How to Fix QuickBooks Error 12152 Detailed Guide

QuickBooks Error 12152 causes payroll updates to fail. In case you have witnessed this issue on your computer, then we […]

QuickBooks Error 12152 causes payroll updates to fail. In case you have witnessed this issue on your computer, then we recommend that you keep reading this article till the end.

It is a known fact that QuickBooks is a unified application offering accounting solutions for a certain number of years. This particular program has several components and tools that improve the experience of the user. Payroll is one such component that has many employee fund management characteristics.

But, users have faced problems recently concerning the successful update of QuickBooks Payroll. An Error 12152 occurs in QuickBooks in the system of several users when they try to update the QuickBooks Payroll. In this article, we will talk all about this issue, its causes, symptoms, and solutions to fix the error. Hence, we advise that you read this at the end.

What is QuickBooks Error 12152?

In simple sense, QuickBooks error code 12152 is a payroll update issue. It means that whenever any user attempts to download a QuickBooks Payroll update and it fails because of a certain issue, this issue can impact the device. Often, an interruption is triggered due to poor internet connection, and gives rise to the occurrence of the error. Other than this, error can may appear due to unsuccessful update, however the application is not accessible.

Hence, It is recommended to avoid the occurrence of the QuickBooks error code 12152. Here are the easy ways to avoid the Error 12152 in QuickBooks:

  • By Checking the Internet Connection
  • By Allowing the Internet to Link with Secured Websites like QuickBooks, Intuit, etc.
  • By Forming a Strong Internet Connection

Causes Behind the occurrence of the QuickBooks Error Code 12152

Here is an overview of the root causes of QuickBooks error code 12152. Any one of the reasons can trigger the error in your computer system:

  • When QuickBooks fails to get information concerning the license data, QuickBooks error code 12152 appears.
  • An internet connection that is not stable can interrupt the installation of the QuickBooks software.
  • Windows Registry corruption can also lead to such an issue.
  • Half, Wrong, Incomplete installation of QuickBooks can lead to the occurrence of the QuickBooks connection error 12152.
  • Abrupt power failures can also lead to the shutting down of the program improperly, paving the way for errors.
  • Using an outdated version of QuickBooks, or an expired version Windows Operating system can also trigger the error.
  • In case a new user has erased or edited crucial QuickBooks files.
  • Removing significant QuickBooks files from the computer can also give rise to the error.
  • There is a new screen that accesses API keys, however, it fails to function legally.
  • A malware or virus attack can also give rise to the error 12152.

Now that you are aware of the causes and reasons, let’s dig deep into the signs and symptoms of QuickBooks error code 12152.

What are the Signs of QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 12152?

Before implementing the troubleshooting methods to fix the QuickBooks Error Code 12152, you need to be certain about the occurrence of the error by identifying the signs and symptoms.

Here is the list of the signs and symptoms of the QuickBooks Error Code 12152:

  • The system may get shut down to restrict the damage transfer to other crucial applications.
  • The user will not be able to press the tabs or buttons in the QuickBooks program.
  • Windows or QuickBooks May Freeze or become unresponsive all of a sudden.
  • QuickBooks fails to function properly once the latest updates are downloaded.
  • The screen suddenly stops functioning smoothly and this process becomes monotonous

Internet Connection QuickBooks Error 12152: Best Working Solutions

Once you have a detailed understanding of the various causes and symptoms of the QuickBooks error message, begin with the solutions steps that will fix the root causes of the error:

Troubleshooting 1: Undo the Changes Done in the Computer System

When your system is updated, it is quite likely that there are some bugs that have stepped into your system, and have triggered the error 12152. The ideal way to deal with this scenario is to restore the system with the help of the steps provided below:

  • Utilize the administrative credentials in order to sign in to your system.
  • Press on the particular Windows icon and then navigate to the option for All Programs present in the Start menu.
  • Next, choose Accessories and then go to the System Tools.
  • Select the option System Restore.
  • Once you do this, a trigger will appear on the window. Here you need to choose the option, Restore my system to a previous time.
  • Click the Next button and choose a folder/location/Point to reestablish the last version.
  • Press on the option for Next and it will trigger a confirmation text on the window.
  • Lastly, Click the option Next and enable the program to finish the process.
  • Lastly, Reboot the system and see if issue 12152 still exists or not.

Troubleshooting 2: Repair the Internet Settings option on Your Computer

If you download the updates from a network or web browser that is configured incorrectly, it can give rise to problems in your programs.

Hence, It is imperative that you rectify the configuration with the help of the instructions provided below:

  • Press the keys for Windows and E on your keyboard simultaneously and hold them, to enable the Run prompt box to appear.
  • Press on the Search box. Now enter Control Panel and then click the OK button.
  • In the following screen, navigate to the search space. Now you need to enter the Internet Options in it.
  • Now, A particular Internet Properties box will come up on the window.
  • Now click on the Advanced tab. Now press on the option for Restore Advanced Settings.
  • Now click the OK button. Now hold on for some time till the last changes are returned.
  • Finally, You need to start your system again and then download the QuickBooks Updates once more.

Troubleshooting 3: Ensure to Utilize the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool Effectively

Installation problems in QuickBooks are solved by the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool in the QuickBooks Tool hub. Here are some easy steps to assist you with the procedure:

  • Go to the screen for Programs and Features. Now choose Uninstall a Program.
  • Find and select the option, QuickBooks and then click on the button for Uninstall/Install.
  • Now click Next to see a prompt that requests you to select between Remove and Repair.
  • Now press on the option for Remove and then do as per instructions for uninstall wizard.
  • Now, Navigate to the website for Intuit and download the current version of the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Now save the particular file on the desktop of your system and then install the tool by clicking twice on the downloaded file.
  • Click on the Installation problems and select Run the QuickBooks Clean Install tool.
Use QuickBooks Clean Install Tool
  • Now you need to wait for the tool to identify and fix the errors in your files and programs.
  • Finally, Download the needed version of QuickBooks and install it on your particular system. Now restart it. Now check if the QuickBooks error 12152 still exists or not. In case it is not resolved, move on to the next solution.

Troubleshooting 4: Uninstallation, Reinstallation, and Fixing of QuickBooks Desktop

If issue 12152 still exists and troubles you, you need to implement the steps given below:

  • Navigate to the Control Panel from the Start Menu or Desktop, based on the simplicity factor.
  • Press on the option for Programs and Features present in the Control Panel Window. Now select Uninstall a program.
  • Choose the present/latest QuickBooks version from the particular list and then delete it. Make sure to take a backup of your particular files to prevent the loss of any crucial data.
  • Now, You need to reinstall via a legitimate CD or authentic source.
  • Now navigate to the place where you have downloaded the QuickBooks file and select the QuickBooks.exe option.
  • Now press double-click and abide by the instructions and then keep clicking Next in order to read the agreements for software licensing and then move ahead.
  • Now add the details concerning the License Number and Product Key and then press Next.
  • Now select the scan option and run a proper scan and then identify the errors.
  • Lastly, Choose the option for Repair All in order to fix the issues.

Troubleshooting 5: Date and Time Settings Configuration

In case the time and date settings fail to align, it can give rise to incompatibility problems with using the internet for QuickBooks Updates.

Here is how you can rectify such issues and prevent the occurrence of error 12152:

  • Check the time and date on your computer that is present on the bottom right side. In case they are wrong, move ahead.
  • Press right-click and select the option to change the date and time. In case they are wrong, move ahead.
  • Press right-click and select to edit the time and date.
  • Do a manual change and then press OK.
  • Finish by starting the QuickBooks software again and then authenticate if the issue is still there or not.

Troubleshooting 6: Change Registry Editor Extension

A void Windows registry can be the reason for major problems in the system. Rectify it with the help of the following steps.

  • Navigate to the Start tab or the Run Screen and enter Command or CMD in the available space. Make sure not to click Enter yet.
  • Rather, Click Shift and Ctrl keys together and then click Enter.
  • You will get a permission dialog box asking for a Cancel or Yes for the change. Click Yes.
  • Now you will witness a black screen that has a blinking cursor.
  • Now you must write Regedit. Now click Enter.
  • Locate the QuickBooks error 12152 concerned key in the given registry editor windows such as Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.
  • Next, Shift to the File menu and select the Export option.
  • Now, you need to save the Internet Explorer or Google Chrome backup key in a particular folder.
  • Now save the particular file with a specific name. Now select the needed branch.
  • Press Save and see if the particular file gets saved in the preferred location with the particular .reg extension.

We hope that with the conclusion of this article, everything concerning QuickBooks error 12152 like its causes, symptoms, and solutions is clear to you. We ensure that if you follow the steps in the given order, the issues will be fixed in no time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Possible to Fix the QuickBooks Error 12152 with Backup Restoration?

Yes. You must restore the current backup and allow things to roll like previously with the help of the steps below:

  • Navigate to the QuickBooks Application. Now launch it and go to the File menu.
  • Now select the option that says, Restore or Open the Company File.
  • Choose the backup file you wish to restore and move ahead.

Will Restarting the System Fix QuickBooks Error 12152?

Yes. It will. Restarting the computer refreshes the system and hence any error present can move away. In case it is not, it may lead to errors. See if the error still exists.

Can QuickBooks Tool Hub help in Fixing QuickBooks Error 12152?

QuickBooks Tool Hub can help in fixing QuickBooks Error Code 12152. You need to download it from reliable sources and run it to fix the payroll error.

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