How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Payroll Error PS034

Error Code PS034 during Download or Install QuickBooks Tax Table Update Error PS034 shows that QuickBooks is facing issues while […]

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Error Code PS034 during Download or Install QuickBooks Tax Table Update

Error PS034 shows that QuickBooks is facing issues while installing the update Payroll Tax Table. There are various attributes and origin which indicates that the QuickBooks Payroll is facing such errors like PS077, PS032, or PS034:

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  • Tax table file or payroll folder is corrupted or invalid.
  • The company file (QuickBooks) is not valid.
  • QuickBooks Payroll is not registered.
  • Outdated or incorrect information is filled in the invoice.

About QuickBooks Payroll Error PS034

Error Code:Error PS034
Developer:Intuit Inc.
Applies to:Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11
Error Description:QuickBooks has come across an issue and needs to close. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Cause:Invalid Tax table or Payroll Files. Corrupt QuickBooks Company file
Symptoms:Crashes the program window, Windows runs gradually and responds step by step to mouse or reassure input
Possible Solution:Check and verify if you are a ‘Registered User’, Check the new Updates & Info

Here we will get the information about fixing the PSXXX errors codes at the time of downloading payroll updates in QuickBooks Desktop.

You may experience this error followed by a message when downloading payroll updates. Use these given solutions to get rid of the issue.

Tips: If you’re using an antivirus on the system, you may wish to examine disabling it temporarily. Then try to download the latest payroll update prior to follow these solutions.

QuickBooks Payroll Error PS034 come across when updating QuickBooks Payroll or downloading Payroll Updates, etc. Moreover, there can be other grounds that can lead to this error. Rebooting QuickBooks to see if the issue is fixed can be done to get rid of this issue. Though, it is possible that this error PS034 does not get resolved with this simple solution.

In addition to what leads to QuickBooks error PS034, we will have the discussion around the possible solutions to fix this problem. It is annoying and frustrating to get any error when you are working. Moreover, any interruption in the payroll process is not only time-consuming, but also a confusing situation.

Causes of QuickBooks Payroll Error PS034

  • Tax table or Payroll Files are Invalid
  • Incorrect or Invalid Billing information provided
  • Untrustworthy QuickBooks Company File
  • Because of Invalid files or a connection failure, Intuit could not get the ‘Requisite files’.

Ways to get rid of the QuickBooks Payroll Error PS034

There are specific points where you are required to take care of to get rid of this error or any other errors such as PS077 and PS032:

  • Register the QuickBooks Payroll Software.
  • Re-check all the details which you have already entered in the invoice, it should be up-to-date and correct.
  • Do not update the file which contains accountant’s copy.
  • Here, disable UAC i.e. Windows 7, 8 or Windows Vista being used on the Account Control QuickBooks Payroll. Once the UAC is successfully disabled, try again to update QuickBooks Payroll.

Method 1: Restart the System

Restarting the system solves numerous issues without any other steps performed. Hence, this should be the first step you are required to initiate to correct this error.

  • In the first step, Log onto the QuickBooks Account
  • After that Re-start system and the concerned Database
  • Post the successful restart, Now log in again to the QuickBooks Account
  • Turn off the background app if any are open
  • Perform the update again

Method 2: Be Handy With Your QuickBooks License Number

Be handy with the QuickBooks License number. You are required in the next given steps:

  • Make sure that you are not using multiple QuickBooks.
  • If you have multiple QuickBooks setup. You are required to remove one. Adhere the certain steps to get rid of one QuickBooks.
  • Open Control Panel.
  • Navigate to the programs and functions and navigate to installed programs.
  • Hit on the second QuickBooks –> Hit on Remove –> Hit on Next.

Method 3: Check and Confirm if you are a ‘Registered User’.

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop
  • To check whether you are a registered user – Hold the function key F2.
  • A product info window will be visible and there see the first entry to verify whether you are a Registered User in QuickBooks Desktop.

Method 4: Uninstall QuickBooks

The other QuickBooks will be uninstalled post adhering the steps mentioned above:

  • The Error message which always flashes with the option that re-direct the user to complete Update process.
  • You are required to choose yes to go online and retrieve available update.
  • Once update is finished, Run QuickBooks Payroll Update on Server.
  • Kindly update another installed version of QuickBooks.
  • Discard the additional installations – Reboot the QuickBooks – Update.

Method 5: Verify the New Updates & Info

  • Navigate to the official QuickBooks website
  • After that, Log-in using the accurate credentials
  • Have a watch for the newly released QuickBooks Updates
  • Download the New updates (if any are there), and at the same time remove the Compatibility error.

Method 6: Scan files & the Computer

Scan the QuickBooks Files & Payroll Updates. The scan will save the time and efforts by detecting the malware files.

Also, use “Windows virus & threat protection” to do a selective SCAN of the files & folders involved in QuickBooks.

Method 7: Alter User Account Controls

First, Switch off User Account Controls before beginning to Update. Adhere the below-mentioned steps:

  • Move to start
  • ‘Change user account control’ in the search option
  • Turn off the settings

Method 8: Upgrade Payroll Tax Table

If you are still facing issue, adhere these steps:

  • Find recent Intuit upgrade of Payroll Tax Table and Download it.
  • Re-build the data file if it is required
  • Uninstall the previous one and re-install the chosen startup.

Method 9: Check Antivirus or Firewall Settings

It can be a situation that for the reason that ‘Advanced settings,’ the firewall settings or anti-virus software settings are blocking the updates and giving the bug. In this circumstance, you either turn off firewall settings or white list QuickBooks payroll to avoid this type of errors:

  • First Go to start
  • Search Firewall settings
  • Now tap ‘Manage Exceptions
  • Add program/software to the list
  • Now from the displayed list – select ‘QuickBooks & Payroll‘ and hold ‘Search‘. On the other hand, you can straightly switch off firewall settings until the updates are completed. Perform the similar action for apparently downloaded /installed antivirus.

Whenever you come across with an error in QuickBooks, it is required to perform the accurate corrective steps to ignore the future issues. If any incorrect action is taken, that can conduct the variation. Have a word with the QuickBooks Expert at Dancing Numbers LIVE CHAT to complete this process without more errors.

Solution 1: Please Ensure that the Service info is Accurate

  • Reboot the system, and then reopen QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Please ensure the account info is up-to-date and accurate. If not, then update it.
  • Download the updated payroll tax table.

Solution 2: Update and Register the QuickBooks Desktop

It is important to have the recent security and software improvements. Here is how to verify if the software is registered.

  • Open your QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Press the F2 key to open the Product Information window.
  • Beside the license number, Check if it says Activated.
    Kindly know that if it does not mention Activated, Register the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • After you register QuickBooks Desktop, Update it to the latest release.
  • Download the Latest Payroll Tax Table Update.

Solution 3: Repair QuickBooks Desktop

Run a QuickBooks repair to watch if its folder or files required some fixing. Post the repairing of QuickBooks Desktop, Download the Latest Payroll Tax Table Updates.

Solution 4: Verify if the user has an identical copy of QuickBooks

Kindly ensure that only have one installation of each Version of QuickBooks Desktop on the system. It does not matter if the user has numerous QuickBooks products (ex. QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, or Enterprise) on the computer, so long as the user has only have one of each version installed.

  • Press Windows key + R on your keyboard to open the Run window.
  • Enter “Control Panel” then select OK.
  • Select Uninstall a program.
  • Make sure only one of each year version is on the list.

Kindly know that it is important to know that uninstall the rest, if you see numerous installations of the same QuickBooks Desktop version. Click right on the program which you wish to uninstall, and then choose Uninstall/Change. Adhere the on-screen instructions to complete uninstall, and then download the latest payroll tax table update.

Solution 5: Modify the settings of the User Account Control

Temporarily turn off your User Account Control (UAC). Then, attempt to download the updated payroll tax table update. If the user is no longer getting the error, it means the current security setting is too high for QuickBooks to download payroll updates, so user may wish to consider lowering it.

Solution 6: Check for any data damage

Resort the lists & use the confirmation and rebuild utility to affix the data which is possibly corrupted. User can adhere to these guides for more detailed steps on how to re-sort lists and use to verify and rebuild utility. Once it is completed, try to update the download the latest payroll tax table update.

Solution 7: Rename the CPS Folder

  • Hold the Windows key + E to navigate to the file explorer.
  • Choose This PC in the left menu.
  • Go to Local Disk C.
  • Open Program Files (x86), then the Intuit folder.
    Kindly note that Open the Program Files folder if you are not able to watch the Program Files (x86).
  • Open your QuickBooks Desktop folder that matches the version you’re using.
  • Open Components, then Payroll folder.
  • Right-click the CPS folder, then select Rename. Enter CPSOLD, then hold the Enter key to successfully rename it.
  • To create a new CPS folder, open QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Download the latest payroll tax table update.

Solution 8: Run the reboot.bat File

QuickBooks Desktop processes sometimes get stuck and require a reboot. Run the reboot.bat tool to provide it a fresh start. Reopen QuickBooks Desktop, and then try again to download the latest payroll tax table update.

Solution 9: Carry out a clean installation in Choosy Startup

It may be required to do a clean installation in Selective Startup as this mode allows the user to begin Windows with only choose items running on the system.

QuickBooks, whether it is integrated with software by Intuit or any third-party software, has a huge value in any business. It helps in managing all the accounting required of employees and data to align their salary in time. Also, readers are required to connect with the QuickBooks Payroll Desktop Support to more about PSXXX error codes.

The above-mentioned steps seem difficult however these steps will assist you in get rid of the issues. If the issue still displays in the system, you are required a technical assistance which will assist you in understanding the issue and will also showcases how to get rid of this error.

Hopefully, you find this guide easy to follow! We have tried to provide you the maximum information. However, if you still face any challenges you always reach out to the team of experts without any hesitation at LIVE CHAT Support.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

How To Register QuickBooks Payroll Software To Fix Error PS034?

checked Firstly, Get the QuickBooks Payroll service
checked After that you will receive the service key in the mail to activate it
checked Write this service key in the QuickBooks Desktop account
checked After this you completed the registration of the QuickBooks payroll software and activation.

How to Turn Off the UAC in Settings To Fix QuickBooks Payroll Error PS034?

checked Open the Control Panel
checked Click on the User Accounts
checked Post that, Choose the option of User Accounts (Classic View)
checked In this, Hit on the modify/change User Account Control Settings
checked At this step, You are required to move the slider to the Never Notify and post that hit on the OK button that shut the UAC off
checked In the end, Restart your computer

What Are The Ways To Open The Control Panel For Checking The Settings To Fix PS034?

checked Open the Run window and write the control panel and hit on the OK option
checked Navigate to the Start menu then hit on the Control Panel to open it
checked In the Search option of the Start menu, Write Control Panel and hit enter key to open up.

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