How to File Your W-2 and W-3 forms in QuickBooks Desktop

An essential payroll task at the end of the year is making sure your W-2 forms are delivered on time […]

An essential payroll task at the end of the year is making sure your W-2 forms are delivered on time to the correct agencies. Depending on the payroll product you use, you could submit it electronically. You can file w-2 and w-3 through QuickBooks Desktop. For electronic filing, you should have a QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Enhanced account, should enroll in the IRS e-file Program, and should have 10 digit IRS e-file PIN.

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Both of these forms are filed to the Social Security Administration (SSA) in order to record the annual income of the employee as well as the total amount of different taxes, including Social Security taxes, State income taxes, Medicare taxes, and Federal taxes, that the employee has paid. The information on these forms must be filled out with extreme care since the IRS will compare the information with your income and tax information after you submit the forms. In contrast to QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll users who must manually fill out and submit the forms, if you regularly use QuickBooks Full Program payroll, the service will automatically calculate any taxes due and file them on your behalf.

With the help of this blog, you will know about how you can E-file w-2 and w-3 in QuickBooks Desktop. So without wasting time let’s go through this article.

Have you processed your W-2 forms yet? Before doing so, You must know that you need to do it only if you are using any of the following payroll products:

What is Filing W-2 & W-3 with QuickBooks all about?

Based on your state, You can prepare your W-2 and upload it or you can also file them online with the help of QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced.

In such tax forms, the amount of taxes is displayed which is held back from your paycheck every year and is used to file your state taxes.

Why Filing W-2 in QuickBooks is Important?

Preparing and filing W-2 is a crucial aspect of your payroll management. Based on your payroll service, you can either file and send your W-2s to your specific employees and IRS or you can print the W-2s and then send them to the employees.

What are the User Requirements to E-file W-2 and W-3 in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll?

  • You Should Subscribe to QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll Services.
  • On Your Computer Install the QuickBooks Desktop Application.
  • You Should have an Active Internet Connection
  • With the Latest Updates, The QuickBooks Desktop Application and Payroll Tax Tables must be updated.

How to Set up Federal W-2s for a File?

By following the below steps know how to set up Federal W-2s for e-file:

  • First, You have to click on Employees and then Choose Payroll Center.
  • After that, You have to Choose the File Forms Tab.
  • Click Change Filing Method that is under Other Activities and Click on Continue.
  • From the List of Forms you have to select Federal Form W-2/W-3, and then you have to Select Edit.
  • Then you have to Choose the E-file Radio Button and then Click on Finish.
  • After this, Close the View Enrollments Window.
  • Click Finish Later in the Lower Left Corner of the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Setup box to continue.

How to E-File the W-2s?

  • First, You have to click Employees and then click on Payroll Center.
  • Now you have to Choose the File Forms tab.
  • After that, You have to Highlight the Annual Form W-2/W-3- Wage and Tax Statement/Transmittal.
  • Then you have to click on the Create Form button.
  • After this, You have to Select the Employees and then Enter the Fields that are Necessary.
  • Make sure to Select the E-file Federal Forms, Once you are on the Filing Method Window.
  • On the Login Screen Enter the Phone Number and the E-mail Address of Your Company. To notify you about the Submission this Information is used.
  • Lastly, Click on Submit option.

What are the Steps to Set up W-2 and W-3 Forms with QuickBooks Desktop?

  • First, You have to open your QuickBooks Desktop Application and then Click on Payroll Center Which is under Employees.
  • Then under the Payroll Center, You have to Select Pay Liabilities, and then from the Other Activities tab that is at the Bottom, You have to click on Change Filing Method.
  • After that, You have to click Continue and then Choose Federal Form W-2/W-3 from the list and then click on Edit.
  • Now you have to click on E File and to open Form Filing Instructions you have to Click on Finish.
  • From the Left Side of the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Window and then click on Finish Later and then Exit the window.

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Deadline to File Your W-2s

The electronic filing deadline is Monday, January 30, 2023.

When to File a W-3 with the Social Security Administration (SSA)

If you provide your W-2s Electronically, There is no Requirement for you to Submit a W-3 to the SSA. Both the IRS and the SSA Receive the W-2s.

File Your W-2s Electronically

To get Started Select Your Product below.

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Enhanced

To e-file, Your Federal W-2s to the SSA below are the mentioned steps. You might also need to File Your State W-2s once you’re done.

Step 1: Set up Your W-2 E-filing

Once you’re done, You might also need to File Your State W-2s.

  • You have to Begin by Opening QuickBooks.
  • Then Click Employees, and Finally Click on Payroll Center.
  • Launch the Payroll Setup for QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Choose the File Forms Tab in the Payroll Center.
  • Pick the Change Filing Method from the Other Activities option at the bottom.
  • Choose Continue.
  • From the List of Forms, Choose Federal Form W-2/W-3, then choose Edit.
  • Choose E-file, then Click Finish. By doing this, the Enrollment Instructions will Open for Reading and Printing.
  • Close the Window that shows enrollments.
  • At last, You have to Choose Finish Later.

Step 2: Create Your W-2 Forms

You will be able to Create Your W-2s by following the below steps:

  • Choose Employees, Followed by W-2s and Payroll Tax Forms.
  • Then you have to Select the option to Process Payroll Forms.
  • Choose Annual Form W-2/W-3 – Wage and Tax Statement/Transmittal from the File Forms menu, then click Create Form.

Step 3: Send Your W-2s

To Send Your W-2s to File Electronically Follow the Steps:

  • Select All Employees to file by batch under Process W-2s.
  • Enter the Form’s Filing year in the Select Filing Period section, Then click OK.
  • Select the Employees in the Select Employees for Form W-2/W-3 Window. Mark All can also be used to Select Every Employee that is Shown.
  • Then you have to Choose E-File Federal Forms.
  • Enter Your Company’s Email Address and Phone Number.
  • At last, You have to Select Submit.

Step 4: Print Your W-2s and then Send them to Your Employees

Printing Your W-2 Forms now will Enable you to send them to Your Employees by January 31.

Step 5: To View and Upload Your W-2s to QuickBooks Workforce for Your Employees (optional)

For Your Employees to View their W-2s online in QuickBooks Workforce, You must upload the W-2s.

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Standard, QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Basic

By January 31, You must Manually File Your Federal, State, and Local W-2 and W-3 Forms.

How to File W-2 with QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced?

Step 1: Choose Employees > Payroll Tax Forms & W-2s > Create State W-2 E-file.

Step 2: Press Continue Twice and Choose Your State.

Step 3: Choose Get QuickBooks Data and click OK.

Step 4: Choose Add-Ins tab and find the Particular QuickBooks Payroll State W-2 Dropdown and Select Start Interview.

Step 5: Click the Box that Says, I understand that I must Review my data. Choose Next.

Step 6: Select the W-2 File and Choose OK and click Yes to save the Excel for your records.
Visit your State Agency.

Upload the W-2 of Your State.

After submitting the forms successfully, on your company’s email address you will be notified by Intuit about the progress of your filed forms. In case you are filing the taxes by using QuickBooks Payroll service then you should properly examine all the information that you have entered in the forms. All the information related to E-filing the w-2 and w-3 in QuickBooks Desktop is mentioned in the above blog. If you still face any issues related to this then you can connect with Dancing Numbers team via LIVE CHAT.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

What is the Difference Between W2 and W3?

W2- It includes employee wages and salaries of local agencies.
W3- It is also called as W3 transmittal summary form and is necessary when you file W2 via mail.

Which one do You Need: 4-Part or 6-Part?

It depends on the state filing requirements to determine whether you need 6-part or 4-part.

Is it Possible to Print my Specific W2 on IRS free PDF W2 forms?

No. It is not possible. The IRS is crystal clear in the filing instructions of W-2 forms. Hence, before you try to print it for free, read the guidelines again.

Does QuickBooks File W3?

Click Payroll Tax Forms and W2s in the QuickBooks Desktop application once it is open. The option to Process Payroll Forms. Now choose Annual Form W-2/W-3 – Wage and Tax Statement/Transmittal from the list of forms under the File Forms Section and choose to Create Form.

How to Download W3 from QuickBooks?

• First, You have to go to the Taxes menu
• Then you have to choose the tab of Payroll Taxes.
• Select Annual Forms from the Forms section
• Lastly, Choose W-3 and then click on View.

How to File W-2 Electronically?

• If you want to file W-2s electronically then you have to register with the SSA’s Business Service Online (BSO) website.
• You must file them electronically if you are filing 100 or more 2021 W-2s. Paper copies are not allowed to send.
• With W-2s you file online you don’t have to file the W-3 transmittal form.

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