QuickBooks BEX Error: Causes, Symptoms & Solution Guide

In some scenarios, QuickBooks Desktop often witnesses an issue where while running the particular QuickBooks Desktop app displays an error […]

In some scenarios, QuickBooks Desktop often witnesses an issue where while running the particular QuickBooks Desktop app displays an error notification, QuickBooks has Stopped Working with Problem Event Name: BEX.

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The error is also considered a BEX issue in QuickBooks and can come up in any different version of the Windows Operating System. The BEX issue not just comes up in QuickBooks but also impacts several Windows applications such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, and several other important applications.

In today’s article, We will be talking about the causes and troubleshooting steps to get rid of this issue, as per Intuit and Microsoft.

What is the QuickBooks BEX Error?

Buffer Overflow Exception, also known as BEX, is an issue that generally occurs whenever any application attempts to save additional information on a particular memory block than it can deal with. When QuickBooks experiences the BEX issue, it immediately crashes along with an error message, QuickBooks is not working anymore. Windows can look for a solution to the problem online. Users will have only two options, either to close the program or user can actively search for a feasible solution online.

Problem Event Name highlights BEX as the issue and the particular Application Name displays as qbw32.exe. It is the QuickBooks Desktop application that has witnessed the issue. The error message also shows the file name that is leading to the issue under the Fault Module Name, however, it can be different for you.

What Leads to QuickBooks BEX Error?

Several defaults in the QuickBooks Desktop application along with Windows Operating System such as impaired Microsoft components, namely Visual Basic C++ are accountable for the occurrence of the BEX issue in QuickBooks.

Here is an overview of the possible reasons that can trigger QuickBooks to display a BEX error:

  • Third-party security Application on Windows disrupting QuickBooks processes.
  • Your hard drive is somehow Corrupted.
  • Wrong QuickBooks Desktop Installation
  • Corrupted Microsoft components such as Visual Basic C++ and .NET Framework.
  • QuickBooks QBWUSER.INI File is Missing or Corrupted.
  • Long Company File Names
  • Windows Operating system is damaged.

What are the Symptoms of Microsoft Word BEX Errors?

Here is the list of common symptoms of Microsoft Word BEX errors:

  • Word error BEX will come up and the current application window will crash.
  • Mouse input is slow or the keyboard and Windows are working sluggishly.
  • While starting MS Word or using MS Word, it gets crashed, and then access is revoked.
  • Often computer freezes for a specific time.

What are the Prerequisites before Troubleshooting QuickBooks BEX Error?

Here is the list of the pre-requisites prior to troubleshooting the QuickBooks BEX error:

  • Ensure that the QuickBooks Company file is shortened. Ensure that the name is less than 35 characters in length.
  • Try to install QuickBooks again with the help of the Clean Install Tool. This will assist to remove any kind of installation issues leading to BEX errors.
  • Ensure that you are accessing an old version of QuickBooks Desktop, since QuickBooks 2014 and other old versions do not function on Windows 10 at present.
  • Make the anti-malware or antivirus apps inactive. Now try running QuickBooks and incase it works, then make sure to dismiss QuickBooks from the particular scan list of such applications.
  • In case other applications on Windows are experiencing the same problem and your system is not functioning in the right manner, then it can be due to a corrupted hard drive or damaged hard-drive and you should replace it.

How to Fix the QuickBooks BEX Error?

Here are the three solutions to fix the QuickBooks BEX error.

Solution 1: Manual Repair of the Microsoft Components

Microsoft components such as MSXML, NET Framework, and C++ can be repaired manually. You have to follow the steps that are mentioned below:

  • From the Windows Start menu, you have to go to the Control Panel.
  • Now you have to go to the Programs and Features tab, within the Control Panel.
  • Now Navigate to the Uninstall a program menu and then Select Windows Features.
Manual Repair of the Microsoft Components
  • After that, you are needed to opt for .NET Framework 3.5 and enable the same.

Steps for Repairing MSXML

  • Start by tapping on the Windows Start menu on your Desktop and then type CMD.
  • By right-clicking the CMD you have to make sure that you have start the command prompt (CMD) Run as an administrator.
  • You have to type cd\windows\syswow64 within the Command Prompt Eindow (CMD).
  • By hitting the Enter key on your keyboard you have to type in regsvr32 MSXML6.dll

Solution 2: Download the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool and Run it

QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool from QuickBooks Tool Hub
  • First, you need to download the QuickBooks Install Diagnostics Tool.
  • Now save the particular file on your system. Next, you need to exit from all the applications that are operating on Windows.
  • Now hit double-click on the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool available on the desktop. Now wait as long as it takes for the tool to fix all the installation errors. It may take some time for the tool to finish the repair procedure.
  • After the repair process is finished, you need to start your system and then attempt to run the QuickBooks again.

Solution 3: Rename Your QuickBooks User File

The BEX Error can also be caused by a damaged QuickBooks User File. It may be possible to resolve QuickBooks BEX Error by renaming this file. Proceed as follows:

  • Open the Windows File Manager. Now go to the QuickBooks Folder that is generally placed in the C drive: Users\ [user name]\ AppData\ Local\ Intuit\ QuickBooks.
  • Find and press right-click QBWUSER.ini file. Now choose the option Rename.
  • At the end of the particular file name, Enter .OLD. Now save the file.
  • Now open QuickBooks once more. In case the BEX error is still active, then implement the next solution.

Solution 4: Install Updates for Windows

  • Press Windows + R keys together and open the Run screen
  • Now write Control Panel in the given text space. Now click the Enter key.
  • Search and hit on the option for Windows Update available on the Control Panel. Now open it and press the option, Check for Updates.
windows update
  • Now download all the updates for Windows. Now press Install Now.
  • After all the updates are installed, you need to restart the system. Now you can attempt to install the QuickBooks Desktop application again.

How to Prevent the Crashing of Microsoft Word?

To fix any kind of issue in the MS Word or crashing, you need to implement the steps given below:

  • Open the Control Panel in your Windows 7, 8, or 10. Now press Programs and Features. Now press on Microsoft Office.
  • On the screen, Press Repair. Now continue.
  • You can select Quick Repair and Online Repair. Now once the repair is completed, you need to start your system again.

We hope that the information shared with you in this article will assist you to fix the QuickBooks BEX error. However, if the troubleshooting steps are not of any assistance to you and the issue may be because of some other reason, then we recommend that you hire professional services.

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