Troubleshoot “Unable to Print” Problem in QuickBooks

It is a known fact that QuickBooks can be used from anywhere. When you use it, the command to print […]

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It is a known fact that QuickBooks can be used from anywhere. When you use it, the command to print can come from the very software. However, you may experience the unable to print problem in QuickBooks.

That’s why in today’s blog we will discuss and provide a deep understanding of the Unable to print problem, its causes, and the solutions too. We will guide you to get a better understanding and knowledge of the problem in no time.

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QuickBooks Printing issues may force you to stop your present work. As a result, some of the important stuff will get delayed on account of this problem. One of the common problems with the printers is that they print in small font sizes. Below, we have highlighted some problems and their easy fixes which you can try to use and solve all your print problems on your own.

In order to fix QuickBooks unable to print, please follow the steps given below. However, before you begin the troubleshooting process, kindly restart your computer along with the printer. When the computer starts again, switch on your printer and follow these easy steps given below:

Solution 1: Check the Particular Printer

Step 1: Open Notepad or Microsoft.

Step 2: Add some text, open the file menu, and choose text.

Step 3: Print from the default printer that is giving trouble.

Step 4: If the printer prints the text, it means there is no issue with the printer driver.

Solution 2: Solving the “Unable to Print” Issue

Step 1: Shut down the particular computer along with the printer.

Step 2: Ensure that the paper is properly positioned in the tray. Make sure there is no congestion.

Step 3: Make sure that the interface cables are properly connected.

Step 4: Switch on the computer along with the printer.

Step 5: Now select Windows Control Panel and choose Printer.

Step 6: Discard the present print by pressing double click on the specific printer.

Step 7: Then, print a Windows test page. If the test print is proper, that means the printer and computer is nice.

Solution 3: Taking the help of QuickBooks Print along with the Repair tool

QuickBooks Print and PDF repair tools can handle several things. Here are the steps for it:

Step 1: Locate QBPrint. qbp file on your particular computer that you are experiencing while printing with QuickBooks.

Step 2: The file required to be named again manually.

Step 3: In case you cannot find the file, it is crucial to unhide the folders.

Step 4: Go to the QBprint.qbp and select it and then name it.

Step 5: Now open the QuickBooks and the company file, a fresh qbprint.qbp is now present automatically.

Step 6: Now open the particular transaction where you had problems in generating PDFs in QuickBooks.

Step 7: If there is any issue with the company file, try to print from the particular QuickBooks sample company file to authenticate it.

Solution 4: Make Sure it is the Right Printer

It is quite possible that you have ended up with the wrong printer. Thus, choosing the right printer is very important. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1: In the particular QuickBooks application, choose the file tab and select the Printer Setup tab.

Step 2: Choose the desired form and then print it.

Step 3: Ensure that the printer name and the one you are using presently are the same. In case it does not match, then navigate to the Printer Setup in your computer and make it proper.

By using the steps mentioned above, you can solve the unable to print problem, arising from time to time. However, if the issue is still active and you unable to print from QuickBooks, you can reach out to our professionals immediately. We have the latest tools and a focuses plus a skilled team of QuickBooks experts who leave no stone unturned to provide you with the best solution to QuickBooks printing problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

What are the important points to remember before you begin to resolve QuickBooks Print issues?

checked Ensure that QuickBooks is updated. Make sure to use the latest version of QuickBooks
checked Make sure the connectivity is perfect. Your particular computer must be connected with the Printer and the printer software is rightly installed.

What are the QuickBooks Printing problems?

Here are the most common QuickBooks Printing problems:

checked Problems related to printer selection, Microsoft XPS Document, etc.
checked Not being able to print through the printer
checked Desktop is unresponsive
checked QuickBooks application fails to save the reports as PDF
checked QuickBooks applications hang while accounts reconciliation
checked Cannot reconcile the account in PDF files
checked QuickBooks application closes
checked Receiving error while creating an email
checked The Print driver cannot run a 32-bit application

What are the reasons for QuickBooks Printing problems?

There can be several reasons because of which QuickBooks Printing Problems arise, some of which include:

checked Sometimes the printer is switched off
checked Often the printer is offline or not activated
checked There can be a change in the default printer
checked Wrong QuickBooks application re-installation
checked Sometimes the paper tray is not full
checked Wrong installation of the printer is most often the reason
checked Due to some reasons, sometimes the user is not signed in as the system administrator

What are the Types of Printing Problems in QuickBooks?

There are several types of printing problems in QuickBooks. Here is the list:

checked Fail to print QuickBooks checks or invoice
checked QuickBooks Printing problem checks
checked QuickBooks Enterprise cannot print
checked QuickBooks 1099 form has printing issues
checked Printing issues in MAC
checked QuickBooks Printing issues with PDF
checked QuickBooks W2 Printing errors

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