Fix QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 100060 (Troubleshooted)

If you are a QuickBooks user and work on QuickBooks Point of Sale, then it is quite possible that you will experience the QuickBooks POS error 100060. As per this error, the system will not be able to prepare the needed accounts.

In this article, we will discuss QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 100060 in detail. Although there are a number of reasons for this kind of error, the great thing is that it can be fixed by following some basic guidelines in the QuickBooks Financial software. Let us begin by understanding what the QuickBooks POS error 10060 and how to fix QuickBooks POS Error.

What is the QuickBooks POS Error 10060?

This is a common problem with QuickBooks POS. Known as QuickBooks error number 100060, in this issue, the system fails to generate the required QuickBooks accounts in this specific issue.

This typically occurs when you attempt to conduct a money transaction for the first time on any account. However, why is there a QuickBooks issue 100060? You will have to scroll down to see the solution.

Why Does QuickBooks POS Error 100060 occur?

There is a reason for every action and hence, for every QuickBooks error, there is a reason for it. In the case of QuickBooks error 100060, there are two key reasons why the QuickBooks error 100060 occurs and hassles users:

  • Your particular account in QuickBooks Point of Sale is active during the time of the first financial transaction.
  • The user who signed in lacks adequate QuickBooks administrator permissions.

Error 100060: QuickBooks POS Could Not Create Some Necessary Accounts

Now that you know about the causes of the error, let us learn about the symptoms of the error.

What are the Symptoms of the QuickBooks POS Error 100060?

There are several ways that QuickBooks Error 100060 presents itself, therefore it’s important to be able to identify them quickly. System crashes, slow performance, and QuickBooks freezing are possible symptoms. Users can take proactive steps to resolve the problem before it worsens by being aware of these indicators.

Not to mention, it’s critical to comprehend how QuickBooks Error 100060 may affect your company. Among the outcomes are potential disturbances to daily operations, data loss risk, and delays in financial reporting.

Now that you are aware of both the causes and symptoms of the QuickBooks error code 100060, let us now learn about the ways to fix this technical problem.

How to Troubleshoot the QuickBooks POS Error Code 100060?

In order to resolve the QuickBooks POS error 100060, you need to implement the steps given below:

Troubleshooting 1: Keep using Account Numbers in QuickBooks Desktop

  • Open the QuickBooks Financial software
  • Choose Edit, click Preferences, and then navigate to Accounting
  • Navigate to the Company Preferences tab and then you need to clear the Use account numbers checkbox
  • Press OK
  • From the QuickBooks Point of Sale, execute a Financial Exchange
  • Navigate to Edit and then click Preferences and then Accounting
  • Now press on the Company Preferences tab and choose the Use account numbers checkbox to activate the account number feature again
  • Press the OK button

Troubleshooting 2: Sign in as an Admin in QuickBooks Desktop

  • First, Shift to the file menu and select Close Company/Log Off
  • After it is done, sign in to the company file as Admin
  • Next, Shift to the Window Menu and select Close All
  • In the next step, go to the file menu on your particular QuickBooks Desktop point of sale
  • Now select Preferences and then click the Company option
  • Next, you need to choose Accounts under Financial. Not to mention, you further need to make sure all the accounts that are below basic and advanced tabs do not have any brackets
  • If there is any accounting field with brackets, but you fail to locate the right account from the specific dropdown list, then just create the particular account in your QuickBooks Desktop
  • It can be done by moving to the Lists menu on QuickBooks Desktop and selecting the option, Chart of Accounts
  • In the Account dropdown, select the Next tab
  • Now, Select the right account type, and then press Continue
  • Add the needed information and select Save and Close
  • In the QuickBooks POS, close and then open the Company Preferences screen again. Choose Accounts and check both the Advanced and Basic tabs. Ensure there are no brackets this time.

Troubleshooting 3: Create a New Account in QuickBooks

In case you came to know that the accounts have brackets still now, and you have failed to locate the right account, then it is possible to create a new account in QuickBooks, with the help of the steps below:

  • Navigate to QuickBooks and press Lists
  • Now select Chart of Accounts
  • Press on Account in the left lower side of the window and select New
  • It will open the account types you wish to open
  • Now select the right account type and provide a name for it. Enter the needed details
  • Press OK and then select the Chart of Accounts

We hope that after reading this article, all your queries regarding the QuickBooks POS error 100060 have been resolved.

Still, if you have any additional queries or for any kind of further assistance, you can call our QuickBooks Point of Sale experts. Our experts are at your disposal always and will help you fix the problem with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Set up Point of Sale in QuickBooks?

You can prepare a purchase order in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows with the help of the steps stated below:

  • If still now you have not, turn or Purchase Orders
  • Next, shift to the Suppliers and select Create Purchase Orders
  • Next, in the Supplier dropdown, select the supplier for whom you wish to create a purchase order
  • Add the remaining of the fields and include the items you wish to order
What are the best practices for QuickBooks Maintenance?

Often, prevention is the best medicine. The main tactics include creating regular backups, updating software and systems, and putting security measures in place.

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