How to Create, Edit, or Delete Memorized Transactions in QuickBooks

In this article, you will learn about how to create, and manage repeating transactions in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows and […]

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In this article, you will learn about how to create, and manage repeating transactions in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows and Mac. By reading this article your transactions will never be missed again. With the help of QuickBooks memorized transactions, it will help you to remind yourself about repeating payments. It additionally fills in templates for entering your data. You can create, edit, or delete memorized transactions in QuickBooks accounting software. More you can do is that you can also delete the transactions whenever required. Additionally, you can complete this procedure on two Windows and Mac. It ought to be noted that such transactions can be made, edited, etc, on QuickBooks Online and Desktop.

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In business handling, there are some transactions, customers, or events that you come across on regular basis, or in other words, they happen on a recurring basis. You would definitely want a feature that would help you create a template for recording these types of transactions, and events in your accounting software so that you don’t have to start from scratch for the repeated transactions in every period.

And for catering to this very need QuickBooks has a memorized transactions feature that would create a memorized template for your recurring transactions that too for required time intervals like weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

What Does Memorized Transactions Mean in QuickBooks?

One of the features provided in QuickBooks is memorized transactions. By providing reminders for transactions that are recurring or can be rapidly entered using a template, this tool helps the company. Companies can simply enter their transactions since they function as templates.

In this article, we will look into the process of creating, editing, and deleting memorized transactions in QuickBooks.

How to Create QuickBooks Memorized Transactions?

Users can see their memorized transactions at any time by going to the Lists menu, then selecting Memorized Transactions List.

Method 1: Create Memorized Transactions in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows

Users of QuickBooks Desktop for Windows have the option to create memorized transactions. The software’s Memorized Transactions option is generally used for this. Look for Lists when QuickBooks Desktop opens. In this option, select Memorized Transactions. Enter the data now as necessary. Choose the Memorize option from the Edit menu. After that, type your name. Pick one of the three options that are on display, then complete all the information. You will eventually be able to enter transactions that you have previously memorized in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows.

  • Enter the transaction in the manner in which you believe it should appear every month. Try not to choose Save. In case a field contains data that might change, leave the field blank. For instance, leave the Memo field clear on a recurring check so you can enter an alternate memo when you need to.
  • From the Edit menu, select Memorize [Transaction Name] such as Memorize Check.
  • Enter a Name. Then, at that point, select how you want QuickBooks should deal with it.
    • Add to the Reminders List.
    • Your transaction will add on to the Memorized Transactions section of your reminders list. At the point when you choose this option, fill in the How Often field.
    • Try not to Remind Me.
    • The exchange will not be added to your reminders list or added automatically. You can use this as a layout for transactions that repeat occasionally.
    • Automate Transaction Entry
    • The transaction will be placed when it’s due. At the point when you pick this option, make sure to fill in the How Often and Next Date fields.
  • Enter any other information and then select ok.
  • Lastly, select save or other than this click on save and next.

Points to be Remember:

  • Always remember that whenever you set up an automatic schedule for a transaction; always be sure that your Next Date is set to a day in the future.
  • Whenever you are filling in the Number Remaining, always remember that it includes the Next Date transaction.
  • Select Ok after Enter the other info.

Create a Memorized Transaction Group

In case you have transactions with the same due date, then you can create a memorized transaction group.

  • Select Memorized Transaction List from the Lists menu.
  • Choose the Memorized Transaction drop-down and then choose New Group.
  • Enter important information such as group name and frequency.
  • Choose OK.

Add a Transaction to a Memorized Transaction Group

  • Create a transaction that you want to memorize and then select Memorize.
  • Then choose to Add to the Group and also select the Group Name.
  • At last select OK.

Add a transaction that you already memorized to a group

  • Select the Group Name and select Add to Group.
  • Lastly, select OK.

Method 2: Create Memorized Transactions in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac

You must first browse the Homepage in QuickBooks Desktop on a Mac in order to add remembered transactions. The accounting software can then be opened or used to make a transaction. Navigate to the QuickBooks Desktop Edit menu. You can now choose Memorize. Enter the information about your transactions that you want to remember after that. The next step is to select Memorized Transactions from the Lists menu.

  • Open or create the transaction that you want to memorize and complete the details.
  • Then go to the Edit menu and then select Memorize.
  • Set the details for your memorized transaction.
    • Remind Me: You can add the transaction to your Reminders list.
    • Next Date: Data the transaction is due next.
    • How often: QuickBooks will remind you how many times you want it to remind you about the transaction.
    • Automatically Enter: Your transaction when it’s due QuickBooks will automatically record.
    • Number Remaining: In this, you can record the transaction. For example, In case it is a loan transaction then you can enter the number of payments that you have left.
    • Days in Advance to Enter: You can add the number of days in advance that you want to enter the transaction.
    • Show in Calendar: For those who forget about the due transaction a reminder also appears in your calendar
    • With Transactions in Group and Group Name: You can add the transaction to a memorized transaction group

To Use a Memorized Transaction:

  • Select Memorized Transactions from the Lists menu.
  • Choose the memorized transaction.
  • Then select Settings⚙️, then their select Use.
  • After that make the changes and then select Save.
  • Firstly, go to the Lists menu and then select Memorized Transactions.
  • After that go to the Edit menu and then select Edit Memorized Transaction.
  • Here you can make the changes to the transaction details and then select Save.
  • In case you want to delete the transaction then select Delete Memorized Transaction.

If Your Transactions have the same due date then you can group Memorized Transactions.

  • In the Lists, menu select Memorized Transactions.
  • After that click on Create+.
  • In the field of name enter the name group. Be sure to include a group in the name.
  • You can add details about your memorized transaction group and click on OK.
  • Select the Memorized Transaction from the Lists menu.
  • To Edit select the Edit Memorized Transaction.
  • Select With Transactions in Group.
  • After that, from the Group Name▼ dropdown, choose the group you want to add.
  • Click on OK.

Method 3: Recurring Transactions in QuickBooks Online

You must first open the homepage in order to set up a memorized transaction in QuickBooks Online as a recurring one. The next step is to choose the Gear icon. Tap on Recurring Transactions after that. Select New from the menu now. Select the sort of transaction you want to make, then click Ok. Type in the Template Name before specifying the type. To create the transaction, fill out the necessary information, save the template, and then proceed.

  • First, You have to open the QuickBooks Online software.
  • Then you have to click the Gear icon.
  • After that, You have to click on the option Recurring Transactions.
Recurring Transactions in QBO
  • Select New from the option.
  • Now you have to choose the transaction type you want to make.
  • Select Ok from the menu.
  • Insert a Template Name here.
  • Choose Type from the options Scheduled, Unscheduled, and Reminder.
  • Write down the necessary details.
  • At last, Select Save Template from the menu.

How to Edit Memorized Transactions in QuickBooks Desktop

Method 1: How to Edit Memorized Transactions in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows

When the readers want to edit their memorized transactions specifically on QuickBooks Desktop for Windows, It is advised to view the Lists option. Find Lists after logging into your QuickBooks Desktop account on Windows. Double-click the memorized transaction you want to change or personalize. Select Memorize in the top menu. To change the transaction, tap Replace at this time. When finished, close QuickBooks Desktop by clicking the Save button.

  • Select Memorized Transaction List from the Lists menu.
  • After that double-click the memorized transaction you want to modify.
  • Then make the changes you want.
  • At the top select Memorize.
  • Choose Replace to update the transaction or you can create a new one.
  • Lastly, Save and click on Next.

Method 2: How to Edit Memorized Transactions in QuickBooks Mac

You must first choose Lists if you want to update QuickBooks Desktop memorized transactions on a Mac. Then select Edit from the menu. Select Edit Memorized Transaction after that. With this option, you can customize the transactional details. Tap Save once all edits or customizations have been completed.

  • On a Mac, Launch QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Find and choose the Lists menu option.
  • Choose Memorized Transactions from the menu.
  • Go to the Edit menu on your own.
  • Then select Edit Memorized Transaction from the menu.
  • Customize the details of the transaction. Make sure the details are accurate.
  • At last, You have to click on Save.

How to Delete Memorized Transactions in QuickBooks Desktop

Method 1: How to Delete Memorized Transactions in QuickBooks for Windows

Open the Lists menu in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows to remove a memorized transaction. In this menu, select the Memorized Transaction List option. Once you have completed this, pick the transaction you want to delete. Under the Memorized Transaction drop-down, select Delete Memorized Transaction. Finally, click Ok. You will soon be able to delete the transactions that QuickBooks Desktop has memorized.

  • Select Memorized Transaction List from the Lists menu.
  • Choose the transaction that you want to delete.
  • From the drop-down select the Memorized Transaction and after that choose Delete Memorized Transaction.
  • At last, after completing select OK.
Deleting on Windows

Method 2: How to Delete Memorized Transaction in QuickBooks Mac

Some transactions that Mac users who use QuickBooks Desktop may no longer need to use should be removed. Memorized Transactions is an option in the Lists menu that you can use to delete the transaction. There will be an Edit menu for the choice. This is the menu that will help you complete your goal.

  • On your Mac, Go to QuickBooks Desktop.
  • View the Lists menu by looking for it.
  • Memorized Transactions should be chosen.
  • Then you have to go to the Edit menu.
  • Select Delete Memorized Transaction to delete it.

How to to Export Memorized Transactions from QuickBooks?

In QuickBooks, memorized transaction lists are easily exportable for use in any way you choose. Go to the QuickBooks window to begin the process. You must now choose Reports. Tap List after this to continue. The user must select the option for Memorized Transactions Listing. Use the drop-down menu located below the Excel icon on the report to create a new sheet. The transactions can then be exported rapidly.

  • Access your QuickBooks account.
  • Browse the Homepage.
  • Navigate to the Reports option.
  • Then you have to choose List.
  • Memorized Transactions Listing can be tapped.
  • Create a new sheet by selecting it from the drop-down menu in the report’s Excel section.
Export QuickBooks Memorized Transactions

You can export the sheet to any necessary software once it has been created. It could take some time to complete the export of Quickbooks Memorized Transactions.

With the help of memorized transactions in QuickBooks, users can get reminders for their transactions. But you should know how to make them such as deletion, processes, or editing of these transactions. In this article, you can see all the methods for creating, editing, exporting, and deleting a memorized transaction in QuickBooks and this is available for all versions. If you still face any problem then you can connect with Dancing Numbers experts via LIVE CHAT, as they will assist you better.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Delete a Memorized Transaction Report in QuickBooks?

You can do so by going to Reports > select memorized reports > memorized report list. Now locate the report that you wish to delete, right-click and choose Delete Memorized report to finally delete it.

What are Memorized Reports used for in QuickBooks?

The memorized reports are the ones that you saved in their customized settings; you can use these reports for getting the data displayed in a similar format every period. There are some recurring reports and analysis that business needs on a recurring basis. This will help you in accessing the report in the format you required without starting from scratch every time.

What will Happen if I Exclude a Transaction for a Period in QuickBooks?

Excluding a transaction, will lead to it not appearing in the account register or financial reports in QuickBooks. So, it is recommended that you be very careful and ensure that you are taking the right action before you excluded a downloaded transaction in QuickBooks.

Where can I Find and Access a Memorized Report in QuickBooks?

First of all, go to the Reports menu and select the report centre. On the report centre window, choose the memorized tab. Now on the left panel, select the appropriate group, if the report has not been assigned a group then choose uncategorized. Now double click on the report to open it.

Can You Please List down the steps to Delete an Excluded Transaction in QuickBooks Online?

First of all, open QuickBooks online on your web browser and log in with your credentials. After that, you need to go to the transaction menu > find the transaction that you wish to delete and select it to expand the view and choose delete.

What are the steps for saving a Custom Report in QuickBooks?

First of all, go to the reports > choose Custom reports. Now look out for your desired report and click on Edit. Now remove the report’s group name from Add this report to a group drop-down menu and click on save to complete the process.

How to Edit a Memorized Report on QuickBooks desktop?

● Choose and drag the diamond.
● After doing this you can move the report.
● You can edit manually and save the report.
● After doing this right-click the report and choose Edit Memorized Report.
● Choose the save in Memorized Report Group checkbox and there you can see a dropdown, from there you can choose the appropriate report group.
● Lastly, after completing click on ok.

How do You Delete a Recurring Journal Entry in QuickBooks?

● Firstly, go to the gear icon.
● After that choose Recurring transactions.
● Then locate the recurring journal entry.
● From the column of action, click on the drop-down.
● Then you can select Delete and click on yes to confirm.

How to Turn off Memorized Transactions in QuickBooks Online?

● Click on the Memorized Transaction List.
● After that right-click on a memorized transaction, there you will see Edit Memorized Transaction.
● There you can choose Do Not Remind Me.
● Lastly, click on ok.

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