QuickBooks Payroll Tax Tables: How to Download, Install and Verify

Are you looking for a quick and simple way to install, download, and check the payroll tax tables in QuickBooks? […]

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Are you looking for a quick and simple way to install, download, and check the payroll tax tables in QuickBooks? You will know the method for downloading, installing, and verifying QuickBooks payroll tax tables, so your quest is finally over.

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It is strongly advised that you upgrade the program to the most recent version since these updates provide the most up-to-date and accurate rates and calculations for payroll tax forms, state and federal tax tables that are supported, as well as e-file and pay choices. Every time an employee is paid, it becomes necessary to update the tax table. However, you must have an active payroll subscription to update the tax table. 22404, the latest payroll update, was made public on January 25, 2024.

QuickBooks Payroll Tax Tables: An Overview

Let’s look at what QuickBooks payroll tax tables genuinely suggest before you download, install, and confirm the information. The payroll tax table is a chart with many columns that help you identify which taxes should be withheld from an employee’s paycheck. It should be noted that a variety of factors, including the worker’s marital status, income amount, and payment schedule, generally influence withholding taxes.

To begin, you must first comprehend the significance of QuickBooks payroll tax tables before learning how to download, install, and check them.

  • A payroll tax desk may be described as a chart with numerous columns that aid in figuring out the best taxes to be deducted from an employee’s paycheck.
  • It must be cited that withholding taxes are generally influenced by a selection of things including the worker’s income, marital status, and charge schedule, including monthly, bi-weekly, and so on.

Before Updating the QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table Points to Note

Before we move forward with updating the QuickBooks payroll tax tables, please ensure that you follow the following guidelines:

  • If you want to update the tax table, you must have an active payroll subscription.
  • Make sure you have the latest release version of QuickBooks as well.
  • It requires an active internet connection to update the payroll tax table.
  • It is advised that you download the tax table as soon as possible and update it whenever an employee is paid. The tax table should be downloaded at least 45 days in advance.
  • Additionally, if you want to get updates to the payroll tax table automatically as soon as they become available, you must enable QuickBooks Desktop’s automatic updates feature.

What Comes in with the Payroll Update 22404 (January 25, 2024)?

For those who subscribe to QuickBooks Desktop Payroll, payroll updates are provided. These updates include payroll tax forms, e-file, and pay options, and the latest and most accurate rates and calculations for supported state and federal tax tables. To find out how to get and install payroll updates, see Get the most recent payroll tax table update.

The latest Payroll Update is 22404, released on January 25, 2024.

We have included details and links to both the latest and earlier upgrades in the sections below.

What’s included in Payroll Update 22404 (January 25, 2024)

Tax Table Update

FederalThere are no Federal updates.
IdahoThe unemployment wage base has increased to 53,500 from 49,900 effective 1/1/2024.
IowaWithholding tables are updated to reflect $40 as the total allowance if an updated 2024 IA W4 is not filed.
IllinoisNew withholding tables effective 1/1/2024.
MaineNew Employer Rate has changed to 0.0204 from 0.0197, effective 1/1/2024.
MassachusettsNew withholding tables effective 1/1/2024.
Maryland• New withholding tables effective 1/1/2024.
• New employer unemployment rate changed to .026 from .023, effective 1/1/2024.
MichiganNew withholding tables effective 1/1/2024.
MississippiNew withholding tables effective 1/1/2024.
North DakotaNew withholding tables effective 1/1/2024.
West VirginiaThe wage base increased to 9,521 from 9,000 effective 1/1/2024.

Forms Update

Federal Forms:

For Enhanced Payroll for Accountants, Form 940 for Reporting Agents has been changed.

Forms 940 and 943 have been amended for subscribers to Standard and Enhanced payroll.

State Forms:

This Payroll Update contains form updates for Alabama, Arizona, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Nebraska, and South Carolina for Enhanced subscribers.

Updates for e-file and e-pay

This payroll update does not include any e-file or pay updates.

Find the latest payroll updates

To get a comprehensive summary of the latest payroll update, choose your product year from the list provided below:

  • QuickBooks Desktop 2024
  • QuickBooks Desktop 2023
  • QuickBooks Desktop 2022
  • QuickBooks Desktop 2021

You can access this information from your QuickBooks Desktop company file:

  • Begin by selecting Employees, then you have to select Get Payroll Updates.
  • Then you have to select Payroll Update Info.

Past Payroll Updates

Payroll Update NumberDate Released

How to Download QuickBooks Tax Table Updates?

When you download QuickBooks Payroll then you get the Payroll tax table in it. In case, there are issues in the payroll calculations or the table is not updated when you did it then you have to do the manual update by downloading the QuickBooks Tax table update manually.

It’s important to download or set up the latest QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table updates which will make certain that the Payroll has correct information. As a QuickBooks Payroll person, all you need to do is comply with some easy steps, and you are right to go.

  • Firstly, to begin, pick ‘Employees‘, accompanied by ‘Get Payroll Updates‘.
  • Following that, the person should pick ‘Download the whole payroll replace‘.
  • Now click the ‘Update‘ button.
  • When the downloading technique is complete, a pop-up message will seem to declare that “a brand new tax desk and updates for your payroll tax bureaucracy had been hooked up in your Desktop.” To analyze the change, click on OK.
  • After thinking about the prompts, click on ‘OK‘, and you are ready to go.

Installing a Payroll Tax Table Update from a CD (Disk Delivery Service)

  • To begin, the user must insert the ‘Payroll Update CD‘.
  • After that, select the ‘Get Payroll Updates‘ option.
  • QuickBooks Desktop Professional and Premier: The user must first select the ‘Employees‘ option, followed by the ‘Get payroll updates‘ option.
  • In the future, if the user is prompted to locate the ‘update.dat‘ or ‘data file‘ in the ‘Install Payroll Update window,‘ he or she must take the necessary actions and respond to the prompts.
  • When you’re finished, click ‘Browse‘.
  • In the install from the window, tap to select a CD drive from the ‘Look in the drop-down arrow‘.
  • To proceed, either select ‘date or update3.dat‘ from the ‘Payroll Update Disk‘ and then click ‘Open‘.
  • The next step is to select either ‘update.dat‘ or ‘update3.dat‘.
  • Now select the ‘Open‘ option.
  • Finally, proceed to the ‘Payroll Update Window‘ and then press the ‘OK‘ button.

How to Verify QuickBooks Payroll Tax Tables?

The verification process is now in effect. Follow the steps mentioned below to Verify QuickBooks Payroll Tax Tables:

  • You should authenticate within side the ‘set up affirmation window‘ that the person is putting in the proper area and that the ‘tax desk versions‘ within side the contemporary and new fields are correct.
  • The subsequent step is to click on whilst the replacement is complete, or whilst a message seems to declare, ‘A new tax desk has been hooked up in your desktop‘.
  • The subsequent step is to click on ‘OK‘ to examine approximately the change.
  • The very last step within side the verification technique is if the tax desk model has now no longer changed, a pop-up message will appear at the display declaring, “You have efficaciously hooked up payroll replace“.

How do You Get the most Recent Payroll Tax Table Update?

The payroll tax table update will provide the user with the maximum up-to-date and correct charges and calculations for:

  • Provincial and Federal Tax Tables were Supported.
  • Options for Electronic Filing.
  • Forms for Payroll Taxation.

How do You Find out What Version of QuickBooks You Have?

Check the following to find out the version of QuickBooks you are using:

  • Dates of application: July 1, 2018, to December 31, 2018.
  • The following items have been added to the new update: Payroll tax tables for July 2018 have been updated.
  • The film will be released on June 28, 2018.
  • Version 108 is the current version.

Now to determine the version of QuickBooks, the user must perform the following steps:

  • The first step is to open QuickBooks and navigate to the ‘Employees menu‘, then select ‘My Payroll Services‘.
  • The user must then select ‘Tax table information‘ in the following step.
  • The tax table version is indicated by the first three digits in “You are using the Tax table version“.

How to View the Current and Historical TD1, CPP, and EI Amounts?

Effective Date7/1/20211/1/2021
Tax Table version #114113
TD1 Amounts
NSClick here to learnhow to calculate
ZZ (employees outside Canada)00
Effective Date7/1/20211/1/2021
Tax Table Version #114113
Canada Pension Plan (CPP) – outside Quebec
Maximum Pensionable Earnings61,60061,600
Basic Exemption3,500 3,500
Contribution Rate5.45%5.45%
Maximum Contribution (EE)3,166.453,166.45
Maximum Contribution (ER)3,166.453,166.45
Employment Insurance (EI) – outside Quebec
Maximum Insurable Earnings56,30056,300
Premium EI Rate (EE)1.58%1.58%
Premium EI Rate (ER) (1.4*EE)2.21%2.21%
Maximum Premium (EE)889.54889.54
Maximum Premium (ER)1,245.361,245.36
Effective Date7/1/20211/1/2021
Tax Table version #114113
Quebec Pension Plan (QPP)
Maximum Pensionable Earnings61,60061,600
Basic Exemption3,5003,500
Contribution Rate5.90%5.90%
Maximum Contribution (EE)3,427.903,427.90
Maximum Contribution (ER)3,427.903,427.90
Employment Insurance (EI – Quebec only)
Maximum Insurable Earnings56,30056,300
Premium EI Rate (EE)1.18%1.18%
Premium EI Rate (ER) (1.4*EE)1.65%1.65%
Maximum Premium (EE)664.34664.34
Maximum Premium (ER) (1.4*EE)930.08930.08
Quebec Parental Insurance Plan (QPIP)
Maximum Insurable Earnings83,50083,500
Contribution Rate (EE)0.49%0.49%
Contribution Rate (ER) (1.4*EE)0.69%0.69%
Maximum Contribution (EE)412.49412.49
Maximum Contribution (ER) (1.4*EE)577.82577.82
Commission des normes du travail (CNT)
Maximum earnings subject to CNT83,50083,500

How to Fix QuickBooks Payroll Update Errors?

Even after installing the latest tax table updates, if your TD1 amounts are still not updated, then perform the following steps:

  • Do you need to check whether or not or now no longer it is on or after the tax table effective date? To make it easy to understand, permit us to take an example, when you downloaded the tax table version 112 on June 20, 2020, you then definitely no longer see the updated portions until the tax table becomes effective on July 1, 2020.
  • Once you get the effective date i.e. July 1, 2020, after the product has been downloaded has the state-of-the-art tax tables, you may need to start a payroll or open and close to QuickBooks computing tool for TD1 portions to update.
  • Now if you had to manually modify the TD1 portions at any component of time within side the past or after installing the state-of-the-art employees, then, in that case, the state-of-the-art tax table will no longer override the previously adjusted portions. You may want to manually update the TD1 portions going forward.
  • Finally, test if any of the employees are installed over the easy TD1 portions. The QuickBooks software program mechanically updates the TD1 portions most effective for the employees for the easy portions for the previous tax tables.

Updating the QuickBooks to the current update is relatively encouraged, given that every update brings the maximum up-to-date and accurate quotes and computations for the payment choices, federal tax tables, payroll tax forms, and an e-report. You ought to have a contemporary payroll subscription that allows you to replace the tax table.

We hope now you have a complete guide on QuickBooks Payroll Tax Tables: Download, Install, and Verify through the given of this article. However, if you still have any doubts you can reach out to our QuickBooks help desk for any further assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

What Should you do if you Receive a Pop-up Warning on the Screen that Reads “File Not Found”, While Installing a Payroll Tax Table Update from a CD?

If you receive a pop-up warning on the screen that reads “File Not Found“, while Installing a Payroll Tax Table Update from a CD check your CD drive by following the procedures listed below:

  • To begin, the user must ‘close‘ QuickBooks Desktop and then press the ‘Start Button‘, after which they must select ‘My Computer‘.
  • Next, right-click the ‘CD drive‘ and select the option “If you cannot see the files, test the CD on a second desktop.” If the files are visible on the second desktop, there may be a problem with the hardware on the first desktop.
  • If the user is unable to see the file on both desktops, he or she must order a new payroll update disc.

What are the Extra New Features Introduced in Payroll Update?

Payroll new Update introduces several new features:

Forms are being updated.

This payroll replacement does carry in any bureaucracy replace

  • Replaced with a tax desk
  • As mentioned within the Family First Coronavirus Reaction Act (FFCRA), this tax desk has arrived with a completely new tax monitoring form to tune business enterprise obligations for paid depart credits.

Do QuickBooks Payroll Tax Tables have Automatic Updates?

When it comes to QuickBooks Payroll Tax Tables automatic updates, QuickBooks immediately downloads payroll updates as soon as you connect to the internet. However, if it’s not updated automatically, you need to update QuickBooks Payroll Tax Tables manually. You can follow the mentioned above manually updating QuickBooks Payroll Tax Tables: Download, Install, and Verify.

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