How to Eliminate QuickBooks Error 3180

QuickBooks Error 3180 can pop up when you’re doing a financial exchange between QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Point of Sale applications. These 3000-series errors can bring up error messages that interrupt the process. Let’s explore some ways to resolve this issue smoothly without any unnecessary hassle.

QuickBooks is popularized to meet the accounting requirements of the business but sometime it crashes. Just like other software QuickBooks also met with the errors like QuickBooks Error 3180. QuickBooks error 3180 mainly occurs which can take place due to damaged payment items. Whenever you get QuickBooks Error 3180 the system will display the message i.e “there was an error when you are saving sales receipt“. In this article we will focus on resolving the QuickBooks Error 3180.

What is QuickBooks Error 3180?

When using their QuickBooks software, users may run into the QuickBooks Error 3180 problem. This particular problem affects QuickBooks’ Point of Sale (POS) system, making it difficult for companies that depend on this feature to run their operations efficiently.

An issue pertaining to sales receipts is QuickBooks Desktop Error 3180. Users therefore get the following error notice on the screen:

“Sales tax detail line must have a vendor,”
“There was an error when saving an Employee list, element ‘Employee, Name'”

QuickBooks Error 3180

Errors messages appear on your screen while QuickBooks Pos Error 3180 occurs are:

  • Status code 3180: There was a problem with saving the General Journal Transaction.
  • Status code 3180: QuickBooks error message: A/P (or A/R) detail line must have vendor.
  • Status code 3180: QuickBooks error message: The posting account is invalid.
  • Status code 3180: Status message: There was an error when saving a Sales Receipt.
  • Status code 3180: Status message: Sales tax detail line must have a vendor

Causes of QuickBooks Error 3180

Understanding an error’s underlying causes is essential to fixing it successfully. The several circumstances that lead to QuickBooks Error 3180 will be examined in this chapter.

Error code 3180 in QuickBooks may arise for a few reasons:

  • You could see QuickBooks Error 3180 if the QB company file is corrupted or damaged.
  • Some of QuickBooks’s features might have been impeded by your antivirus program.
  • The vendor expenditure settings need to be adjusted.
  • Items related to sales tax in QB Desktop are not correctly linked to vendors.
  • The sales tax payable account was used for the “paid-out” process.
  • The sales tax payable account is not correctly mapped.
  • For receipt goods, the target account is the sales tax payable account.
  • Corrupted Data File.
  • Issue with the items of sales tax.
  • Connectivity with your network.
  • The voucher has expired.
  • Put the voucher back in place.
  • Handle your money transfer.
  • Furthermore results in an incorrect QB software installation.
  • Because the vendor’s tax agency is not configured correctly.
  • Happens as a result of the Windows registry being cluttered.

Know the Reason Why Error 3180 in QuickBooks Occurs

  • In QuickBooks Desktop, the sales tax item isn’t connecting to any vendors due to incorrect mapping of the sales tax payable account.
  • If you’ve created a Paid Out using the sales tax payable account or if you’re using the sales tax payable account as the target account for items on receipts, it can cause issues.
  • Damaged or incorrect type of payment item can contribute to the problem.
  • If you’ve mapped accounts in QuickBooks POS with the wrong type of QuickBooks Desktop account, it can mess up the QuickBooks desktop tax line mapping list.
  • Sometimes, the error can also be triggered by the system’s antivirus application.

Common Troubleshooting for Fixing QuickBooks Error Code 3180

Fix it right away by according to the guidelines listed below, as detailed below:

  • A user must examine the list first, and then they must confirm their QuickBooks accounts.
  • After comparing every other item in the provided list, check any one of the selected things in the Accounts Payable account data.
  • Once you have confirmed that you have typed all account details correctly under the basic category, contact QuickBooks help if you are still having trouble.
  • Reverse the mapping of the client account in your software now.
  • In order to accomplish this, get your QuickBooks financial exchange backup ready.
  • You should select the advanced tab option if the user is unable to resolve the issue or fails to do this.
  • A user will verify that the accounts you have are authentic.
  • Use the financial exchange account chart in QuickBooks to navigate.

How to Troubleshoot of QuickBooks Error Code 3180 in Point of Sale?

Considering that QuickBooks Error 3180 might arise for a number of different reasons. We have offered some methods for troubleshooting the same here.

Method 1: Verifying a Vendor’s Assignment for a Sales Tax Item

  • First, Select Item List from QB Desktop -> Lists.
  • Next, Choose Include Inactive from the menu.
  • In order to sort the list you have to select the Type of header.
  • Lastly, Make sure that each sales tax item is associated with a tax agency.

Method 2: Confirming the Tax Preference

Fixing QuickBooks Status Code 3180 by Confirming the Tax Preference

  • Go to QuickBooks POS-> File Menu-> Preferences first.
  • Decide on the company.
  • Next, Select Financial > Accounts.
  • Finally, Review the advanced and basic tabs. Make sure that only the sales tax row contains the QuickBooks Sales Tax Payable. Should this not be the case, execute the money exchange and modify the situation.
  • Last but not least, see if the QuickBooks Code 3180 has been resolved.

Method 3: Make Sure that the Problem Receipt is not Paid with Sales Tax Payable

  • Open QuickBooks point of sales.
  • Choose the sales history from the options.
  • Right click on the any of the column.
  • Choose customize columns.
  • Ensure to choose Status of the QuickBooks.
  • Search for the receipts which are not completed yet.
  • Now select the receipts that if any of the receipts are paid out to the sales tax payable.
  • Now click on the reverse receipt.
  • Recreate the paid out by using a non-sales tax payable account.
  • In last financial exchange is to be run.

Method 4: The paid-out procedure should finally be recreated using a non-sales tax paying account. Execute the money exchange last.

  • Repair Damaged Payment Item: (When an error occurs during the process of saving a receipt)
  • First, navigate to Lists–>Item List–>Include Inactive on QB Desktop.
  • Here, select the Type header to arrange the list.
  • Rename the Point-of-Sale payment items after that. To edit the items with POS, right-click on them and select Edit. After adding OLD at the start of the item, click OK.
  • Select the run financial exchange from the Point of Sale menu.
  • Finally, in QB Desktop, use the right-click menu to select Edit Item when you want to combine the duplicate objects. Following that, delete the OLD file and adhere to the instruction to merge the files.

Method 5: When “The Account That Is Posting Is Not Valid.” The message “Xxxxxxxx” denotes a Payment Item Lookup Error 140108.

  • To begin, select Lists -> Item List in QB Desktop.
  • Make that the correct account is being used for each POS item in the list.
  • Finally, execute the financial exchange to see if the QuickBooks desktop status code 3180 has been fixed.

Method 6: Access the Point of Sale

  • First, Select Accounts from the Financial -> Company -> Preferences -> File menu.
  • Go through every tab, basic and advanced. Verify that the accounts are correctly mapped, then select “Save” to protect all of your modifications.
  • Run the financial exchange lastly.
  • Ideally, this will fix the 3180 error in QuickBooks.
  • Redesign/Rename Every Financial Method

Method 7: Navigate to the Payment Method List under the Customer & Vendor Profile Lists menu in QB Desktop first.

  • To access the Edit payment method button, here, right-click on the Cash method option.
  • Save the modifications after adding the letter X to the beginning of the payment method field.
  • Click the cash method option again with a right-click to choose new.
  • Run the financial exchange after renaming it as cash. Rename and rebuild every payment method if required.

Method 8: Items in QuickBooks are to be Unify

In order to perform this, we have to follow the following steps:

  • Open the QuickBooks tab.
  • Now go the list menu and from the drop-down option click on the item section.
  • Choose the option which include inactively.
  • Click on the option type header in order to sort the list.
  • Now the Point of Sale payment items are to be rename.
  • Right click on the option which is the Payment item which starts with the point of sale.
  • Select the items which are to be edit.
  • To the item name add old to it.
  • Once to add old to the name click on the OK button.
  • From the point of sale run the financial exchange.
  • Now merge all the duplicate items in QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Again, choose the item for edit.
  • Now from the item name remove the prefix old.
  • Now Tap OK.
  • Now hit the yes button and confirm it by clicking OK.

In summary, while QuickBooks Error 3180 could provide a short-term difficulty, users can effectively troubleshoot the problem and take preventative action to guarantee a flawless QuickBooks experience by using the information offered in this tutorial. Recall that proactive maintenance and user education are just as important to the efficient operation of financial software as error correction.

We hope that the QuickBooks Error 3000 during the financial exchange has been resolved. However, if these mistakes continue to bother you, we advise that you contact our live expert by calling our toll-free number. Our staff of QuickBooks support agents is available 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Repair Tool in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks tool hub can assist if you encounter an error when using, installing, or updating QuickBooks. Simply launch Quick Fix my program to immediately resolve common issues. You can resume your business after we assist you in using it.

Can Corruption Occur in QuickBooks?

Problems that arise outside of the program are examples of external variables that can lead to data corruption in your QuickBooks. External factors can be software or hardware-related.

Can Corruption Occur in QuickBooks?

Problems that arise outside of the program are examples of external variables that can lead to data corruption in your QuickBooks. External factors can be software or hardware-related.

What is the best QuickBooks Repair Tool?

Using ease, corrupted QBB and QBW files can be repaired using Stellar Repair for QuickBooks®, a potent program that restores all of the objects with perfect integrity. Common corruption errors are corrected by the software. In addition, it shows a preview of every object that can be recovered prior to starting the saving procedure.

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