How to Import Employee List into QuickBooks Online using Dancing Numbers Online?

Setting an employee list in QuickBooks Online is easy with Dancing Numbers. Looking for a convenient method? Import the information of employees from the CSV file.

Importing employees in QuickBooks Online is a task when you want to import it in bulk. It took a lot of time if you do it manually. The easy way to do it is automatically and also in multiple numbers. The automatic way is to import the employee list into QuickBooks Online using Dancing Numbers Online software. Dancing Numbers Online software helps you to do it automatically after providing the required data. The time it takes is less than the time of the manual process. In Dancing Numbers Online software the total time depends on the size or number of data you are importing.

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What are the Requirements Before Processing the Import Process?

Connect QuickBooks Online to Dancing Numbers Online via QuickBooks AppStore. Just click on “Get App Now” to start using the Dancing Numbers Online application program. You can also start the 7 Days Free Trial if you are not subscribed for Dancing Numbers Online yet.

Steps to Import Employee List into QuickBooks Online using Dancing Numbers Online

For importing employee lists properly and automatically follow the below-mentioned process. After this process, it automatically imports the data into your QuickBooks Online account.

  • Upload: After signing in to Dancing Numbers Online using your QuickBooks Online credentials, you have to click on the Import button to start the import process. Select option Employee after that choose the file of the employee list to upload the excel file.
  • Mapping: It is required to map the rows and columns of data according to QuickBooks Online data format so that all the data is imported in the right place.
  • Import: When done with the above process, click on the Import button and it automatically imports the employee list into QuickBooks Online.

Dancing Numbers Online Fields of Importing Employee List

Field NameFormatDescription
TitleCharactersMention the employee’s title.
First Name25 CharactersProvide the employee’s first name.
Middle Name25 CharactersWrite down the employee’s middle name.
Last Name25 CharactersMention the employee’s last name or family name in this field.
Suffix10 CharactersMention the suffix if any used for the employee name.
Display Name As100 CharactersThe Display name of the employee or organization must be unique from all other employees, employees, customers, and any other names.
Print On Check As100 CharactersMention the employee or organization name that is printed on the check. If you won’t mention it then it is populated from the Display Name.
Address Line 1500 CharactersThis is the 1st line to mention your Billing address where you are living.
Address Line 2500 CharactersThis is the 2nd line to mention your Billing address where you are living.
Address Line 3500 CharactersThis is the 3rd line to mention your Billing address where you are living.
Address City255 CharactersWrite down the city name where you are living.
Address Postal Code31 CharactersWrite the Postal code that is the zip code for Canada or USA.
Address Country255 CharactersProvide the Country name in which you are living.
Address State255 CharactersMention the state in which you are living. For example Province name for Canada or State name for the USA.
Phone21 CharactersProvide the telephone number if any in free form.
Mobile21 CharactersMention the mobile number of employees in free form.
Fax21 CharactersWrite the fax machine number in free form.
Other21 CharactersAny other information like phone number, email, address, etc.
Email100 CharactersEnter the email address of the employee.
Employee Number99 CharactersEmployee’s ID of organization.
SSNCharactersMention the Employee’s SSN (Social Security number). In case the SSN is already set then masked it in the response with XXX-XX-XXXX. If it is sent in the update or creates a request then you can be ignored and its old value is preserved. This is the attribute that is not passed into the request when the QuickBooks Payroll is enabled.
Billable TimeBooleanThis Employee is currently enabled for use by QuickBooks.
Billable RateDecimalThe amount that is not paid or the open balance of the employee is written here.
GenderCharactersMention the gender correctly of the employee.
Notes2000 CharactersEmployee’s description is the free form text.
Hired DateDateEmployee’s hire date on which you hire the employee into your organization.
Released DateDateMention the Release date of the employee correctly.
Birth DateDateWrite the Date of birth of the employee.

Let’s import the Employee list altogether automatically. For any queries connect with the expert team via email at or LIVE CHAT to fix them quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Does Dancing Numbers Online Support multiple Employee data Imports into QuickBooks Online?

Yes, Dancing Numbers Online does import employee lists with multiple data at the same time. It saves time so that you can invest this time in any other things.

Is it Important to Import the Employee List into QuickBooks Online using Dancing Numbers Online?

Yes, it is important to import the employee list into a QuickBooks Online account so that you can easily do all the accounting stuff related to employees easily. Adding them with the help of Dancing Numbers Online software saves your time and money.

Why is it Required to Map Items While Importing the Employee List into QuickBooks Online using Dancing Numbers Online?

Mapping is the step when you import the employee list into a QuickBooks Online using Dancing Numbers Online. As you have to check that the data is in the form according to the QuickBooks format so you have to map the data accordingly before starting the import process.

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