for Done
  • On the screen for Not Finished Matching, click Yes
  • Navigate to the section for Online Banking Center now
  • Search for the transaction identical to the one you selected in the section named, Items Received from Financial Institution
  • Lastly, click Delete

How Do I Delete Multiple Transactions in QuickBooks Desktop?

When you locate unwanted or outdated entries that are not crucial anymore, you might want to erase them from QuickBooks Desktop. Deleting a single entry from the accounting software QuickBooks Desktop can be executed by accessing the Accountant option.

Furthermore, to erase several transactions in QuickBooks Desktop, it is suggested to move ahead with the Banking menu. The same characteristics can also be used to clear the downloaded payments.

Delete Multiple Transactions in QuickBooks Desktop via the Accountant Button

The Accountant button in the particular QuickBooks Desktop program enables users to use the accounts of their clients. Also, it allows you to delete a transaction that you do not need or have added in the wrong manner.

Here are the steps to delete a transaction in QuickBooks Desktop through the Accountant button:

  • Go to the QuickBooks Desktop program
  • Now go to the Accountant panel
  • Click the button Batch Void/Delete
  • Shift to the payment list and find the transaction that should be removed
  • Navigate through the details prompting on the screen
  • Click Backup or Delete

Delete Multiple Transactions in QuickBooks Desktop by opting for the Banking tab

When looking for ways to erase several transactions in QuickBooks Desktop, it is ideal to use the Banking option. This particular tab is easily present on the homepage of the program. You just need to click on it and then go ahead with the right account feature.

Note: Make sure that the QuickBooks Desktop software is updated. This will prevent you from getting stuck in the middle of the process.

  • On the main screen of the accounting program, move to the Banking section
  • Click on Correct Account
  • Now, Press the Review button
  • Every transfer that you want to delete has to be marked
  • Click the Batch actions in this particular step
  • Now choose the tab, Exclude Selected
  • Press on Excluded
  • The entries need to be marked again
  • Click the Batch Action option. Then click the Delete option
  • Wait for some time till the deleting process is complete

Delete Multiple Transactions in QuickBooks Desktop by Clearing Downloaded Transactions

When an account is linked for the first time, QuickBooks Desktop downloads right away in banking detail. However, due to unwanted situations, it is quite likely that you download some unwanted payments. The reason that deleting them can be crucial in maintaining the correct records, it can be done through the banking option.

Here are the steps to erase or remove downloaded transactions in QuickBooks Desktop by implementing the steps given below:

  • First, you need to choose the Banking menu
  • Now you need to click Downloaded Transactions
  • Select the entry that is to be erased
  • Lastly, Press on Delete to erase it

How to Delete Transactions in QuickBooks Self-Employed?

It is simple for users of QuickBooks Self-Employed to stop payments on various devices. Such devices consist of iPads, iPhones, and Android-powered smartphones. You can use the web browser to process the QuickBooks Self-Employed transaction deletion process. You can help yourself to clear the transfers in both cases by using the Transactions tab.

on iPhone, Android, or iPad

With QuickBooks Self-Employed, you can quickly remove a single transfer from your Android device by selecting Transactions. You can also use this option to remove entries from Apple products like the iPad and iPhone.

Here are the steps given below to erase a transaction in QuickBooks Self-Employed:

  • Go to the button for Transactions in the program QuickBooks Self-Employed on your device
  • Find the sign showing three horizontal bars, visible on top of the particular page
  • Search for the payment you require to delete and press on it
  • Click the tab for Delete Transactions. Now, the process will take some time to complete

Through a Web Browser

The accounting program may be launched in web browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari 6, and Firefox. You might wish to eliminate any incorrect transactions that you may have created in the past.

The software must be run in the same manner as usual. You can eliminate the transactions as you find them.

  • Via a browser, run QuickBooks Self-employed
  • Go to Transactions
  • Next, Search for the transfer you want to delete
  • Now click the Delete Transactions tab

How to Delete Transactions Using Dancing Numbers Online

Do you know that you may erase 3000 transactions from QuickBooks Online with a single click? It has never been so simple to delete multiple QuickBooks Online transactions at once! To perform the task, you simply need to follow a few simple steps.

How to Delete Multiple Transactions in QuickBooks Online using Dancing Numbers Online?

Using the Dancing Numbers(Online) program, there are two ways to delete multiple QuickBooks Online transactions:

  • Transactions involving Uploaded Files
  • QuickBooks Online transactions

Let’s now look at step-by-step instructions for each procedure. It will assist you in making the ideal method choice for your issue.

1) How to Delete Bulk QuickBooks Transactions Associated by Uploaded Files?

Search and transactions connected to files that were submitted using Dancing Numbers (Online) are advised. Your time and effort will be saved, and the likelihood of inputting inaccurate data will be decreased.

Use the “DELETE” menu to navigate to the “Delete” Screen, then carefully follow the instructions that are mentioned below.

  • In the delete screen, you have to select Already Imported Files
  • Then you have to choose the appropriate Date Range by using the calendar
  • Select the Search button.
  • Based on the given date range you will get the search results
  • Now you have to choose the file and then you have to select the transactions.
  • To delete the selected transactions you have to click the Delete button. Transactions that are selected will be deleted from QuickBooks Online.
  • After the successful deletion, the deleted transactions will be displayed.

2) How do Delete Multiple Transactions in QuickBooks Online Entered Manually?

Follow the steps mentioned below to delete any transactions that were manually or from other sources produced in QuickBooks Online.

  • On the delete screen, you have to click the QuickBooks Online (Real-Time) option.
  • Choose an entity type for QuickBooks transactions. Example: Bill, Invoice, Payment
  • Select the particular data type that you want to delete.
    • Search Criteria
      • Search by Created Date: Transaction or List Entity Creation Date (QuickBooks’ date created for the transaction).
      • Search by Transaction Date: Enter the transaction’s date at which it happened. Example: Billing Date
      • Find Using Last Updated Date: The date that QuickBooks modified or updated the transaction or list entity.
  • You have to select the appropriate Date by using the calendar
  • Then you have to click on the Search button
  • Based on the given date range you will get the search results.
  • You have to select the transactions
  • To delete the selected transactions you have to click the Delete button. From QuickBooks Online the selected transactions will be deleted.
  • Your deleted transactions will be displayed after the deletion is completed.

What are the limitations?

Since the transactions are reconciled with the Bank/Checking account, Dancing Numbers (Online) cannot delete transactions imported via QuickBooks Bank or Paypal Integrations. The particular transactions cannot be recovered once they have been removed. It will be permanently removed from QuickBooks Online.

  • Workaround: Unmatched or unreconciled transactions from the bank or checking account in QuickBooks can be deleted.
  • Special Note: Please be sure you have the original file before deleting it. There is no way to get the original data back if it was deleted by accident. To avoid any confusion, we thus ask that you provide the original data.

Alternate Ways to Delete Transactions in QuickBooks:

You can easily remove the unwanted transactions from your QuickBooks. Before proceeding delete process, ensure that for any recurring invoice, you have turned it off to prevent recreation. Here is the list of steps to delete transactions:

1. Make a Decision Whether You Need to Void or Delete the Transaction:

When to Void/Delete a Transaction?

Several cases arise when it is an ideal decision to void a transaction instead of deleting it. In this method, transactions have no impact on the reports or account balance; however, you always maintain a record of it. So when you need a record of a transaction, you are suggested to void a transaction.

In case you void an invoice, then QuickBooks never void any payment, which you have already recorded for the invoice.

List of Some Transactions, You Can’t Void in QuickBooks:

  • Estimates
  • Deposits
  • Vendor credits
  • Purchase orders,
  • Delayed charges/credits.

You can’t void bills, but you can void bill payments.

When to Delete Transactions?

You can recover some of the details of the transaction you have deleted through an Audit log.

If you are sure that there is no need for transaction records, then delete is an ideal option. Delete complete erase transactions from QuickBooks. You can’t view it in any reports or accounts.

2. Begin the Process to Delete/Void the Transaction:

Once you have to make a relevant decision, follow the steps to delete a transaction:

  • Open QuickBooks
  • Locate Sales or Expense Option
  • Browse the transaction that you want to delete
  • Open that transaction and ensure that you are required to delete or void it
  • Add a note on the message field to include the date of the delete
  • Click on the More button located in the footer
  • Choose Void or delete; To delete click on delete
  • Hit on the Ok option

Why use Dancing Numbers Deleter?

  • Cleaning an account is a complicated and time-consuming task in accounting software Dancing Numbers Delete lets you save your precious time by cleaning up your account in less time.
  • Deleting one-by-one transactions is a frustrating process. Fortunately, this tool tends to delete irrelevant bulk objects or operations in a few clicks.
  • It allows a quick selection of the items to be deleted.

That’s all about how to delete transactions and how Dancing Numbers Deleter allows time-saving through performing batch deletions. It is a more user-friendly tool for removing the inaccurate imported information from QuickBooks and also cleaning up the massive Company files associated with QuickBooks, which acts as the best booster to enhance functionality. Stay updated with this website to read more blogs on importing, exporting, and deleting various items in QuickBooks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Delete Multiple Transactions in Bank Register QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks Online’s bank register provides a direct and efficient way to manage your financial data. It allows you to delete multiple transactions in bulk, ensuring accuracy and cleanliness within your records. This streamlined process saves time and effort, making it easier to maintain organized and up-to-date financial records.

How to Delete Duplicate Transactions in QuickBooks Desktop?

To maintain accurate and reliable financial records, it is crucial to identify and delete duplicate transactions in QuickBooks Desktop. Effective strategies for detecting and eliminating redundant entries are essential for ensuring data integrity.

How to Delete Multiple Expenses in QuickBooks Online?

Maintaining accurate financial records and managing business expenses efficiently in QuickBooks Online heavily relies on the ability to delete multiple expenses. This process calls for streamlined methods to manage expense removal and cleanup, making it a crucial aspect of efficient financial management.

Precautions to Take Before Deleting Multiple Transactions?

Before deleting multiple transactions in QuickBooks Online or Desktop versions, it is vital to exercise caution to ensure the integrity of your financial data and mitigate the potential for unintended outcomes.

How to Delete Batch Transactions in QuickBooks Online?

To delete transfers in a group, using the Batch Actions present in QuickBooks Online is the best option.

How to Delete Multiple Transactions via Banking in QuickBooks Online?

The Batch Actions options can be used to delete several transactions via Banking in QuickBooks Online.

How to do Mass Delete Transactions in Your QuickBooks Online?

You need to use the Bank Feeds option present under Banking. Now check the payments received. Then locate the duplicate entries manually and erase them.

What happens to all the Transactions that are Deleted in QuickBooks?

The deletion of transactions from QuickBooks also results in their removal from the books of accounts. The audit log contains details regarding the transaction that was wiped. You might not be able to recover the entire transaction, though.ḷ

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