How to Fix QuickBooks Error 100 in Point of Sale?

QuickBooks and its versions like QuickBooks POS enable users to get debit and credit payments when selling goods and services to their respective customers. But, you may experience problems when using the software due to the QuickBooks POS error 100.

This issue can be experienced on the other versions of the Intuit software such as the QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale. This kind of problem can come up in case the accounting program is experiencing some technical glitch or in case it is not compatible with the particular system where it is being run. Properly dealing with these causes can enable your software to run smoothly, regardless of the error code 100.

Let us move ahead to understand what is the QuickBooks Point of Sale Server Error 100.

What is the QuickBooks Point of Sale Server Error 100?

QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) software is widely used in retail shops. QuickBooks users deal with a lot of errors. Error code 100 for QuickBooks POS is one such problem. It may limit a user’s ability to access their QuickBooks account. This error message will appear to users:

Error 100 Database Server not found “08w01”.

Now that we know what the QuickBooks error POS 100 is all about, let us learn about the key causes that trigger the error.

What are the Causes of the QuickBooks POS Error 100?

QuickBooks error 100 may appear to users if the Point of Sale Database Manager malfunctions. This service may encounter a technical glitch that will ultimately cause issues with the software’s operation. 

In the same manner, there can be other scenarios when this issue gets triggered, namely:

  • The Microsoft.Net network of your system may have been installed in the wrong manner. This is why QuickBooks or its related versions may appear in this error code
  • Often problems existing in your Windows computer may give rise to this issue
  • The compatibility between QuickBooks POS and the computer may not be adequate to run the particular software
  • When you are using the software on a server, the absence of the right contact can also trigger the error 100

Now that you are aware of the causes, let us learn about the effective solutions to fix this issue.

How to Fix the QuickBooks Desktop POS Error Code 100?

In the event that QuickBooks error code 100 appears, restarting your computer may assist in fixing it. When the fault is being caused by your system, this solution works quite well. On their Windows PCs, customers can also add another user if the issue continues. Your machine will reboot, thus the error code might not appear.

Solutions 1: Restarting the system

There are situations when specific problems prevent the accounting software and the system from working together. In the given circumstance, the QuickBooks error 100 can be resolved by restarting the computer after shutting it down. Reaching for the Start button on the home screen would easily launch the process. 

  1. Shift to the Start tab on your Windows
  2. Next, click the Power button 
  3. Now click the Restart option
  4. Wait till the device starts again without any problem. Then you can begin using it

Once the system restarts, you must open QuickBooks to see if the rectification worked or not and if the issue has been resolved or not.

Solution 2: Including a New user on Windows

Users may get QuickBooks errors when contacting server 100 due to unidentified issues. It is crucial to know that the user account must be error-free when the program is operating on the server. On Windows systems, it can be useful to create a new user when such is not the case. As a result, when the software connects to the server, the error might not happen.

  1. Select the Start tab
  2. Now click the Settings button
  3. Next, you need to click Accounts
  4. Choose the option, Family and Other Users
  5. Now press the option, Add someone else to this system
  6. Now read the prompts that appear on the window for including a new user
  7. After the user is added without fail, you need to open the accounting software to verify the presence of QuickBooks error 100

Solution 3: Uninstall Some of the Programs

Your accounting software’s Desktop Point of Sale version may encounter Error 100 as a result of a technical issue. It is advised to uninstall a few of the programs in this case. You can later reinstall the software to resolve the QuickBooks Desktop POS problem 100.

Note: Before performing the fix, make sure you backup your data from QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale and later restore it. This is mostly because your data or its integrity might be impacted by the repair.

  1. Go to the Search bar available on the home screen of Windows 10
  2. Add Control Panel in the provided field
  3. Click the icon for the Control Panel when it is displayed
  4. Now search and then press the option, Uninstall a Program
    Note: The Windows 8 users, can directly shift towards the Start button. Then you need to click the option, More Settings, and choose Control Panel. Here, you need to select Uninstall a Program.
  5. Now, you need to click the option, QuickBooks Point of Sale XX
    Note: XX means the year of the accounting software version.
  6. Now, you need to click Uninstall to erase the QuickBooks POS error 100 sources in the Desktop version
  7. On the screen of User Account Control, select Continue
  8. In order to clear the software, you must follow the prompts appearing on the screen
  9. After it is complete, move toward the folder, QuickBooks Point of Sale XX
  10. You can locate this folder at the address provided below:
    • C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of Sale XX
  11. Now, the QBPOSDBSrvUser folder saved in the location, “C:\Users” should be named again
  12. After this, the “C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of Sale XX” folder should also be renamed
  13. After such folders are renamed, the “QBPOSDBSrvUser” login for the windows needs to be erased
  14. Press the Windows + R keys together 
  15. On the Run dialog box, type User Accounts
  16. Choose Enter now
  17. Now select the option, Manage User Accounts
  18. Now go to the option, Manage Another Account
  19. Now, click the option, QBPOSDBSrvUser
  20. Post this, navigate to the Delete the Account option
  21. In order to give the confirmation, select Yes
  22. In order to make this fix for the QuickBooks POS error code 100 effective in the Desktop version, you must restart the system. After that, you can install QBDT POS
  23. Finally, authenticate that the error 100 has been resolved or not

Note: You can resolve the QuickBooks POS issue 100 by shutting down the Database Manager and reopening it. In addition, installing QuickBooks POS via the official download website might give you access to the most recent versions. You won’t have to deal with the issue again as a result. Additionally, users can resolve the POS error 100 issues by deleting the Entitlement Client folder as well.

Solution 4: Restarting the QuickBooks POS Database Manager

The QuickBooks POS database details are controlled by a number of programs that make up the Database Manager. QuickBooks Point of Sale server error 100, however, may appear in the event that there is a problem with the Database Manager. This may indicate both server problems and database problems. Therefore, the issue can be resolved by simply restarting it. 

NoteThe following solution needs to be performed when the issue appears on the screen of QBPOS.

  • Click the OK option displayed on the error dialog box
  • Now your system is required to be restarted
  • Now open the Run dialog box by clicking the Windows + R buttons together

Note: Users with Windows Vista or Windows 7 can select the Start tab and then go to All Programs. Now you must go towards the Accessories option and then click the Run option. Those who use Windows XP can go to the Start tab. Now you can choose the Run option

  • Enter services.msc in the given space
  • Click the OK tab
  • Click the option, QBPOS Database Manager vXX
  • Now select the Start button
  • In case the Start button is not present, you need to select the Restart feature

The QBPOS Database Manager will be able to function more effectively once it restarts. Consequently, you shouldn’t notice the QuickBooks POS error 100 anymore.

Solution 5: Getting POS updates

Its functionality may be troubled by outdated software, and users may encounter the POS error code 100. Therefore, it is preferable to receive the changes in advance and implement their functionality. One of the finest places to learn about the changes sooner is the QuickBooks Download Website. To start the procedure, you must also create the configuration for receiving the updates. 

Here are the steps on how the QuickBooks POS error code 100 can be resolved with recent updates:

  1. Navigate to the QuickBooks Download Website. You can also click the link given below:
  2. Select Standard Setup
  3. The Country must be chosen
  4. In the particular Product Column, press the option, QuickBooks Point of Sale
  5. Select the Edition of the Product from the ones mentioned:
    • Pro
    • Basic
    • Multi-Store
  6. Now choose the Version
  7. Now click the button Search to continue
  8. Click the Get the Latest Updates Now option
  9. Now follow all the directions shown on the screen to install the software

Solution 6: Clear Entitlement Client Folder Files

One file created by Intuit that is downloaded automatically when users install QBPOS is the Entitlement Client folder. Error 100 in QuickBooks POS can also be resolved by removing this file. This is primarily because the file may occasionally be corrupted or improperly downloaded, which can cause interference. The file is located on the C:\ drive, which users can access to locate and choose to remove, which will resolve the error 100.

  1. Navigate to Windows Explorer
  2. Shift to “C:\ProgramData(x86)\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8
  3. To choose all the files, click the Ctrl + A button together
  4. Now, you need to click the Delete tab
  5. Select Yes for the confirmation
  6. Go to QBPOS
  7. Now you need to register yourself again and begin working on the particular software

The Point of Sale version of QuickBooks problem 100 ought to be fixed. If it’s still visible to you, make sure the software is registered with the right information.

Solution 7: Starting the QBPOSSHELL.exe Again

The file QBPOSShell.exe is crucial. It downloads while the Point of Sale software is being installed, just like the Entitlement Client folder. When you encounter QuickBooks POS error 100, restarting the file can be one of the simplest solutions. You can find it in your system’s Task Manager. To fix the POS 100 error code, you must look for this and restart the file.

  1. Right-click the Start button
  2. Choose Task Manager by clicking the Ctrl + Shift + ESC together
  3. If you locate the option named More Details, click on it
  4. Click the Details tab
  5. Now search and press the QBPOSShell.exe 
  6. Now select the End Task option
  7. Now close the Task Manager option
  8. Go to the QuickBooks Point of Sale software to see if the problem is fixed or not and then restart the same file

Error 100 can sometimes be annoying, sometimes indicating a server problem and other times a malfunction. Recognizing the underlying reasons for QuickBooks error 100 can assist you in averting the circumstance. As soon as you realize that, it will be simple to repair. The blog provided you with a brief overview of the factors that can aid in preventing the problem in addition to helping you learn about its remedies.

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