How to Fix an Incorrect W-2 in QuickBooks Payroll?

Often it has been noticed that taxpayers enter wrong data or amount in the forms which lead to future problems. […]

Often it has been noticed that taxpayers enter wrong data or amount in the forms which lead to future problems.

If you have added wrong information, it is always recommended to fill another form with the correct details. It is known as an amended form.

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Important: In order to correct the details added in W-2 forms, tax payers need to file W-2 forms prior to the deadline.

Do you need to fix anything on the particular employee’s W-2 form? Here is why you need to do it

Why You need to Fix an Incorrect W-2 in QuickBooks Payroll?

W-2 forms from the IRS are utilized by the employers when they need to report the annual income and the money withheld to the employees.

Fixing is required when an employee has a fringe benefit, pre-tax deduction, or contribution from the organization.

Be sure to check your W-2 forms minutely if your employee has any of the following things:

  • Group Term Life Insurance
  • Retirement deduction like 401 (k)
  • Health Savings Account contribution from a table company
  • Fringe benefit like Personal Use of Company Car that is taxable

How to Fix an Incorrect W-2 in QuickBooks Payroll?

You have sent the wrong form to the employees and the incorrect W-2 forms are filed with the IRS via your company.

Step 1: Prepare W-2 C forms for employees who received W-2 forms.

Step 2: In the Employee menu section in QuickBooks, select Payroll Center.

Step 3: Select Annual Form W-2C corrected Wage and Tax Statement. When the form is selected, choose the Create Form option.

Step 4: Choose all the employees who require corrected form under the option Process W-2.

Step 5: In the Select Filing Period, ensure the right period is added.

Step 6: Select OK and choose the employees who require W-2 C.

Step 7: Select Review and answer the questions displayed.

Step 8: Select Next and checkmark the box that says, Check if this is a W-2c.

Step 9: Skip any data which does not require any change and right-click the data and select Override.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

What are the Types of Errors found in W2 Forms?

Errors are found in W-2 forms because:

checked Failure to Add Right Details
checked Insignificant Errors

Can the addition of Incorrect Employee Addresses cause Filing Problems?

Yes. Incorrect data can cause filing problems. A new form needs to be issued.

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