Fix QuickBooks Error Code H505 (Multi-User Mode)

Experiencing some or the other technical problem is a common phenomenon in QuickBooks. One such error that users often come […]

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Experiencing some or the other technical problem is a common phenomenon in QuickBooks. One such error that users often come across is QuickBooks Error Code H505. We will be discussing about this error in detail. It provides numerous features such as automatic payment schedule, business analysis reports, track inventory, and Multi-user Mode.

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The QuickBooks Error Code H505 is related to the H series error. It generally arises when you attempt to use the QuickBooks company file that is absent on the network or the device. So to make sure that you have the best experience of using this accounting software here is everything you need to know about QuickBooks error code H505.

Let us first understand what QuickBooks error code H505 is.

What is the Common QuickBooks Error Code H505?

QuickBooks Error Code H505 arises when any particular user attempts to acquire the company data or files on a different computer and the particular computer lacks a systematic setup or is in need of an extra setup or installation.

The H series errors are all connected with the Hosting settings problems. The error code for this problem gets displayed on the window because one or more than one computer of the user is fixed to be the QuickBooks server.

It must be noted that the computer of a user can operate in multi-user mode however; the server is friendly. All in all, a system that hosts the company files should be the only single machine to work as a host.

Here is the error message:

“QuickBooks has encountered a problem and must be closed. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.”

Reasons Behind the QuickBooks Error Code H505

Here is the list of the reasons behind the occurrence of QuickBooks error code H505. Check them out:

  • The hosting configuration setting is wrong or improper
  • Wrong, Damaged, Corrupted .ND File
  • Wrong DNS settings
  • Firewall restricting the incoming and outgoing communication to the particular company file
  • The QuickBooks files and folders are not allowed to be scanned with the Database server
  • When QuickBooks fails to trace the IP address of the system
  • Wrong DNS settings

Symptoms and Indications of QuickBooks Error H505

Here are the symptoms of QuickBooks Error H505:

  • The system gets crashed every now and then
  • The user could not open the QuickBooks company saved on the server
  • QuickBooks program screen gets hanged and crashed
  • Windows freeze and become unresponsive
  • Error code H505 displays on the screen

Steps to Fix Multi-User Mode Error H505 in QuickBooks

Solution 1: Use QuickBooks File Doctor

Simply, Download & Run the QuickBooks File Doctor on the server. This will remove all the H – series & multi-user errors automatically. If the QuickBooks Error Code H505 is persisting, then apply the solution 2.

Solution 2: The Hosting Model must be turned on in the Server and on the User’s System it Should be Turned off

Step 1: Open the particular QuickBooks Desktop of the systems where the Error code H505 is being shown

Step 2: Navigate to the menu and choose the File menu option

Step 3: In the drop-down menu, press on the Utilities

Step 4: Make sure the Host Multi-User Access option is available. If it is available, do not press it

Step 5: It means your system does not have any issue

Step 6: in case there is, an option called Stop Hosting Multi-user Access, press it

Step 7: Now, navigate to the server system and open QuickBooks on the Server

Step 8: Navigate to the File menu option and then choose the Utilities option

Solution 3: Authenticate the Particular QuickBooks Services which are Running or not

Step 1: Open the Run Window in your particular system

Step 2: In the displayed field, enter services .MSC and press on the Enter button to look for it

Step 3: You can also look for the Task Manager to look for the services Ctrl+Shift+Esc. Press on the name of the services

Step 4: Find the Open Services option. Press on it

Step 5: Look for the QuickBooksDBXX in the Name column

Step 6: Press twice on the service name and select the option Properties

Step 7: In the particular Startup type, you have to choose the Automatic option

Step 8: Make sure that the service status is not altered

Step 9: In the particular Recovery tab, you have to press on the Restart option to start the services once more

Solution 4: Change the File of the Particular Windows Host

Step 1: On the given Server, open the particular Run screen

Step 2: Now press the cmd and press 0 enter button available on the keyboard

Step 3: The particular Command Prompt screen will be displayed

Step 4: Now enter ipconfig/all and then click enter. Now run the command

Step 5: Take a note of the IP address, Workstation, Hostname, etc.

Step 6: Now close the QuickBooks Desktop. Open the File Explorer. Press on the This PC option

Step 7: Navigate to the location C:\Windows\Syswow64\Drivers\Etc

Step 8: Open the particular host file by using Notepad in your particular system

Step 9: Now provide the name of the system along with the IP address

Step 10: Use the Tab key for adding the space between IP address and name

Step 11: Implement all the changes and now look for the error in the account

Now, after reading the article, you must know how to fix the QuickBooks Error Code H505. Now you know the causes, symptoms, and solutions to fix this error of QuickBooks.

Still, for those who are not confident about fixing this problem, we recommend you to get in touch with some experts who can get you out of this trouble.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

What are the Points to Remember about the QuickBooks Error Code H505 Solution?

Here are the important points to remember:

It is crucial to note that it can be only license manager hosting or complete QuickBooks desktop version
Go to the official website of QuickBooks to download the particular QuickBooks
You need to see if QuickBooks is installed in the system or not
It is very crucial to deploy QuickBooks application on the particular server, since without it users cannot move to the multi-user mode

On What kind of Windows OS does this Error Usually Occur?

This error usually occurs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, etc. When this error occurs, it is highly recommended to fix this issue at the earliest.

Are there any Series of the QuickBooks Error Code H505?

Yes. There are several series of errors that begin with H and they are H202, H101, H303, and H505.

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