How to Create a FreshBooks Purchase Order?

A Purchase Order is a type of official contract between a seller and a buyer. This official agreement generally outlines […]

A Purchase Order is a type of official contract between a seller and a buyer. This official agreement generally outlines the important information related to a sale between a seller and a buyer. The agreement also comprises the product name, price, and quantity.

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Furthermore, this document is important since it assists in dodging errors throughout the entire transaction. In today’s blog, We will talk about the basics of the steps and procedures to prepare a Purchase Order in FreshBooks.

What are the Fundamentals of Purchase Orders and Why should we use them?

As it is evident to all, a FreshBooks Purchase Order is a type of form that is issued by the customer that talks about the important aspects of a particular sale.

Here is the list of the factors included in a Purchase Order:

Purchase Order Number

It is a new and special number issued particularly for such documents. A Purchase Order number is crucial since it will be utilized on various forms like invoices, shipping documents, etc., to display the transaction that was pre-approved.


Present day date

Vendor Contact Details

The contact and name details of a particular seller or vendor must be listed here, and it must include the email address and phone number.


The price of every product. In case it is a service, then it must list the number of service calls that are needed.


The name of the services or products being requested.

Special Notes

It is where all the special conditions must be noted like if the service or product is required in a particular time frame.

Tax Details

In case the buyer has a particular tax number that the vendor will be required for invoicing, you can include it here.


It is the amount the buyer is anticipated to pay. Usually, the cost has already been fixed with the sellers, hence the figures listed here must not be a shock.

Why Should we Use a Purchase Order?

With the foundations of a Purchase Order, It is important to learn why we should use them. Accessing the gives ample advantages to the seller and buyer separately. As stated below:

For the Buyer, a Purchase Order can help them in the Following Ways:

  • By offering them access to quicker payments.
  • With the help of a purchase order, you can have improved inventory monitoring and control.
  • A purchase order provides security since it safeguards the seller from any type of non-payment.

For the Seller, a Purchase Order can help them in the following ways:

  • Managing the budget effectively becomes seamless and easy.
  • You can also assist them in handling and monitoring incoming orders.
  • Preparing inventory with purchase orders is trouble-free.

Now that you know about the advantages and basics, the next part of the article will include the basics of how a Purchase Order functions.

How does A Purchase Order work in FreshBooks?

The facts mentioned below will talk about the procedure via which the purchase order operates. You will witness an instance of comprehending the purchase order. Here is the list of steps to turn a purchase order in FreshBooks:

  • A Purchase Order enables the entry of Purchase Order details, steering for digital consent, and automatic issuing of a purchase order number.
  • Take, for instance, a purchase order that was sanctioned around five weeks before for a big pharmaceutical organization. At last, today the labels were sent to the shipping department. In the next step, the one who signed the delivery, the company receiver, goes online in the warehouse and then punches the Purchase Order number. The purchase order number is located on the shipping form.
  • In this way, the system updates the purchase order status to show that the product was accepted.
  • You must also take note of the fact that the inventory of the company gets updated at that time only. Now, when the particular shipping label manufacturer shifts to invoice the organization, the particular transactions are complete when the purchase order is displayed. All this can be done with just one click of your system. There is no requirement to email or look for anything since the system gets updated automatically.

In today’s article, we have talked about the basics of how to prepare a purchase order in FreshBooks. We have also stated some of the advantages related to it and the list of details that are added to a Purchase Order.

Not to mention, with the help of this article, you must now have a decent idea about how to create a purchase order in FreshBooks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Possible to Cancel a Purchase Order?

A Purchase Order cancellation relies on the particular part of the process where the specific transaction is in. If distinct terms are not added in the Purchase Order, and a buyer decides that he does not want to use the service or product, then it is ideal for the buyer to talk to the seller directly, and then follow up with the certified documentation that has noted the cancellation. But in case the buyer has already got the product or it is opened, then the particular process becomes very difficult since it may be sent and other fees or restocking may be applied.

Should You Use Purchase Orders?

Some businesses still complete their deals with just a handshake, however, it is not considered a best practice. An ideal practice will be a management of any business size to fix a policy that requires their staff to access purchase orders for all the transactions that will need a vendor to invoice them later.

When you list out all the information on the purchase order, it will trim down the possibility of misunderstanding or error and is likely to shoot up the transaction. For the vendors, it will also assist to speed up the particular payment.

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