How to Add or Enter QuickBooks Cash Receipts in Desktop and Online Versions

It is quite easy for QuickBooks users to maintain a record of their cash receipts of their accounts. You can […]

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It is quite easy for QuickBooks users to maintain a record of their cash receipts of their accounts. You can not only record or enter them in QuickBooks but also in its other versions. The two main versions range from QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online. However if you are up for recording the QuickBooks cash receipts, then you may either proceed with the Chart of Accounts option or the Custom Reports feature. As a part of using the given option or feature, you might need to create invoices when adding the cash receipts.

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With the help of this article, you will get to know about the options/features in various QuickBooks software versions to add your cash receipts. Moreover, in situations when you do not wish to create invoices for adding them, you can try out our other methods.

How to Add Cash Receipts in QuickBooks?

To enter cash receipts in QuickBooks, you can use the Chart of Accounts option. This method will allow you to create a Petty Cash account. Alternatively, you can use the Custom Reports option. The Custom Reports option will provide you with the Transaction Details, which you can use to add the receipts report to the software.

Method 1: Using the Chart of Accounts

In QuickBooks, there are several options available for COA to record things, not to mention the cash receipts report. You can select the Chart of Accounts by viewing the Lists option.

Here are the detailed steps to add the QuickBooks cash receipts report for a better understanding:

  • Navigate to your QuickBooks account and press Lists.
  • Choose the Chart of Accounts option.
  • Now click on the drop-down menu called Account.
  • Click the option where the word New is written.
  • Now navigate back to the Bank option.
  • After this, Select Continue .
  • Enter a name in the given Account field.

Note: You are allowed to add a name like Petty Cash or Cash Drawer in this given step.

  • Select the balance of the account as Zero or 0.
  • In the segment, As of, Enter the current date.
  • Click the Save and Close option.
  • After selecting the Lists bar, Select the Chart of Accounts icon.
  • Choose the particular account that you had created before by the name Petty Cash.
  • You will receive an option to enter in a Payee or not that will smoothen while monitoring the needed data.
  • Not to mention, You will also have to enter the amount of the receipt in the particular column called Payment.
  • Go down to the line which is Next.
  • Select the drop-down of the Account.
  • Select the Expense Account via which you will complete the purchase.
  • If you wish to divide the particular amount between two accounts or more accounts, select the Split option.
  • Click Record to complete entering or creating the QuickBooks cash receipts report.

Method 2: Using the Custom Report

To create a cash receipts report in QuickBooks, a user can use the Custom Reports option. To find this option, begin by looking for the Reports menu in QB. Once found, click on Custom Reports. Next, click on Transaction Detail. After entering the appropriate time period, check the boxes next to the various items in the Columns area. Additionally, select Customer from the drop-down menu for Total By.

Here are the detailed steps to post the cash receipts report in QuickBooks:

  • Search for the Reports option from the provided menu in QuickBooks.
  • Press Custom Reports.
  • Choose the option that says, Transaction Detail is required.
  • Enter the needed date span.
  • Add a tick before the following things present in the Columns section
    • Date
    • Memo
    • Type
    • Number
    • Clear
    • Amount
    • Split
  • In the given drop-down for Total By, Click on Customer.
  • You can even go for other options like Sum by Account or Sum by Month.
  • After pressing on the option, Filters bar, you are required to select the Transaction Type.
  • Now, from the available drop-down, Click Multiple Transactions.
  • Mark the following transactions types:
    • Payment
    • Invoice
    • Sales Receipt
    • Deposit
  • Click the tab for OK.
  • Now when you select the filter named Detailed Summary, You will need to click Summary Only.
  • Click OK.

How to add cash receipts to your QuickBooks account in the form of a report is clear now. As it is seen above, you are needed to deploy several pieces of data in this method. You are recommended to enter and add the right detail to avoid any kind of inconsistencies in the report.

How to Post Cash Receipts in QuickBooks Desktop?

Cash receipts can be recorded in QuickBooks Desktop using the Customers option. To do this, go to the Customers tab in the menu bar of QBDT. Then, click on Create Invoices. From here, you can either select an existing customer or add a new one. Once you have selected a customer, fill out the necessary information in the fields provided.

Here are the elaborated steps to add cash receipts to QuickBooks:

  • Open your QuickBooks Desktop account. Now search for the Customers option available in the menu.
  • Now click on Create Invoices.
  • Now enter a present Customer. If you want you can add a New Customer also.
  • Complete the fields with the needed details.

Note: The terms and conditions can also be included in the particular transaction if you want.

  • Choose the tab for Cash Account.
  • Press Save.
  • Now go to the Customers bar provided in the menu for QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Press on Invoices afterward.
  • Now you need to select the invoice related to the QuickBooks Cash Receipt feature.
  • Click Mark as Paid.

Note: It is mandatory to authenticate whether the particular transactions are checked as unpaid or paid. In case they are not checked as paid, then the user is likely to encounter a problem concerning the making of Reports and Statement Reconciliation in the particular QuickBooks Desktop.

How to Enter Cash Receipts into QuickBooks Online without Invoices?

To create a Cash Receipt in QBO, you must go through the Customer option. First, click the +New button in QBO. From the Customers drop-down menu,select Sales Receipt. You can also choose a customer from the drop-down options. Next, click Product/Service. Continue reading to learn how to enter. Cash Receipts into QuickBooks Online.

  • Navigate to the QuickBooks Online screen.
  • Press on the option, + New.
  • Under the Customer drop-down menu, select Sales Receipt.
  • Next, You need to select a customer among the provided options. It will be available in the drop-down menu.
  • Press on the Product/Service.
  • Complete the Cash Receipt Amount.
  • Click the tab for Save and Close.

It is possible to record cash receipts in QuickBooks along with its other versions. The article explained above will help you and give you a thorough understanding of recording QuickBooks cash receipts on Desktop and Online and the different ways to perform it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the QuickBooks Cash Receipts Journal Report?

The Cash Receipt report allows you to undertake the payment trends that have been acquired from the customers. You can view it with multiple parameters like customer groups, collectors, sales managers, etc.

It can be determined depending on the open items that are cleared in accounting like credit notes, debit notes, invoices, unallocated payments, etc. Because the report offers several helpful details, it becomes crucial to prepare QuickBooks cash receipts journal report.

What is the Significance of Petty Cash in QuickBooks?

When a petty cash account is set up, adding cash receipts is fast and easy.

Generally, when a purchase is made using petty cash, then the expenses are still recorded or counted within your statement. It only helps to match the expenses or income with their particular accounts.

How to Register Cash Sales in QuickBooks Self-Employed?

Here are the instructions to record cash sales in QuickBooks self-employed:

Step 1: On the left side of the navigation menu, Select Transactions.

Step 2: Press on Add Transactions button on the top-right and enter all the details like Transaction amount, Date, Category, etc.

Step 3: When it is complete, Press Save.

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