How to Import Bank Transactions Into QuickBooks Online?

Import bank transactions into your QuickBooks account is important for your financial reports. It is easy to do and there […]

Import bank transactions into your QuickBooks account is important for your financial reports. It is easy to do and there are two methods to implement the importing process of bank transactions into your QuickBooks account. Sometimes, it is easy to get connected with your bank via QuickBooks software but sometimes it is difficult. It is based on your bank account, the number of accounts connecting to the software, server, or the network of your bank.

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If you want to save your time then go with the Automatic method and if you want to do every step in your acknowledge then go with the Manual method. Connect the bank account with QuickBooks is such a one-time thing to do. Once it is done then QuickBooks will automatically download and import the transaction of the bank account into your QuickBooks account.

Import Bank Transactions Manually Into QuickBooks Online with a CSV File

The manual process is done when you have to download the bank transactions for more than 90 days. If there is any issue in locating or connecting to your bank account then this manual process needs to be done.

Step 1: Go to the Banking Center

  • Open the QuickBooks online
  • Click on the Left icon bar and then select the Transactions and Banking option
  • Now click on the tab named Banking transactions

Step 2: Choose the File uploading option

  • You have to click on the option named Upload a File that is mention at the end of your windows screen
  • Now a window opens up of uploading the file

Step 3: For Upload Choose a File

  • In the opened, uploading a file window
  • Click on the button Browse to search for a file to upload
  • Select the file and click on the Next button to continue

Step 4: Select the QuickBooks Account

  • Choose the QuickBooks account in which you want to import the file
  • If the account is not set up then you can set the account using the Add new option

Step 5: Map the QuickBooks to Bank fields

  • You have to map the file in the upload file to the fields show in the QuickBooks online bank account mapping fields
  • Now fill the fields like date, the format of the date, description, debit and credit column, and CSV file header row
  • Then continue

Step 6: Now click on the Transactions of the Bank for Import

  • You have to choose the Bank transactions that you want to import in your QuickBooks Online account
  • If there are any special characters or formatting then change it and then do import
  • After that click on the Next button to confirm the downloading and importing the transactions of the bank into QuickBooks

Step 7: Transaction is Downloaded and also Reviewed the Import Transactions

  • When the transactions are downloaded and imported successfully you get a success message that is displayed on your screen
  • All the transactions are reflected in the Banking Center
  • You can review it and if any issue then resolves it.

Importing Bank Transactions into QuickBooks Online Automatically

Firstly, you have to connect your bank account with QuickBooks online. For this, you need the user ID and the password of the bank so that you can log in to the bank account.

Step 1: Find Your Bank Account

  • Firstly, you have to open the QuickBooks account
  • Then click on the Transactions from the home page
  • After that click on the Banking option that is in the left menu
  • In the QuickBooks banking tab
  • In the Search bar, you have to type the name of the bank
  • You can also select the bank name from the list mentioned over there
  • You have to import the banking transactions if you are not able to find your bank in your QuickBooks account

Step 2: Log in to Your Bank Account

  • In the Same QuickBooks window, Now you can see the login screen of the bank
  • In this, you have to provide the details of User ID and Password to log in and get the access to your bank account in QuickBooks
  • It takes a few minutes to show you all the information on your screen

Step 3: Choose the Bank Accounts in Your QuickBooks Account for Importing the Transactions

  • After connecting to your bank, you get a screen open in front of you
  • It shows all your accounts that you have in the bank you are accessing whether it is one account or more than that
  • You have to tick mark the box in the first column for every account that you want to connect with the software
  • In Account Name, choose the QuickBooks account that you want to link to the bank by clicking on the drop-down menu
  • Now your bank account is set up with the QuickBooks account for importing the bank transactions

Step 4: Download the Transaction According to the Date Range

  • In this, you have to download the transaction in the date range that is up to 90 days only
  • But if you want to download the transactions more than 90 days
  • Then you have to import the transactions using the CSV file
  • For the short date range, click on the link need a shorter date range
  • After that select the date range and download the transaction
  • If your date of using QuickBooks is shorter than the 90 days then also you have to use the shorter date range

Step 5: Click on the Connect

  • Before connecting, check and verify both bank and QuickBooks account
  • After that, click on the blue-colored Connect button that is mention in the bottom right side of the window
  • Now the process of downloading the transactions in QuickBooks account is started
  • When the download is complete it shows you the message of success in the opened window.

Step 6: Review the Transaction that You Download

  • You can see the transactions in the QuickBooks Banking Center
  • Check that everything is perfectly done
  • This way the automatic importing transaction process is completed successfully.

Above, you get the two ways for how to import bank transactions into QuickBooks. Both ways are good on their own. It is totally up to you which method you want to choose manual or automatic. You just have to follow the methods step by step to avoid having errors or issues.

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