Business Bank Accounts Integrate With QuickBooks

For a small business that utilizes QuickBooks for its primary accounting purposes, it is important to have a certain business […]

For a small business that utilizes QuickBooks for its primary accounting purposes, it is important to have a certain business checking provider that has trouble-free integration with QuickBooks. Since several online and traditional banks integrate with QuickBooks with ease, the objective is to locate a bank with services and products that best address the needs of a company.

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After a deep evaluation of around 100 banks, in this article, we have shortlisted the nine best bank accounts that can integrate with QuickBooks seamlessly and the provider has the direct links:

  • Bluevine: Ideal for earning interest on international payments and deposits.
  • Chase: Ideal for full-service small business premium checking and banking tools.
  • Novo: Ideal digital-only bank for quick access to funds and quicker payments.
  • Grasshopper: Ideal digital-only bank that offers integrated free payment software.
  • Bank of America: Ideal for less cash deposits and ongoing rewards.
  • Found: Ideal digital-only provider for self-employed professionals.
  • U.S. Bank: Ideal for businesses that have less transaction volumes.
  • Mercury: Ideal for startups, tech companies, and businesses requiring extra Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.
  • Relay: Ideal for businesses requiring debit cards and several accounts.

In this article:

Top Business Bank Accounts that Integrate with QuickBooks

Bank NameAccount NameMonthly ExpenseFree Transactions (Monthly)Annual Percentage Yield (APY)Free Cash Deposit Limit
BluevineBusiness CheckingNoneNo limit2.0% on qualifying balances of USD250000 or lessUSD4.95 per deposit
ChaseBusiness Complete BankingUSD15; waivable20N/AUSD 5,000 every month
NovoBusiness CheckingNoneNo limitN/AZero fee; cash deposited via the money orders
GrasshopperInnovator Business CheckingNoneNo limitUp to 2.25%Cash deposits are rejected
Bank of AmericaFundamentals Business CheckingUSD16; waivable200N/AUSD 7,500 every month
FoundBusiness CheckingNoneNo limitN/AFor a certain fee, cash deposit is accepted certain retail locations.
U.S. BankSilver Business CheckingNone125N/AUSD 2,500 every month
MercuryBusiness CheckingNoneNo limitN/ACash deposits are rejected
RelayRelay StandardNoneNoneN/ANo fee; acknowledged at Allpoint ATMs

Bank of America: Ideal for total Ongoing Rewards Plus less Cash Deposit Fees

Bank of America

What are the Advantages of using Bank of America?

  • No-cost Digital Tools to Monitor Business Performance
  • Every month, 200 free Transactions
  • Ongoing Rewards

What are the disadvantages of using Bank of America?

  • Does not provide ATM fee refunds
  • Cash deposit fees charged per USD 100 over the monthly grant
  • Requires a USD 100 opening deposit

What are the Key Features of using Bank of America?

  • Payroll and credit card processing services via ADP
  • Review your business credit score via a partnership with Dun & Bradstreet.
  • Physical checks prices depend on the kind ordered.
  • Other products comprise CDs, business savings, lending products, and financial analysis via Merrill Financial Advisor.
  • View Accounts, deposit checks, complete transfers, and clear the bills with the particular mobile app.
  • Cash Flow Monitor is a type of cash management tool that allows you to connect analytics, accounting, and payroll apps to assist you in take key business decisions.
  • Zero-cost debit card.
  • Integrations with TurboTax, QuickBooks, and Zelle
  • Merchant services accessible via Expensify
  • Customer service in the branch during business hours and through phone or through social media messages.

What are the Business Checking Terms of Bank of America

Business Checking TermsBank of America
Needed Balance MinimumZero
Monthly ChargeUSD16; it is waivable if  the required conditions are fulfilled
International Wire Transfer ChargeFees depends
Cash DepositedUp to USD 7,500 every month free. Post that 30 cents per USD100 per statement cycle
Needed Opening DepositUSD100
Transaction Limit Prior to Fees200, then 45 cents for every item
Domestic Wire Transfer ChargeFees depends
ATM ChargesFree admission to nearly 15,000 ATMs countrywide; USD2.50 for every transaction on the out-of-network ATMs

Why you Should opt Bank of America?

Bank of America is one of the most highly recommended banks for small business checking accounts when it comes to integrating with QuickBooks. It is an entry-level business checking account that provides huge ongoing rewards along with low cash deposit charges.

The company generally has a monthly fee of USD 16 that is waived by upholding a USD 5000 joint average monthly balance, using up to USD 250 on a business debit card, or transforming into a member of Preferred Rewards for business.

It is possible to acquire USD 500 in joint statement credits and cashback rewards with its credit card and business checking products. Not to mention, with the preferred rewards of the company for business, you can earn around 25-75 % bonus rewards on credit cards to acquire a 5-20% higher interest rate on the particular Business Advantage savings accounts.

Along with its integration with QuickBooks, the business checking account of Bank of America connects in a better way with Zelle and Turbotax. It is possible to get payroll services and credit card processing via ADP plus merchant services via Expensify.

Bank of America also provides an extensive range of extra business products comprising certificates of deposit, savings, lending products, and financial analysis via Merrill financial advisor.

Bluevine: Ideal for Earning Interest on International Payments and Deposits


Here is the list of the Pros and Cons:

What are the Advantages of using Bluevine?

  • Integrates with QuickBooks
  • Interest-earning checking on certain balances of USD 250000 or less than that.
  • Outstanding line of Credit Product

What are the Disadvantages of using Bluevine?

  • No physical branch positions
  • No money market, no savings, and certificate of deposit accounts.
  • Deposit cash fees

What are the Key Features of using Bluevine?

  • No minimum balance needed
  • Integrates with Xero and QuickBooks
  • No monthly maintenance fee needed
  • Links with business payment solutions comprising PayPal, Stripe, and Expensify.
  • Two free checkbook orders every year along with free debit cards.
  • Provides a line of credit
  • Offers live customer support assistance from committed professionals.

What are the Business Checking Terms of Bluevine?

Business Checking TermsBluevine
Minimum Needed BalanceZero
ACH ChargesNone
Teller Cash Withdrawal ChargesZero
Needed Opening DepositNone
International Wire Transfer ChargesUSD15 for outgoing, incoming is free of cost
Transaction Limit Prior ChargesNo limit
Monthly ChargesZero
Cash DepositedUSD4.95 charges per transaction
Domestic Wire Transfer ChargesUSD15 for outgoing, incoming is free of cost.
APY2% on balances of nearly USD 250,000, after the requirements are addressed.
ATM ChargesCost-free at MoneyPass locations nationally; USD2.50 along with operator charges for non-network ATM usage

Why Must you opt Bluevine?

Bluevine is considered as one of the leading online business banks in the market and is tagged as one of the best options for a QuickBooks-integrated bank account. It is possible to earn nearly 2.0% APY on certain qualifying balances of USD 250000 or less than that. As with any online-only bank, Bluevine works great with QuickBooks Online.

Bluevine charges no transaction fees or monthly fees and does not require any minimum opening balance requirement or deposit. It is also possible to send payments internationally to nearly 32 countries in 14 currencies. Such payments can be acquired in as little as 24 hours.

Bluevine has a successful integration with Xero. Hence, you can link with business payment solutions like PayPal, Stripe, and Expensify. Not to mention, you get a free debit card and annually you get two free checkbook orders. Furthermore, Bluevine also provides an exceptional business line of credit products.

Found: Ideal Digital-only provided for the Self-employed Professionals


What are the Advantages of using a Found Business Bank account?

  • Outstanding expense monitoring of its mobile and desktop apps.
  • No minimum balance is needed, no monthly fees are required, and no account charges or sign-up fees are needed.
  • Assists you in monitoring write-offs and provides you with real-time tax estimates.

What are the Disadvantages of using a Found Business Bank account?

  • Interest earning only via paid-tier Found Plus.
  • No free cash deposits
  • Cannot buy the checks or issue the checks from the particular app.

What are the Features of using a Found Business Bank account?

  • In the Found app, the debit card can be frozen
  • Connect to payment apps and accounting software like PayPal, Cash App, eBay, Square, and Venmo.
  • Monitor tax write-offs in the particular app.
  • Pay your taxes in the app directly.
  • Customer service through an online form, support guides, and email on the website.
  • Offers a business debit Mastercard that enables you to monitor expenses and get purchase alerts.
  • Mobile and Desktop apps.
  • Integrated bookkeeping enables you to customize expenses, get receipts, customize invoices, and then set custom regulations.
  • Check your tax estimate update in real time.
  • Send your Schedule C from the app directly.

What are the Business Checking Terms of the Found App?

Business Checking TermsFound App
Needed minimum balanceZero
ACH ChargesZero
Domestic Wire Transfer ChargesCost-free incoming wires; outgoing wires are delivered to Found customers only
Transaction Limit Prior chargesZero
ATM ChargesNo ATM usage charges are levied; third-party ATM charges are likely to be applicable
Required Opening DepositZero
Monthly ChargesNone
International Wire ChargesNA
Cash DepositedAcknowledged at around 79,000 retail locations;  the list of the locations are available in the Found app

Why you Should opt the Found App?

QuickBooks provides a particular product to self-employed and freelance professionals that can be learned easily. For such business owners, Found is an ideal choice for a business bank account they can access.

Furthermore, along with seamless integration with QuickBooks, Found offers an all-in-one product that enables you to access bookkeeping integrated from the app directly. You can classify expenses, get receipts, and fix personalized rules with the app.

Found also provides customizable invoicing free and unlimited. You can get payment for such invoices via payment apps like Square, Cash App, Venmo, eBay, and PayPal. Not to mention, the provider also includes contractor management that enables you to request and handle W-9s, contractor tax forms 1099-NECs, 1099 payment reports, etc.

The business checking of the company is free and does not include transaction limits. It also comprises strong tax tracking along with preparation software, enabling you to finish and send from the app your Schedule C directly and allows you to pay your tax bill directly.

Note: Found is a considered financial technology company. It is not a bank. Banking services are offered by Piermont Bank, Member FDIC.

Chase: Ideal for Full-service Small Business Banking Tools and Premium Checking


What are the Advantages of Chase Business Bank Account?

  • Waive monthly fee trouble-free
  • USD 300 bonus when the account is opened.
  • Built-in card acceptance with the help of Quick Accept through the Chase Mobile app

What are the Disadvantages of Chase Business Bank Account?

  • ATM fees failed to be reimbursed.
  • Restricted number of free transactions.
  • The cash deposit fee for more than USD 5000 per statement period.

What are the Key Features of a Chase Business Bank account?

  • Deposit checks, pay bills, check account balances, and complete transfers via the mobile app.
  • Free debit card, sent within 10 business days post the approval of the application.
  • Chase Merchant Services
  • Other business products of Chase include lending products, business savings, CDs, merchant services, collection services, and credit cards.
  • Handle deposit, debit, and ATM card settings for every employee.
  • Integrating with QuickBooks and other kinds of top accounting software.
  • The cost of the physical check varies based on the type ordered.
  • Live online customer support or in the branch only during business hours.

What are the Banking Checking Terms of a Chase Business Account?

Bank Checking TermsChase Business Account
Needed Opening DepositZero
Needed Balance MinimumNone
Transaction Limit Prior charges20, post that 40 cents for every transaction
ACH ChargesUSD 25 for the first 25 items every month, 15 cents for every item beyond 25 every month, USD 2.50 return charges
Monthly ChargesUSD15; can be waived if all conditions are addressed
Domestic Wire Transfer ChargesUp to USD 35 for outgoing wires, up to USD 15 for all incoming wires
International Wire Transfer ChargesUp to USD50 for outgoing wires, nearly USD15 for all incoming wires
ATM ChargesUSD 3 for every transaction charged for any non-Chase ATM, including ATM operator charges.
Cash DepositedUSD 2.50 for every USD 1,000 post depositing USD 5,000 in a particular billing cycle

Why you should opt for Chase?

Chase is an excellent business bank that incorporates QuickBooks, with the help of its outstanding full-service banking services and products. The bank provides three kinds of business checking accounts, credit cards, point-of-sale, business savings accounts, software solutions, and lines of credit.

Other integrations like those with BigCommerce, enable you to get quicker payments with same-day deposits. Chase also connects with renowned and famous payment solutions together with industry-specific organizations.

The entry-level checking in Chase, business complete banking, has a monthly charge of USD 15 and it can be waived with a minimum ending balance of USD 2000, a collective qualified deposit of at least USD 2000, or at least USD 2000 spent on a Chase Ink Business Credit Card.

It is possible to earn a cashback bonus by opening a business account and finishing the qualifying requirements. You can check out the official website of Chase for more details.

Chase also provides the top premium checking account available in the market with a USD 95 waivable monthly charge, along with more free transactions plus a higher free cash deposit threshold.

U.S Bank: Ideal for Businesses with Fewer Transaction Volumes

U.S Bank

What are the Advantages of using U.S Bank Business Account?

  • Cost-free mobile check deposits.
  • No monthly expense
  • Apply in person via phone or online

What are the Disadvantages of using U.S Bank Business Account?

  • Limited free business transactions
  • Costly wire fees.

What are the Key Features of a U.S Bank Business Account?

  • Payment systems and digital invoicing are connected with your online dashboard.
  • Trouble-free integration with credit card processing services or overdraft protection for your particular business.
  • Integrations with the U.S. bank payment processing and QuickBooks.
  • Other banking products of U.S. banks comprise cash flow and lending products, other checking options, and point-of-sale services.
  • Send and get money via the app.
  • Mobile app to track all the accounts, move funds between accounts, and conduct online deposit of checks.
  • Free debit card and 50% cut-off on the first check order nearly USD 50.
  • Customer service online via phone or via in-person during the business hours of the bank.

What are the Silver Business Checking Terms of U.S Bank?

Business Checking TermsU.S Bank
Needed Balance MinimumZero
ACH ChargesZero
International Wire ChargesUSD 75 for outgoing, USD 15 for incoming
Cash DepositedUSD 2,500 in cash deposits or 25 free cash deposits every cycle, which one comes first
Transaction Limit Prior Charges125 in one month, then 50 cents for every transaction
ATM ChargesNo fee for out-of-network ATMs, even though operator charges are applicable
Needed Opening DepositUSD 100
Domestic Wire Transfer ChargesUSD 40 for outgoing, USD 14 for incoming
Monthly ChargesZero

Why should you opt for U.S Bank?

Now accessible countrywide, U.S Bank Silver Business Checking is a great way for QuickBooks users. It is considered one of the few customary bank accounts that has no monthly charges.

The account enables 125 free transactions and USD 2500 in cash deposits on a monthly basis, making it the perfect option for businesses that have lower transaction volumes. U.S Bank has two-tier accounts that provide more free transactions, however, they have a waivable monthly charge.

It also provides integration with its payment processing service. It is possible to link your account to renowned third-party payment software like Zeller. Not to mention, the company provides business lending, POS services, and cash flow products.

When a new, qualified U.S. bank business checking account, you can earn a nearly USD 800 bonus and finish the qualifying activities, taking into consideration some terms and limitations.

Novo: Ideal Digital-only Bank for Rapid Access to Funds Plus Faster Payments

Novo Bank

What are the Advantages of a Novo Business Bank Account?

  • No maintenance charges
  • All ATM fees are refunded at the end of the month.
  • Express ACH and Novo Boost enable quicker access to your particular funds

What are the Disadvantages of a Novo Business Bank Account?

  • Lack of lending products and savings accounts
  • Fail direct deposit of cash
  • Noninterest drawing account

What are the Key Features of a Novo Business Bank Account?

  • Keep aside funds for tax payments and other kinds of huge business expenses with Novo Reserves.
  • Online Banking comprises unlimited bill pay and invoicing.
  • Express ACH enables you to get or accept same-day ACH payments.
  • Paper checks can be sent from the app directly.
  • Integrate successfully with several business tools like Slack, Stripe, PayPal, Shopify, QuickBooks, Xero, Square, and Wise.
  • Direct deposit of checks via the mobile app.
  • Novo Boost synchronizing with Stripe enables you to use funds quickly.
  • Virtual debit cards accessible to all immediately. Every user will get one free physical debit card.
  • Live customer assistance from committed professionals.

What are the Business Checking Terms for Novo?

Business Checking TermsNovo
Needed Balance MinimumZero
ACH ChargesNone
Domestic Wire Transfer ChargesNone to accept; not possible to send wires domestically but sending fee-free ACH transfers is possible
ATM ChargesAt the end of the month, all fees are refunded
Needed Opening DepositZero
Cash DepositedZero; money orders can be brought and deposited via the app
Transaction Limit Prior ChargesLimitless
Monthly ChargesNone
International Wire Transfer ChargesNovo joins hands with Wise to direct international wires in exchange for a nominal fee

Why you Should opt for a Novo Business Bank Account?

With excellent integrations along with two internal services that assist you in receiving payment and sending payments quicker, Novo is one more great option for a business bank that integrates with QuickBooks. It has a succession of extra integrations, comprising Xero, Square, Shopify, Slack, Stripe, PayPal, Wise, etc.

Express ACH and Novo Boost enable you to send and accept payments quicker compared to other providers. If you acknowledge payments from Stripe, Novo Boost enables you to get payments sent from your particular Stripe account quicker than other providers. Users can link Stripe, PayPal, or Square, and get payment through Google Pay, card, Venmo Apple Pay, or PayPal. For the moment, Express ACH allows you to get or send same-day ACH payments.

Novo repays all ATM charges at month’s end with zero limits. Not to mention, it also has zero monthly charges, minimum opening deposit, transaction limits, or minimum balance requirements.

Mercury: Ideal for Startups, Tech Companies, Plus Businesses That Require Extra FDIC Insurance

Mercury Business Bank account

What are the Advantages of a Mercury Business Bank account?

  • Virtual and physical debit cards
  • No monthly maintenance charges
  • Treasury products provide excellent yield on balances crossing USD 500000

What are the Disadvantages of a Mercury Business Bank Account?

  • Does not have paper check writing qualities
  • Accounts not available to trusts and sole proprietorships
  • No cash deposits and restricted lending options

What are the key Features of a Mercury Business Bank Account?

  • Fix customer user permissions for all your team members
  • Integrate accounts with Xero and QuickBooks accounting software
  • Physical checks are not available
  • Email customer service is provided to all
  • Other products comprise Capital, Mercury Treasury, credit card, and venture debt
  • Get interested in Mercury Treasury products in case you have more than USD 250000 in your Mercury accounts and ask for Treasury
  • Prepare auto-transfer rules for your particular accounts
  • Virtual debit cards are present for all. Not to mention, physical debit cards come in some days.
  • Business payment integrations with Stripe, Shopify, Zapier, PayPal, and Amazon.
  • A savings account is given when a checking account is open.

What are the Business Checking Terms for Mercury?

Business Checking TermsMercury
Needed Balance MinimumZero
Monthly ChargesNone
International Wire Transfer ChargesNot needed if it is sent via Mercury’s structure
Cash DepositedCash deposits rejected
ATM chargesNot chargeable for out-of-network ATMs, but operator fees is applicable; unrestricted access to All point ATM network ( nenarly55,000 locations worldwide)
Required Opening DepositZero
Transaction Limit Prior ChargesNo limit
Domestic Wire Transfer ChargesZero

Why should you opt for Mercury Business Banking?

Startups and tech companies searching for a bank account with integration with QuickBooks must consider Mercury that provides free savings and checking accounts minus any balance requirements or minimum deposit. Majority of the businesses started in the US qualify for an account, excluding the trusts and sole proprietorships.

The bank provides an interest-bearing product termed as Treasury that you can ask after you have USD 500,000 in your particular Mercury accounts. Funds in the Treasury account can provide you with 5.43% APY, with weekly changing rates.

The foremost perk of Mercury business account is its Vault product. Mercury accesses its partner banks and its network to protect business funds of nearly USD 5 million. Furthermore, Mercury has huge software integrations with Xero and QuickBooks and other integrations with Stripe, Shopify, PayPal, Zapier, and Amazon.

You can receive a cashback bonus of USD 300 if you invest USD 2000 on your credit card or debit card in 90 days of opening the account by signing up for an account.

Grasshopper: Ideal Digital-only Bank for Integrated Free Payment Software

Grasshopper digital-only Bank

What are the Advantages of using Grasshopper digital-only Bank?

  • Interest Bearing Accounts
  • Debit card purchases offer cash back
  • No transaction or monthly charges

What are the Disadvantages of using Grasshopper digital-only Bank?

  • To open the account, minimum deposit is needed
  • The bank has no physical location
  • Cash deposited not acknowledged

What are the Key Features of using Grasshopper digital only Bank?

  • Unlimited 1% cash back on signature and online-based purchases
  • Free domestic ACH plus wire transfers when a balance or more than USD 25000 is maintained
  • QuickBooks, Autobooks, and Plaid integrations with extra financial data management tools are present.
  • Get around 4.0 APY on balances more than USD 50000 when it is rushed with a particular Accelerator Savings Account.
  • Other Grasshopper digital-only bank products comprise CDs, credit cards, collection services, business savings, lending products, and merchant services
  • Cost-free virtual and physical Visa rewards debit cards
  • Free check deposit, bill pay, and digital invoicing tools
  • Foreign Exchange and International USD wire transfers are also present
  • Access to million-dollar FDIC insurance of nearly USD 125 million
  • Customized support from a US-based client services professional who can be reached via email, chat, phone, and secure message.

Relay: Ideal for Businesses that Require Several Accounts and Debit Cards

Relay Business Account

What are the Advantages of using a Relay Business Account?

  • The wire transfers are not very costly. Not to mention, they are cost-free with Relay Pro
  • Relay does not charge any ATM fee even though third-party charges may be levied out-of-network
  • No opening deposit or minimum balance is needed

What are the Disadvantages of using a Relay Business Account?

  • Does not offer any interest-bearing reviewing
  • Lack of physical locations
  • Zero lending products

What are the Key Features of a Relay Business Bank Account?

Here is the list of key features of a Relay Business Account:

  • You can open nearly 20 individual business checking accounts
  • Around 50 Visa debit cards can be issued
  • Get payments from Stripe, PayPal, Square, and several more
  • Relay Pro accounts can be accessed that offer same-day ACH delivery, accounts payable support, and free wire transfers
  • Checks can be delivered on behalf of the user without any fee. However, third-party checks are not available
  • Cost-free money management and online banking platform
  • You can get plus you can receive checks, ACH transfers, along with wires
  • Zero lending product
  • Customer service through mail, email, the app, and web contact form
  • Accounting software integrations with Xero, QuickBooks, and Plaid

What are the Business Checking Terms of Relay Standard Business?

Here are the business checking terms for Relay Standard Business:

Business Checking TermsRelay Standard Business
Balance Minimum NeededZero
Monthly ChargesZero
International Wire Transfer ChargesIncoming is free, for outgoing it is USD 10 for
Cash DepositedAcknowledged at All point ATMs
Needed Opening DepositZero
Domestic Wire Transfer ChargesIncoming is free, for outgoing it is USD 5 for
Transaction Limit Before ChargesNone
ATM ChargesZero at Allpoint ATMs; No out-of-network ATM  charges are levied by Relay, even though third-party charges will be levied

Why you should opt for a Relay Standard Business Account?

Small businesses that comprise large teams and complicated finances and who make the most from the scalable characteristics of QuickBooks can also reap benefits from a Relay business bank account. This is because Relay provides its users with around 20 checking accounts, enabling you to isolate reserves from other expenses. Not to mention, you can also almost as much as 50 Visa Debit cards that can provide significant assistance in maintaining the spending controls in your particular team.

It is possible to deposit cash into your particular Relay account at any of the available 55000 Allpoint ATMs present countrywide. However, you are not allowed to spend USD 1000 for every transaction, however, this cost-free option to deposit cash provides Relay a significant advantage over other banks.

Furthermore, Relay is perfect for businesses that often send wire transfers. With Relay Standard, the maximum you pay for any wire transfer is USD 10. In case you get upgraded to Relay Pro, it is completely free. Neither checking product has minimum balance requirements, not transaction restrictions.

Relay Pro, every month costs USD 30 and it is not waivable. It provides extra premium features comprising auto imports from Xero and QuickBooks Online. You can check out the official website of Relay to view the complete list of Relay Pro perks.

How to determine the ideal QuickBooks-integrated Business bank accounts?

In preparing this buying guide, we have gone through nearly 100+ banks and their main business checking accounts. When we determine the best business account that can successfully integrate with QuickBooks, we consider:

  • Needed minimum balance and opening deposit
  • Wire transfer and ACH fees
  • Other software integrations together with QuickBooks
  • If relevant, Interest-yield
  • Software Integrations
  • Lending products offered
  • Customer reviews
  • The accounts that offer a seamless integration with QuickBooks
  • Transactions limit prior fees
  • ATM availability and charges
  • Cash availability and deposit fees
  • Other perks for checking accounts
  • Other business services offered
  • Customer service

Even though this article is completely focused on QuickBooks, a majority of such banks will also successfully integrate with top business accounting software.

Now let us learn why we need to create a business bank account.

What do You Require to Open a Business Bank Account?

Even though every provider may need different documents in order to open a particular business bank account, here is a list of the general things you may require:

  • Fabricated business name certificate or a certificate for Doing-Business-As (DBA).
  • Organization documents comprising your ownership agreements
  • Government-provided photo ID like a driver license or passport
  • Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number (EIN) when you are sole proprietor
  • Business formation documents
  • Business licenses

How to Connect Your Credit Card and Bank Accounts to QuickBooks Online?

It is important for you to learn how to connect your credit card and bank accounts to QuickBooks Online. When you attempt to link your online bank in QuickBooks accounting software, the transactions get downloaded automatically and classified. As a result, your time is saved while updating the bank feeds. All you need to do is check them and approve them.

Step 1: Link to a Credit Card or Bank account

Link your credit card or bank account. This will assist you not to manually enter your particular transactions. It is also possible to connect several businesses along with personal bank accounts to make your business information stay up to date in QuickBooks.

  • Navigate to Transactions. Now choose Bank Transactions.
  • Choose Link Account.
  • Add the name of your particular bank or URL in the given Search field and then choose the bank. If you fail to locate your bank, you can upload transactions manually rather.
  • Type your sign-in details in the fields for Login and Passwords.
  • Choose the account that you wish to connect and date to get transactions from the particular dropdown. Then choose Next. It is important to learn that some banks download the last 90 days of transactions, while some other banks go back to 24 months.
  • Choose the account type on the dropdown for Account Type. Now choose Next.

It is important to note that you need to select the account type that matches your chart of accounts in your QuickBooks. In case you fail to witness the account type, choose + Add New.

For New Bank Accounts

  • In the Account Type dropdown, choose Bank
  • In the Detail Type, choose Checking or Savings
  • Provide the account a name and then choose Save and Close

For New Credit Card Accounts:

  • In the dropdown for Account Type, choose Credit Card.
  • Provide the account a name and then choose Save and Close
  • You must map the particular bank account to the existing accounts dropdown and then choose Next.
  • Choose Connect and then choose Done. It is important to note that it is possible to edit the account name in the field for New Account Name or alter it later on.

Step 2: Download all the Latest Transactions

You must refresh the bank feed to download your current bank transactions automatically:

  • Navigate to Transactions. Now choose Bank Transactions.
  • Choose Update

Step 3: Classify the Transactions Downloaded

Review and classify the bank transactions downloaded to ensure that it is classified in the right manner. It will assist you in managing your chart of accounts precisely.

Businesses that depend on QuickBooks to manage their accounting needs can select any of the banks stated above in this article. All the banks stated above offer smooth connectivity with QuickBooks. You can select any provider that provides the products and services that meet the objective of your company.

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