QuickBooks Desktop Payroll: Enhanced vs Assisted vs Full-Service

Many companies want those types of systems that are directly connected to computers rather than web-based systems. In relation to […]

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Many companies want those types of systems that are directly connected to computers rather than web-based systems. In relation to the software, needs Intuit’s QuickBooks has a desktop version for the accounting and payroll solutions called QuickBooks Desktop Payroll.

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There are three versions of QuickBooks Desktop Payroll, they are:

  • Enhanced Payroll: It is best for QuickBooks Desktop users. It helps in handling the payroll tax payments and filing themselves so that money is saved.
  • Assisted Payroll: This is best for those users who want that their tax is filled automatically.
  • Assisted Payroll Plus QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond: It is best for those QuickBooks Desktop users who want full business management software packages. The package includes the accounting and inventory management to the tracking and payroll.

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Quick Compare

FeaturesEnhanced PayrollAssisted PayrollAssisted Payroll + QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond (Full-service Package)
Pay Employees and ContractorsYesYesYes
Pay by Check and via Direct DepositsYesYesYes
Next-day Direct DepositsNoYesYes
Online Access to PaystubsYesYesYes
Automatic Tax CalculationsYesYesYes
e-Pay and e-File Federal and State Tax FormsYesYesYes
Print and e-File W-2 Forms at Year-endYesYesYes
Tax Payments and Forms Filed For YouNoYesYes
“No Tax Penalties” GuaranteeNoYesYes
Time Tracking With QuickBooks TimeAdd-onAdd-onYes
Customer SupportYes24/7 Premium Suppor24/7 Premium Suppor
Learn MoreVisit Enhanced PayrollVisit Assisted PayrollVisit Assisted Payroll + QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond
QuickBooks Desktop Payroll at a Glance

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll: Which Version is Better?

All three alternatives provide effective payroll capabilities, we advise you to choose QuickBooks Assisted Payroll. QuickBooks Assisted Payroll includes services that submit payroll taxes.

QuickBooks will take care of all of the tax payments and tax form submissions which includes the reports of the end year. It is very important for small business owners who want to outsource payroll tax administration.

It also includes a guarantee against penalties related to tax. In case you filed your taxes on the correct interval of time, with the correct information, and with enough money in your account to cover them. The QuickBooks will cover all types of late filing fines.

When We Can Use QuickBooks Desktop Enhanced Payroll?

The QuickBooks Desktop Enhanced Payroll is beneficial for small business owners which have users of fewer than 50 employees. Payroll processing can be done internally at half of the price of QuickBooks Desktop Assisted Payroll.

Calculating paychecks, printing checks, and submitting direct deposit payments are all made simple with the help of Enhanced Payroll.

The software provides e-payment and e-filing capabilities which helps you to speed the entire process even if the submit ion tax payments and tax forms are done by yourself.

When We Can Use QuickBooks Full Service Package?

The full-service package provides us with very important tools which you need to operate various important operations. In case you want to increase business efficiency and you don’t have a tight budget then you can get access to QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond.

QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond had a number of integrated solutions for managing accounting, invoicing, job costings, inventory, and staff attendance in addition to payroll.

QuickBooks Payroll Enhanced includes all the features, but one extra payroll tax filing service is also included in this.

When We Can Use Alternative To QuickBooks Desktop Payroll?

For the Users of the accounting program, QuickBooks Desktop has additional choices that are managing payroll. We define QuickBooks Online Payroll as a cloud-based alternative related to the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll in case you’re looking for it.

Every one of its programs has full service, which means that automatic payroll calculations, payroll tax filings, and year-end reporting are all included in this. The program is very simple to set up and it offers quick and direct deposit alternatives (such as next- and same-day payments).

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

FeaturesEnhanced PayrollAssisted PayrollFull-service Package
Best ForSmall business owners with simple payroll need and don’t mind DIY tax filingsEmployers who prefer to outsource payroll tax processing and filingsCompanies needing full-service payroll with robust business tools
Pay Employees and ContractorsYesYesYes
Paycheck and Direct Deposit PaymentsYesYesYes
Direct Deposit Turnaround TimesTwo-dayNext-dayNext-day
Automatic Payroll Tax CalculationsYesYesYes
e-Pay and e-File Federal and State Tax FormsYesYesYes
Print and e-File W-2 Forms at Year-endYesYesYes
Online Access to PaystubsYesYesYes
Payroll Tax Payments and Forms Filed For YouNoYesYes
“No Tax Penalties” GuaranteeNoYesYes
Payroll Setup Assistance SpecialistNoYesYes
Access for Up to 40 Simultaneous UsersNoNoYes
Time Tracking With QuickBooks TimeAdd-onAdd-onYes
Income and Expense TrackingNoNoYes
Advanced Inventory and ReportingNoNoYes
Salesforce CRM ConnectorNoNoRequires an add-on monthly subscription
QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Overview

You may make payroll reports, create paychecks, and pay employees by direct depositing or checking using any of these three versions of QuickBooks Desktop Payroll.

You just need access to the same desktop-based payroll software, which you can use to enter the regular and overtime hours of your employees.

You can have it so that you can calculate the appropriate earnings, deductions, and taxes withholdings.

Additionally, it also tracks the information regarding paid time off (PTO), workers’ compensation, and benefits insurance.

Summing Up

Among the three plans, we recommend you to select QuickBooks Desktop Assisted Payroll because it has all the tools which are required by the employers so that they can create paychecks for both the employers and the contractors. It helps in calculating automatically earnings, deductions, and tax withholdings.

We hope the above article will be very helpful in tax payments and the filing services but in case you find any difficulty then you can call us. Our expert team will help you in resolving your problem and in tax payments and filing also.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What are the different types of payroll services available to us?

Following are the employment services that can get the payroll services:
• HR Advisor or HR Services
• Worker Campaign
• Health benefits
• Coverage related to job injuries.

What are the different versions of QuickBooks Desktop?

There are six versions of the QuickBooks Desktop, they are:
1. QuickBooks Online
2. QuickBooks Self-Employed
3. QuickBooks Pro
4. QuickBooks Premier
5. QuickBooks Enterprise
6. QuickBooks for Mac

How can I set up direct deposit in the QuickBooks Desktop?

Following are the steps in order to set up direct deposit in the QuickBooks Desktop:
• Navigate to the settings and click on it.
• From the settings menu select the payroll settings.
• Now in the payroll drop-down menu select the direct deposit icon.
• Hit the let’s get started button.
• Fill out all the required fields correctly and in detail like Employer bank account, Account principal officer, etc.
• Hit the continue button.
• Now you will get the confirmation email on your register mail.

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