Best 3 Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error 248

Most often, consumers have seen this problem when attempting to take a backup of their company files. Payroll processing for […]

QuickBooks Error 248

Most often, consumers have seen this problem when attempting to take a backup of their company files. Payroll processing for employees is another situation in which this inaccuracy is expected. But there is nothing to worry about since in today’s article we will talk about understanding the problem and will also highlight the different effective ways to resolve QuickBooks error 248.

QuickBooks 248 is a type of issue that is related to the problems in the payroll and backup processes, and it usually appears in the form of a message stated below:

Warning: QuickBooks has located some problems with your company file, but don’t worry! You can resolve most issues by rebuilding the particular company file (File/Utilities/Rebuild Data).

In case, it is not fixed, it can trigger serious consequences in the accounting data, comprising payroll-related problems and data loss.

What are the Key Causes of QuickBooks Error Message 248?

Here is the list of the reasons that can trigger QuickBooks backup error message 248.

The company file may be witnessing some corruption problems

  • Employees may have paid more
  • Payroll-related problems

Resolutions to Fix QuickBooks Error 248

If you have experienced the backup and payroll issue, the following solutions will help you to fix the QuickBooks error 248 with ease.

Solution 1: Use the QuickBooks Rebuild and Verify Data tool

The first feasible solution to fix the Backup error message 248 in QuickBooks comprises the use of the QuickBooks Rebuild and Verify Data tool. It is a comprehensive tool that solves several issues in the Company file.

Here are the steps to use the tool:

Step 1: Run the Rebuild Tool

  • Firstly, the user must run QuickBooks Desktop as an Admin
  • Now when the program loads up, press on the File tab. Now select Utilities
  • This particular utility section comprises a list of several utilities and tools. From the particular drop-down box, the user must select the option, Rebuild Data
  • After pressing on the option, the user will be notified to take a backup of the particular company file. The user must continue with the backup and then begin with the Rebuild process
  • When the process finishes, a message saying, Rebuild has finished will come up on the screen

Step 2: Run the Verify Data Tool

To reconfirm if the issues in the Company file that were identified before got fixed or not, the user must run the Verify Data Tool. Here are the steps to run the verify data utility tool:

  • Begin by pressing the File menu
  • Next, you need to navigate to the Utilities section and then select the option, Verify Data
  • The notification stating, that QuickBooks detected no issues with the data will come up. Then press OK
  • On the opposite hand, if the Rebuild Data tool displays the comprehensive message stating, “Type: paycheck, Paycheck: Txn # 30159 on 15/06/2019, doc#:’8000′, PO#:”, last edited by ”, Source, account: <bank name>, $: -200.20, name: < name>”.
  • Next, the user needs to change the company file to fix the issue. In case you face problems or lack the required technical knowledge to execute, you must hire a QuickBooks team

Solution 2: New Item Creation

This issue may also arise in payroll, usually when the payment of any employee or tax payment is overcompensated. Here are the steps you need to follow in such a scenario:

  • In the first step. You need to run QuickBooks as Admin and then go to the List section.
  • Now execute by pressing on the Payroll List option.
  • Now, choose the New Item option.
  • In the next step, you need to select the Customer Setup and then when it is done, press Next and move ahead.
  • The user now needs to add a new name to this particular item.
  • Now, link the item and then press on the option, None of the Tax Tracking Type.
  • Post that, press twice on Next two times, and then click on Neither option. Now press on Next.
  • The user must now begin by typing the overpaid amount.
  • End the process by hitting Finish.

Solution 3: Changing Employee Information

Another effective approach to resolve QuickBooks Error 248 is by performing specific changes to the employee detail, the steps for which are mentioned below:

  • First, go to the Employee tab. Now, press on the option, Payroll Taxes
  • Next, you need to press on the option, Adjust Payroll Liabilities. Post that, enter the Date and the Effective Date
  • Next, make a move to the Adjustment section and press the Employee tab along with the Employee Name
  • Now go to the section, Taxes and Liabilities where the user must opt for the particular payroll item that requires adjustment. After selecting the item, enter a negative value for lessening it
  • Lastly, press on the Save tab.

If you have any questions related to QuickBooks Error 248, you can reach out to our team of experts.

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