How to Fix QuickBooks Error 12157 When Payroll Update Failed

The QuickBooks error 12157 is connected with the error codes from the 12xxx series which mainly occurs because of web connectivity problems in the Windows operating system. Users experience the same QuickBooks error code during the time of updating the QuickBooks software or downloading the QuickBooks software.

Date and time settings, firewall settings, internet settings, etc., and several other factors can be the reason behind the occurrence of the QuickBooks error code 12157. Based on the root cause of the error, several methods can be implemented to fix this error.

Take, for instance, QuickBooks depends on precise date and time details to create strong connections. In case the date and time settings are wrong on your system, it can hamper such connections. Just by resetting the date and time on your system, the error 12157 triggered by the wrong date and time settings, can be fixed.

What is QuickBooks Error Code 12157?

The 12XXX family of error codes, which include QuickBooks error 12157, are primarily caused by issues with web access in your specific Windows operating system. Not to add, it’s commonly recognized that the QuickBooks software uses API to access Internet protocols like HTTP and FTP.

Now let us learn about the causes and symptoms and effective ways to fix the problem.

What are the Symptoms of QuickBooks Error Code 12157?

Here is an informed list of all the symptoms of QuickBooks error code 12157:

  • The error number 12157 is indicated when the system crashes repeatedly.
  • The window that is open keeps crashing, and an error message appears on the screen.
  • Incorrect firewall and internet security settings may be the cause of this kind of issue.
  • A slowing in the system might be a sign of this issue.
    Now that you have learned about the symptoms of QuickBooks Error code 12157, let us learn about the causes of the error.

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What are the Causes that trigger QuickBooks Error Code 12157?

QuickBooks payroll update issues are typically linked to QuickBooks Error 12157. When QuickBooks is unable to establish a secure internet connection to transmit payroll changes and data, this error occurs.
Here is a list of the possible causes that trigger the QuickBooks error code 12157:

1. Problems with Internet Connection

In order to obtain payroll updates, QuickBooks has to be able to communicate with the servers through a reliable and secure internet connection. Error 12157 may occur if your internet connection is unreliable, irregular, or blocked by firewalls or proxy settings.

2. System Time and Date Settings

This issue can potentially be caused by incorrect system date and time settings. To establish safe connections, QuickBooks needs precise information about the date and time. Wrong date and time settings on your PC may cause these connections to break.

3. System Problems

It is possible that issues with the operating system or its setup are the reason why QuickBooks isn’t functioning.

4. Internet Explorer Configuration

Online Explorer components are frequently used by QuickBooks to establish an online connection. QuickBooks’s ability to establish secure connections may be impacted if there are problems with Internet Explorer’s configuration or settings.

5. Interference of Security Software

Installed security software on your computer, such as firewalls and antivirus programs, may occasionally prevent QuickBooks from connecting securely to the internet. This can cause an error by preventing the software from retrieving payroll updates.

6. Multiple QuickBooks Copies

This problem could be brought on by numerous instances of QuickBooks installed on the same machine.

7. Incorrect SSL Settings

QuickBooks creates safe communications by utilizing safe Socket Layer (SSL) technology. In the event that QuickBooks is unable to establish a secure connection with the server, it could be due to an outdated SSL configuration or system error.

Note: Prior to troubleshooting the error 12157, it is important that you create a company backup file. Here are the steps to do it:

  • Start by Launching QuickBooks.
  • Select the File option, then press the Backup Company button.
  • Next, Select Create Local Backup.
  • To finish the process, follow the ongoing instructions.

Now that you know about the causes, let us learn about the troubleshooting methods to fix this QuickBooks error 12157.

QuickBooks Error 12157

How to Fix the QuickBooks Error Code 12157?

There are a lot of online fixes for QuickBooks Error 12157 that may be used. Additionally, we’ve included a list of a few of them that can help you solve the same error without any problems.

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Solution 1: Troubleshoot the Internet Connection Settings

Occasionally, an incorrect or improper internet connection setup could be the source of the issue. You will need to adjust the internet connection configuration in such a scenario. The steps to carry out the same are as follows.

  • Start QuickBooks firstly, and then select the help option.
  • Click on the internet connection setup after that.
  • Select the option to use the internet connection settings on my computer. You’ll be able to connect as a result.
  • Select the following tab.
  • Select the Advanced tab after selecting the Advanced connection settings option.
QuickBooks Error 12157 Screenshots
  • Select the option to restore advanced settings.
  • Select OK at the end, and then click Done.

Solution 2: Restore the System

There’s a chance that restoring the system will help fix QuickBooks problem 12157. Detailed instructions to carry out the identical procedure are provided below.

  • Select the Start Your System tab and use your admin credentials to log in to the system.
  • Next, Select accessories, computer tools, and applications by clicking on the Start to Catch option.
  • Next, Choose the option for system repair.
  • You now have to select to re-install my PC when the new window opens.
  • Select the restore point by clicking on the Next tab.
  • Click on Next.
  • To get the restore the point, use the advanced system.
Restore the System
  • Hit the next button in the confirmation window and restart your computer.

Solution 3: Including QuickBooks to the Firewall Exceptions

It is recommended that you include QuickBooks in the list of firewall exceptions in the following solution. Error 12157 may occur in situations where the firewall or internet security settings are misconfigured.

Additionally, confirm that ports 80 and 443 are open. The access to the following files is required in such a scenario.


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Solution 4: Check the Date and Time Settings of the System

To resolve QuickBooks payroll issue 12157, you need to set the system’s date and time by following these instructions.

  • You must first view the clock that is displayed on the system panel.
  • Next, Give the clock icon a right-click.
  • Next, Select the appropriate date and time from the list that displays on the screen.
Check Data and Time
  • Select the time and date of the current day.
  • Press the OK button.
  • After you’ve finished changing the date and time, quit QuickBooks and open it once more.
  • Lastly, Attempt an update to QuickBooks to see whether the error is still occurring.

Solution 5: Erase the Several QuickBooks Versions installed on Your Computer

You need to ensure that multiple QuickBooks versions are not saved on your system:

  • Go to the QuickBooks Downloads and Updates page as the first step.
  • Next, Select Product by clicking on the Country and selecting, for instance, QuickBooks Pro.
  • After that, choose a version, such as 2019, and press the Search button
  • Select Get the Most Recent Updates option.
  • Lastly, Install the most recent version by following the ongoing instructions.

I hope the information above is helpful to you. However, if you’re still having problems with your program and would like expert help with accounting or software-related concerns, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to configure the firewall settings to fix the QuickBooks Error code 12157?

The following actions should be taken to resolve QuickBooks error number 12157 triggered by incorrectly configured firewall settings:

  • To begin, Navigate to the Control Panel menu from the Start menu and hit Enter.
  • Now go to the Advanced Settings option and Windows Firewall from there.
  • Click the Create New Rule button after selecting the Open Inbound Rules option
  • Click Next after selecting QuickBooks.
  • Select Programme Path at this point to grant access to qbdbmgrn.exe, qbw32.exe, and qbupdate.exe.
  • Click Next after selecting Allow Connection.

Why did QuickBooks Force me to Update?

Updated QuickBooks versions get proper backing and support from Intuit. Not to mention, having a new operating system also calls for an upgraded version for syncing and compatibility.

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