How to Delete a Job in QuickBooks?

In business, there will be situations when you will need to delete a particular job. This usually happens when you […]

In business, there will be situations when you will need to delete a particular job. This usually happens when you come to know that there is a duplicate job in QuickBooks.

Also, it may happen that a job may have been created however, the customer declined it to admit the company services due to a number of reasons.

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Regardless of the reason, with QuickBooks, you can delete a job whenever it is required. However, there is a catch. It is only possible to delete a job or any customer if any transaction related to the customer or job is not there.

If you assign any particular cost to a job, or if an invoice is created for a customer, then it will not be possible to delete the job or customer as well.

Hence, please ensure the points mentioned above before deleting a job in QuickBooks.

What is Deleting a Job in QuickBooks?

To begin with, first, you need to know how to create a job in QuickBooks. Usually, a job is created in QuickBooks in order to monitor income and expenses for different customer projects.

In QuickBooks Desktop, you can create a new job by adding all the necessary information. However, if there is a duplicate entry or a similar job added in QuickBooks, then you are required to delete it.

Deleting a job in QuickBooks means removing that entry permanently from QuickBooks.

Why do You Need to Delete a Job in QuickBooks?

There are many situations when you require to delete a job in QuickBooks. However, the most common and obvious one is when a duplicate job is there or any customer declines to accept the particular company services due to some reasons.

In short, QuickBooks allows you to delete a job when required.

Please note that everyone in QuickBooks cannot perform this particular procedure. It can only be done by the following:

  • Account Administrators.
  • Custom Team Members Who have been Allowed to Manage Jobs for Company Permissions.

How to Delete a Job in QuickBooks?

Deleting a job in QuickBooks is easy if you follow certain steps.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Select the Customer icon visible on the icon bar. You can also select Customer on the menu bar and then choose Customer Center.

Step 2: The jobs are available on the Customer and Jobs list. From there, choose the particular job you wish to delete.

Step 3: Press right-click on the particular job that you wish to delete and then choose Delete Customer Job.

Step 4: Confirm that you wish to delete the particular job by selecting OK.

Step 5: The job is deleted.

But what if you need to make a job inactive. In that case, perform the steps given below:

Step 1: Press right-click on the particular job that you wish to make inactive and then choose Make Customer Job Inactive.

Step 2: The job will not be listed any longer in the particular Customer and Jobs list. It will be hidden and you are required to make the job active and conduct the steps given below:

Step 3: Choose all customers from the particular drop-down list at the topmost side of the Customers and Jobs list. Then choose All Customers.

Step 4: Any item, which was made inactive, will see an X before it. Find that X next to the jobs that are made inactive.

Step 5: Press right-click on the particular job you wish to make inactive and then choose Make Customer Job Active.

Note: In case your particular account is integrated with the QuickBooks software, customer jobs can easily be restored via the integration.

We hope that have no doubts about this particular problem. If you fail to comprehend how to delete a job in QuickBooks accounting software, then connect with a professional immediately.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Void and Delete are different from Each Other in QuickBooks?

There is a basic difference between void and delete. With void, the amount of the transaction alters and it changes to zero. However, it keeps record of the transactions in the QuickBooks accounting software.

Deleting on the other hand eliminates the transaction completely in QuickBooks. It leads the bills paid to get back to unpaid status.

How to make an Account Active, Which has been Inactive in QuickBooks?

Here are the steps to make an account active that has been inactive for some time:

Step 1: On the left side of the panel, select Transactions and then choose Chart of Accounts.
Step 2: Before the Action column, select the Settings option which is a small gear icon.
Step 3: Add a check-mark in the particular Include Active box.
Step 4: Check for the inactive account and then select Make active.

When you Delete a Transaction in QuickBooks, What Happens?

When you delete a transaction entirely, it is completely removed from QuickBooks. However, if you void a transaction, it allocates a zero value to the particular item.

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