How to Fix QuickBooks Banking Error 109

Using internet banking services, QuickBooks can connect to your bank accounts. QuickBooks customers occasionally attempt to login into their bank […]

Using internet banking services, QuickBooks can connect to your bank accounts. QuickBooks customers occasionally attempt to login into their bank account using the old password but are unsuccessful, leading to QuickBooks Banking Error 109. The website of your bank declines the sign-in request because the password has expired. Thus, you are required to update your password before logging in.

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In this article, we will delve into the simplest ways to circumvent the error.

What Are the Causes of QuickBooks Banking Error 109?

In this section, you will get to know about the causes of Banking Error 109.

  • The network connection might not be stable in a non-wired connection.
  • Requirement of extra permission to get access to the folder where the file has been saved
  • The power-saving mode might be turned on
  • The firewall is hindering smooth access to the required network

What Are the Steps to Fix QuickBooks Banking Error 109?

The various steps to resolve the QuickBooks Banking Error 109 have been highlighted below:

Solution 1: Updating Password on Bank’s Website; Updating Sign-in Info on QuickBooks Online

Step 1: Update your password on the website of your bank after logging in.

Step 2: Open QuickBooks Online and log in.

Step 3: Visit Banking. Or, you can go to the Bookkeeping, followed by Transactions. Then you have to click on Bank transactions.

Step 4: Choose the blue bank square next to the desired account.

Step 5: In the tile for the bank account, you wish to alter, click the Edit icon.

Step 6: Then choose Edit sign-in information.

Step 7: Make a password change.

Step 8: Choose Save and Connect when finished.

Solution 2: Import or Upload the Bank Transactions

Step 1: You have to select Download transactions from the bank’s website.

Step 2: After visiting the Dashboard, you have to choose Banking from the left menu.

Step 3: Choose Banking on the top.

Step 4: Choose the drop-down arrow at the top right in the Update section.

Step 5: You should click on File Upload.

Step 6: You have to choose Browse and click on the file to upload option. Following this, you have to choose Open.

Step 7: Move on to the next steps by clicking on Next.

Step 8: You will be required to upload the bank information. Next, you have to click on account and proceed by clicking on next.

Step 9: From the drop-down list, you have to click on Add New, in case you don’t have an existing account.

Step 10: Next, you have to select columns from the CSV file that you can see match the banking fields in QuickBooks Online. If you happen to upload the CSV file, then click on next after you complete the step.

Step 11: You have to choose Let’s Go once you return to the Banking page.

Step 12: You must click on Finish, based on what you notice.

Step 13: You have to review the information and the bank transactions so that you can make the acceptance into QuickBooks Online.

Solution 3: Restore the Backup

Step 1: You have to check whether your computer is hosting or not.

Step 2: You have to open the company file.

Step 3: From the File menu, you have to choose the Utilities.

Step 4: Then you have to search for the Stop Hosting Multi-User Access and click on it.

Step 5: In the same window as mentioned above, you have to click on Yes.

Step 6: You must search for the Company file to be closed window and click on Yes.

Step 7: You have to ensure that the path to the company file is not longer than 210 characters.

Step 8: You have to go to the company file location and copy the path from the top address bar.

Step 9: You have to paste the path on the Notepad and count the number of characters including spaces.

Step 10: You must retry in order to restore the company file.

These are some of the steps that you have to stick to in order to fix the QuickBooks Banking Error 109.

The article gives a clear idea of what is QuickBooks Banking Error 109 and how one ought to fix the errors. There are 3 to 4 steps that you can follow to resolve the issue.

But, if you cannot follow the steps, it is wise if you reach out to a professional expert, who will guide you on how to fix the issue.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

What are the Manual Updates to Fixing QuickBooks Banking Error 109?

Here are the steps to do manual updates to fixing QuickBooks Banking Error 109:

Step 1: You have to choose Banking from the left menu.
Step 2: You have to choose the Update button in the upper right-hand corner.
Step 3: If you wish to update your accounts, you have to click to clear the unwanted accounts.
Step 4: You must click on Update Now.
Step 5: You must enter your credentials related to the Multi-Factor Authentication within two minutes of the appearance of the box.
Step 6: Now press on Continue Update.

How to Update Bank Information in Case of an Error?

QuickBooks usually downloads the latest transactions at around 10 PM PT. However, if you find the download to be stuck, you should perform the following steps in the given order:

Step 1: You have to choose Transactions after going to Bookkeeping. Following this, you have to opt for Bank transactions.
Step 2: You have to choose Update.

As a result, your linked bank and credit card accounts will be updated. If QuickBooks downloads further transactions, the transactions number in each account tile will grow.

How to Check the Credit Card or Bank Website?

Here are the steps to check the credit card or bank website:

Step 1: Get QuickBooks connection URL first:
Step 2: Select Bank transactions under Transactions inside Bookkeeping.
Step 3: Choose Account Link. You only need the specified URL; you won’t need to register an account.
Step 4: Locate your bank and choose it.
Step 5: Take note of the URL for your bank.
Step 6: Using the copied URL, log in to your bank’s or credit card’s website.

You have to check for messages, alerts, or notifications in your account. And you have to keep track on display issues.

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