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What file types can I import and export from QuickBooks Desktop and Online using Dancing Numbers?

You can use a variety of file types to import data into or export data from QuickBooks Desktop and Online. The file types include, but aren’t limited to:

  • CSV files: these are simple text files that contain your data in comma separated values.
  • XLSX files: these files are specific to Microsoft Excel.
  • XLS files: this is the common format for most spreadsheet programs.

How much data can I import at once into QuickBooks Desktop and Online using Dancing Numbers?

There is no limit on the amount of data that you can import at a single time into QuickBooks Desktop and Online. With this QuickBooks importer, you can import an unlimited number of transactions at once. Unlike the built-in batch importer in QuickBooks Desktop and Online accountant and QuickBooks enterprise, dancing numbers imported can handle an unlimited number of transactions.

Can I use the Dancing Numbers exporter with QuickBooks Desktop and Online for free?

Yes, you can for up to 1 week. The free trial works with only 1 company file and enables you to work with a limited number of transactions and items. After the trial period ends, you need to get a subscription for Dancing Numbers.

Does the Dancing Numbers importer and exporter for QuickBooks work with only 1 company file at once?

No, it supports multiple company files. Depending on your plan, you can work with up to 10 company files at once. The free plan (7 day trial version) can work with only 1 company file, however.

How much time does it take for the initial setup of this importer and exporter for QuickBooks Desktop or Online?

Dancing numbers takes a few minutes to set up. You can go to the Intuit marketplace and download dancing numbers for your QuickBooks Desktop or Online. You can then install dancing numbers and start working with it.

How can I keep track of the changes I’ve made using your exporter for QuickBooks?

You can use the dashboard to view a summary of your activity in Dancing Numbers. You can also get a detailed view of the changes that you’ve made using dancing numbers.

Is dancing numbers meant for accountants or business owners?

Dancing numbers is geared towards anyone who works with multiple company files and a lot of data in QuickBooks. It offers basic and advanced features through a user-friendly interface so that accountants and business owners can easily use the tool with QuickBooks.

Can I use Dancing Numbers to migrate data from Sage 50 to QuickBooks Desktop and Online?

Yes, you can. Once you export all your data from Sage 50 in either CSV or Excel format, you can rely on dancing numbers to import that data into QuickBooks Desktop and Online. Otherwise, manually migrating to QuickBooks can take a very long time.

Can I customize my data before I import it into QuickBooks Desktop and Online?

Yes, you can. When you choose a data file, dancing numbers offers you the ability to customize the data before you begin the import process. You can even map the columns in the excel file to the fields in QuickBooks Desktop and Online. And you can also make last minute edits to your data.

How do I get help if I cannot perform a certain action in dancing numbers?

You can simply contact our support team, who’re available round the clock to help you with any issues related to QuickBooks Desktop and Online and Dancing Numbers. You can also visit our website and chat with our representatives if you aren’t comfortable taking a call at the moment.

What version of windows is your QuickBooks importer and deleter compatible with?

You can run Dancing Numbers on almost all versions of Windows, including Windows Xp and Windows 11. If you’ve saved your company file on a server, then you can run Dancing Numbers on an updated Windows server.

Can I undo an import from QuickBooks Desktop and Online?

Yes, you can. Using the history feature, you can choose the activity that you want to undo. You can then use the bulk delete option to quickly undo the import from QuickBooks Desktop and Online.

Is there a demo available for Dancing Numbers?

Yes, there is. The trial version gives you access to most of the features, but with a few limitations. The trial period lasts for 7 days, and then you need to purchase a subscription to continue using dancing numbers.

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