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As you know that for any business, the sale is much needed. But keeping all the information regarding sales is […]

As you know that for any business, the sale is much needed. But keeping all the information regarding sales is not as easy as you think. For providing comfort to small and midsized businesses, do integrate Clover with QuickBooks which will be much helpful. In this article, you get to know what Clover is and what benefits you get after integrating with QuickBooks.

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What is Clover and How does it help with QuickBooks?

Clover is a cloud-based Android point of sale platform. It is an easy-to-use point of sale system for little and medium-sized businesses. It accompanies a great many software and hardware choices to suit your particular requirements. Whether you maintain a retail business, own a café, or offer types of assistance, Clover can meet all of your processing and point-of-sale needs. When you integrate Clover with QuickBooks then it eliminates all the manual entries as it becomes automatic.

Features of Clover

1. Sales by Category

It helps in transferring sales activity into particular pay accounts based on the categories or marks you’ve made.

2. Sales Tax

Commerce Sync records all your sales tax, whether you utilize a single, consolidated or different effective rate.

3. Automatic Daily Transfer

With the help of Commerce Sync, it will automatically transfer all of your sales activity every day. There is no cap or added cost for the number of deals we sync.

4. Daily Sales Summary

Your action is transferred in a single receipt that catches all deals for the day, with tax, tips, limits, and gift vouchers recorded as separate line items.

5. Deposit Reconciliation

Wrap all your Clover Credit and Debit Card deals into a perfect little bow, which matches your bank explanation like magic!

6. Simple Setup

With only a couple of snaps, you’ll be prepared to dispose of the manual information section and begin moving the same evening.

7. Multiple Locations

Whether you have two or 200 areas, will move each of your deal data into the same or different QuickBooks/Xero accounts.

8. Customer Detail

This feature empowers you to follow deals on a for every Customer premise, rather than as a daily sales summary.

9. Unlimited Assistance

Any place you are, anything that you’re paying for, and anything that your necessities it offers limitless email and live chat assistance.

What are the Key Benefits of Integrating Clover with QuickBooks?

1. Save Time and Money

Commerce Sync saves clients a normal of 300 hours out every year. It automates transfer so you can focus on what you do best: maintain your business.

2. Down to the Penny

We get things like tax liability right the initial time, without fail. You don’t need to stress over wasting time manually removing duplicate or wrong sections.

3. Skill Readily Available

Automated accounting is deceptively troublesome. It isn’t to reach us. Whether by talk, email, telephone, or our insight base you have direct access to a group that knows both Clover and QuickBooks.

Steps for Installing Commerce Sync

  • Sign in to from an Internet Browser (not a Clover device).
  • From the Menu, Click More Tools.
  • Search for or type in “QuickBooks by Commerce Sync“.
  • Click on the QuickBooks by Commerce Sync Application.
  • Click Connect.
  • Select the Essential or Expert Plan and afterward click Accept.
  • Click the Green Open App button to Proceed.

How to Connect Clover to QuickBooks?

During the following couple of steps, you will sign in to your QuickBooks Online record. This process happens in the Commerce Sync Dashboard.

  • Click on the Connect to QuickBooks icon. If you don’t have a QuickBooks Account, You’ll have to set that up first and afterward return to this step.
  • Sign in to your QuickBooks Online account using your QuickBooks Admin Login Credentials
    • Assuming you have numerous QuickBooks company files, you will be prompted to choose the one you’d like Commerce Sync to connect to.
  • Click the Connect button

Verify and Continue

After the approval is finished, Commerce Sync will check your activation. When you see the green marks of approval, Click Continue.

If you see a red X, Kindly contact the Support Team for additional help.

You are Almost Ready to Sync

Depending upon your Clover settings, QuickBooks Online Settings, or the Commerce Sync tier that you picked, there might be a few extra advances or notices for you to survey. The following are a few assets to assist you with finishing those means.

Now you are at your Commerce Sync Dashboard to view and change your account settings.

Ready to Sync

You’ll accept your first transfer the day after you install and connect. Going ahead, Every day, Commerce Sync will move each of your deals for the earlier day to QuickBooks Online. This transfer will happen after midnight to guarantee that all orders for the day are shut.

For help during your activation, Kindly visit our Help Center:

  • Figure out more Data on Transferring Sales that you had before Install
  • Dealing with your Commerce Sync Settings
  • Audit How Your Sales Data will Show up in QuickBooks Online
  • Troubleshooting Transfer Errors

How to Transfer Clover Sales into QuickBooks?

Sync Clover Sales Transactions into QuickBooks automatically whenever with no manual help. Import Unlimited Clover historical transactions to QuickBooks in a single click.

Have full control of your Clover exchanges in QuickBooks with a strong and simple-to-use dashboard.

By reading the above article now hopefully you have understood what Clover is and how to integrate clover with QuickBooks. The Clover platforms provide a customer-facing experience that enhances the POS and handles all payment undertakings. In case you still get any issues without any hassle, contact with Dancing Numbers team via LIVE CHAT. The team is available 365 days a year so do connect with them and fix your issues in no time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Connect Clover to QuickBooks?

Clover’s POS solutions integrate consistently with a considerable lot of the most famous business tools available – including QuickBooks. It additionally supports some third-party accounting, invoicing, payroll, and accounting stages – which are all suitable on the Clover App Market.

How to Sync Clover Payments for the Previous Month after Integrating Clover with QuickBooks?

Clover historical transactions can be recorded using the “Download Historical Transactions” highlight in PayTraQer.

Can You Pay Vendors through QuickBooks?

At the point when you enter bills from your vendor invoices in QuickBooks Desktop, you have the choice to pay them through Direct Deposit. Go to the Vendors menu, then select Pay Bills. Select the vendor you need to pay. Filter the list so just vendors set apart for payment by Direct Deposit appear.

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