TSheets Integration with QuickBooks Desktop and Online

Intuit created and sells the accounting software suite which is known as QuickBooks. Small and medium-sized businesses are the primary […]

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Intuit created and sells the accounting software suite which is known as QuickBooks. Small and medium-sized businesses are the primary target market for QuickBooks products which includes cloud-based payroll services, on-premises accounting software, and versions that accept payments from clients.

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As long as, you have an Internet connection, QBO enables you to access your file from any location. While only the computer or network where the file is installed can access the company data using the Desktop version.

A useful time-tracking tool that can be connected with QuickBooks is TSheets. The primary goal of this connection is to synchronize QuickBooks and TSheets operations in order to increase user convenience.

About TSheets (QuickBooks Time)

  • TSheets is a QuickBooks time tracking tool which is used to notify staff members, schedule tasks for staff members, and track the time of staff members.
  • You can easily sync your employee’s precise time tracking information for billing and payroll by integrating TSheets into the QuickBooks platform. Utilizing the QuickBooks TSheets integration has additional advantages like interactive reports and team management.
  • The QuickBooks Time & Expenses is the platform in which, this integration can be carried out. Additionally, the users can initiate the integration by selecting the Feature of Add-ons option in TSheets.

Requirement of the Integration

The things for which you have to take care before starting the integration or setup in QuickBooks are:

  • First of all, you need access of the admin. You should verify that you are signed in as the administrator, who has all the privileges.
  • The Full Payroll options must be enabled.
  • Always make sure that you “Use Time Data to Create Paychecks“, the checkbox is selected for both each active employee and corporate preferences.
  • You must have the option to enter Single-user mode whenever necessary.
  • In both TSheets and QuickBooks, the week must begin on the same day.
  • Every employee must be set up with a minimum of one payroll item; otherwise, the transfer will not be completed.
  • All users who require time to be exported into their QuickBooks account are added to QuickBooks as employees or vendors.
  • Since the synchronization of QuickBooks Desktop and TSheets is done in a single location, the system you are using is compatible with it.
  • QuickBooks Integration Add-on must be installed properly.

Advantages of QuickBooks TSheets Integration

Followings are the benefits which you can get from the TSheets Integration with QuickBooks Desktop, Online and other versions:

Tracking of Cost of the Labor as well as Jobs

You have given tasks to your staff like projects, clients, job codes, etc. Once you are done with the allotting of tasks to the staff then you can keep track of expenses as well as revenue.

Tracking of the Time

When QuickBooks interacts with TSheets, It is possible to sync the data of your employees. Your employees’ locations will be found as soon as they arrive at the job site.

Billing can be done in Advance

You can create better, more accurate invoices with the help of the TSheets and QuickBooks integration. The invoices may also be created in great detail as you require.

Real Time Report

You may create real-time reports with the help of TSheets interface with QuickBooks. It becomes simpler to quickly assess your employees’ performance in real time.

Payroll is Managed Smartly

The TSheets interface makes managing payroll simple. As a single-user interface, handling the payroll tasks is simpler.

Integration of TSheets with QuickBooks Desktop

For combining the QuickBooks Time and QuickBooks Desktop, you have to complete a number of procedures. First, you have to take some crucial changes to your QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Time accounts. After that, you can log in and install the TSheets QuickBooks Desktop integration add-on on the same computer. As you integrate QuickBooks Time with the QuickBooks account, be sure to follow the instructions properly.

Step 1: Creating of Required Settings

You should set up your QuickBooks Time and QuickBooks Desktop accounts before integrating TSheets with QuickBooks Desktop. You must make all the necessary adjustments for integrating TSheets with QuickBooks Desktop. To make the necessary adjustments to QuickBooks settings, read the instructions which are given below.

  • First, You have to make sure that your QuickBooks account has the “Full Payroll” feature enabled.
  • Then, confirm that QuickBooks Time and QuickBooks Desktop have the same week start date.
  • Each current employee’s “Company-wide” selection should have the “Use Time Data to Create Paychecks” and the option is checked.
  • Users must ensure that each employee is created with at least one payroll item; otherwise, time normally cannot be transferred.
  • Make sure you sign in as an administrator to the QuickBooks account.
  • In QuickBooks Desktop, you also need to switch towards “Single User Mode.” Because the syncing process can only be carried out on a single computer, users should make sure they are on the same computer as the one you will use to sync QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Time.
  • Additionally, all users that need their time exported to QuickBooks must be added as “Vendors” or “Employees.” Admin can be added if necessary.

When you want to combine QuickBooks Desktop with the QuickBooks Time account, you need stick to these guidelines. If you don’t already have one, you can download QuickBooks Time to your computer.

Step 2: Login to the Same Computer

It is important that you use only the system on which you are synchronizing QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Time. Here are some actions which you should take:

  • First you have to open “QuickBooks Desktop“.
  • Launch the QuickBooks Desktop “Company File” which you want to connect to your QuickBooks Time.
  • Then sign in as the primary administrator.
  • Make sure “Single-User” mode is selected.
  • Once finished, log in with administrator privileges to “QuickBooks Time.

Step 3: Installing of the Add-on of TSheets QuickBooks Integration

Installing the add-on is the most important step in integrating QuickBooks Time with QuickBooks Desktop properly. To simplify your procedure, we’ll use the Web Connector app in this instance. You can, however, integrate QuickBooks Time and QuickBooks Desktop directly.

  • Click the “Feature Add-ons” button on the left, once you opened the “QuickBooks Time” account.
  • Then select “Manage Add-ons” from the menu.
  • Search for “QuickBooks Desktop Integration“.
  • Select “Install” from the menu.
  • You can select options by clicking this link. After making your selections based on the information you want to include, click “Next.
  • You can read the following selections if you’re curious about all the choices that are available.

Please be aware that you can modify these choices by visiting the “Preferences” section:

All the Users are Deleted:

Employees that have already been added to QuickBooks Time will not automatically be connected to the QuickBooks account. As a result, you might choose to archive personnel during your initial sync.

Importing of the Customers and Job:

You can import all of the open jobs and customers into the QuickBooks Time account by choosing the option of importing. The employees will be able to simply track the time spent on them. You can allocate them to specific employees or the entire workforce.

Showing the Service Time:

This option will bring up a list of service items so that staff can select them while keeping track of their time.

Showing of Billable:

This choice specifies whether or not the time is billable.

Importing of Vendors as Employees:

Choose the option to import them as users into your QuickBooks Time account if you have “Contractors and Vendors” who want to monitor time.

Showing Class:

When this option is chosen, a selection of classes is displayed for your employees to select from when keeping track of their time.

Following these choices will cause the initial sync to remove any customers or jobs you have created in your QuickBooks Time account before integrating them.

  • You might receive a warning prompt. If you want to continue after seeing the warning message, all you have to do is write Delete and click the “Continue” button.
  • The “Web Connector” configuration comes next.
  • You must select “Advanced/Manual Setup” to do this.
  • Select the link that says “Web Connector.”
  • Open the downloaded file after that.
  • Then “OK” button will appear in a security window.
  • When a new security window appears, select “Yes, Whenever this QuickBooks Company is open” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select “Continue” from the menu.
  • Click “Done” when you see the access confirmation box.
  • Now locate the password in QuickBooks Time’s “Set up Web Connector” page.
  • After that, go back to the “Web Connector” screen and enter your account’s four-digit password before pressing the “Enter” key. Be careful to save the password when requested.
  • The “QuickBooks Time” app can now be checked off to the left.
  • Select “Update Selected” from the menu.

Your sync will be finished as soon as you complete these steps. The confirmation notice will also appear on your screen. In other words, here is how you can integrate TSheets with QuickBooks Desktop.

Integration of TSheets with QuickBooks Online

It is necessary to install the integration software in order to combine QuickBooks Time with QuickBooks Online. Once installed, the Preferences window will allow you to select the proper settings. Later, you can import the items from QuickBooks Online into your QuickBooks Time account. Once QuickBooks has mapped the payroll items, double-check them.

Let’s learn more about the TSheets and QuickBooks Online integration.

Step 1: Integration of TSheets QuickBooks Online with Add-ons

You must have the integration app installed on your account in order to combine TSheets with QuickBooks Online. There are two ways to obtain the app:

  • Either uses the Feature Add-ons option in QuickBooks Time to install the integration app.
  • Go to the Apps.com page to locate the QB Time Tracking app.

Getting of Integration App from QuickBooks time

  • Select the “Feature Add-ons” option from the menu on the left after opening the “QuickBooks Time” account.
  • Next, choose “Manage Add-ons” from the menu.
  • Search for “QuickBooks Online Integration” after that.
  • Select “Install” from the menu.
  • You can select “Connect to QuickBooks” from this menu. This will display Intuit’s sign-in page.
  • You may now access the account. If you have multiple businesses, decide which one you want to connect to your account.
  • When the prompt appears, select “Authorize” from the menu. You will see a notice stating “You are now connected” after which the “Preferences” page will appear for you to make the necessary adjustments.

Getting of Integration App from Apps.com

  • Browse to “Apps.com” page.
  • Search for “QuickBooks Time Tracking” after that.
  • Select “Learn more” from the menu.
  • You can choose which QB firm you wish to combine with your QuickBooks Time account when you see the prompt.
  • The “Setup QuickBooks Time Tracking” screen will then appear. You can start the free trial or sign in to an existing account here.

Step 2: For Importing the Items You have to Select Preferences

You can choose the items as the integration software is installed so that you can import them later from QuickBooks Online into your QuickBooks Time account.

For greater insights, adhere to following steps:

  • Select the items in the “Preferences” window. Here, you have the following choices:
    • Selecting this option will allow you to import all of the open jobs and clients into the QuickBooks Time account. The employees will be able to simply track the time spent on them thanks to this. You can allocate them to specific employees or the entire workforce.
    • Delete All Users: Employees who have already been added to QuickBooks Time will not be immediately connected to the QuickBooks account. As a result, you might choose to archive personnel during your initial sync.
    • Show Billable: This choice indicates whether or not the time is billable.
    • Vendors that want to track time can be imported as employees in your QuickBooks Time account by choosing the option to import “Contractors/Vendors” as users.
    • Show Service Items: Selecting this option will display the list of service items so that employees can select them while keeping track of their time.
    • Show Class: By choosing this option, a selection of classes is displayed for your employees to choose from while keeping track of their time.
  • If you consent to the deletion when prompted about it, type “Delete” when the warning message appears.
  • Push the “Next” button after that.
  • Select the date prior to which the timesheet would not be exported to QuickBooks Online from the “Exporting time to QuickBooks” section.

Step 3: Importing Id Data Form

Every minute, the modifications and additions performed in QuickBooks will be automatically imported into the QuickBooks Time. The automatic imports will be listed next to the sync log.

  • Navigate to “QuickBooks” and select “Preferences” if you wish to halt the import.
  • You can remove all the items you don’t want to be automatically imported from the “Automatically import changes to” list.
  • You can uncheck the “Automatically import for changes made in QuickBooks” option to make the automatic import grayed out.

Step 4: Mapping of Payroll item

You must select this option in your options if you want to use the payroll interface between QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Time. It will automatically map them if you are importing the payroll item for the first sync. It is advised to inspect and make the necessary adjustments, nevertheless.

Employee, customer, class, or service item mapping is available for payroll items. The payroll elements can be chosen by your employees. The processes for mapping your payroll items by employee are listed below.

  • Visit “QuickBooks Time,” which is in the upper right corner.
  • Select “QuickBooks” from the menu.
  • Choose “Preferences” from the menu.
  • The “Employee Map” tab should be selected.
  • Select the employee’s name by clicking.
  • You can select one payroll item for each hour type column when you see them. The modifications you make automatically save.
  • Select the “Employee CSV” to download the spreadsheet.

We have shared carefully selected information in the aforementioned material to carry out the QuickBooks TSheets integration. QuickBooks connection is something you can do to make your payroll service intelligent. To simplify the setup, you can use this to pull your employee and company data from QuickBooks Online. Still if there is any query regarding this then you can connect with Dancing Numbers experts via LIVE CHAT, we will help you in resolving the issue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is QuickBooks Time Work with the QuickBooks Online?

Yes, QuickBooks integrates with QuickBooks Online Plus, Essential and advanced.

Is there is a Time clock Feature in QuickBooks?

Utilize QuickBooks Time to track time. You can make timetables with QuickBooks Time, and employees may clock in and out using a PC, laptop, or smart phone app from any location.

What are the Two Ways to Track Time using QuickBooks Time?

The hours of employees can be tracked in a variety of methods. There are numerous ways to use QuickBooks Time including manually entering time, utilizing the mobile app, or using the QuickBooks Time Kiosk. You can even connect your employee’s accurate time tracking data for payroll and invoicing by integrating this software with QuickBooks.

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