Fix QuickBooks Payroll Update Error (Unable To Send Usage Data)

QuickBooks is a software which is installed into the computer that customizes all the accounts in a systematic schedule. But […]

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QuickBooks is a software which is installed into the computer that customizes all the accounts in a systematic schedule. But a few QuickBooks users have described certain technical bug at the time of update of the payroll. One of the common error is QuickBooks Payroll Error: “Unable To Send Usage Data” while updating QuickBooks desktop. Here we will be discussing the causes and improvement steps to the error.

This error happens due to the mistaken time zone of desktop or when user has created Accountant’s copy. Here we will be get to know about some uncomplicated methods to rectify this bug. Once the user follow these steps user can easily fix this typical error code by your own.

Reason for QuickBooks Payroll Error: “Failed to Send usage Data”

This error can arise due to the various reason which are mentioned below:

  • When the time zone is incorrect into the system.
  • In situation, the user creates a copy of an Accountant.

User might look the below error message on the computer screen:

QuickBooks Payroll Error:

Important Points to Consider Before to resolve Sending Usage Data Error

Prior following the troubleshooting steps, it’s important to examine a few important suggestions which might assist the user to resolve the error even prior to apply the troubleshooting steps. Kindly be ensured to verify every point mentioned below prior following the troubleshooting steps.

  • If the user is using Internet Explorer to access QuickBooks Online Payroll, then try deleting Temporary Internet Files and Website Files prior sending payroll data.
  • If you are also experiencing internet connectivity issues the try resetting the router by pressing the reset button at the back of your router for 10 seconds.
  • Update your internet connection settings in the Internet Explorer.
  • Make sure to update the QuickBooks payroll and tax tables to the latest released version if you are using the QuickBooks Online desktop app.
  • After the update make sure to restart your computer and if the issue is not resolved then follow the troubleshooting step mentioned below.

Steps to Correct the Error “Unable To Send Usage Data” While Update Payroll

User is required to follow the below methods to solve the error: failed to send usage data in QuickBooks. However, if you are looking for instant help then contact our QuickBooks payroll customer team that will look forward to your concern and provide you a feasible solution. The team of professional advisors are available 24/7 to provide the perfect solution for all your problems.

Step 1: Edit Your Payroll Service Key

First Method which resolves this issue as promptly:

  • Go to the employees section and post that choose “My Payroll service” option. Post that, choose manage your Service Key.
  • Later hit on the edit option and now, move to next step and verify the dialog box on as Open Payroll Setup and hit the finish tab. This will send the service key button and make it as to activate.
  • After that move to the main setting page.
  • To do this, choose to go employees and after that hit on My payroll service option. After that, hit on send usage data tab. If the above-mentioned method fail to fix this pitfall then try another method & ready to perform it in as expertly.

Solution 2: Check the Date & Time of the File Location in the Computer

In Windows 7:

If you are a Windows 7 user, you are required to adhere the below points as mentioned here:

  • Firstly, open the computer system and double-hit on the date and time icon and modify the date and time. Kindly know that user can view the date and time option at the bottom of the computer screen).
  • If you are unable to modify the date and time from the computer, then navigate to the start option and hit on control panel.
  • Here user is required to choose the clock, language or region option to modify the date and time. Kindly note that user can view two more option date and time settings and region and language).
  • Now hit on the option to modify date and time settings.
  • Post that on the Date and Time button, the user needs to hit on the Change date and time button.
Check the Date & Time
  • Followed by choosing the present date and time, and click on the OK option.
  • If the user wants to modify the order of the time zone then user can easily hit on the change time zone button as shown on the computer screen.
    • Provide a single hit on the time zone as scroll down in the drop-down arrow keys by using the system keyboard.
    • After that the user is supposed to select it as the right time zone.
    • If you are available in daylight saving time zone, so click on the Automatically modify clock for Daylight Saving Time tick-box.
  • Post that, user is required to hit on the OK key button and then hit to the OK option as it again.
  • Now here, confirm the time and date are correct in the system or not. If not, user can always ask for the expert advice by connecting to the team of experts which has the great skills in deploying extreme services.

In Windows 8:

If user use the Windows 8, you are required to adhere the below points as described here:

  • Firstly, open the Control panel option.
  • Now, click on the Clock, language, Region heading.
  • Post that, hit on the set date & time, that is present under the heading date & time settings tab.
  • After that, the user needs to hit on to modify the date & time button, in a new date or time tab.
  • Here, user needs to click the correct date as well as time and hit OK.
  • And finally, user is required to confirm the correctness of date and time.

Solution 3: Ensure if there Exists an Accountant’s Copy

If the Date and time are absolutely accurate, so it is advisable to adjust the time zone (correct, wrong, correct) by adhering the below mentioned steps listed below:

  • Coming to the third solution, in case an Accountant’s copy exists, the user is supposed to remove the restrictions manually, or he/she can wait until the Accountant’s copy is returned. However, still you should not forget that while the user is removing accountant’s copy he/she is required to confirm with the Accountant.
  • After that, the user is required to send the data to Intuit.
  • The next step is to delete all the online transactions, if the error continues to grow.
    • Here the user is required to hit on Edit option in the top menu bar
    • And then the user should press CTRL+F key
  • Moving ahead, click on the Advanced tab.
    • Now, in the Filter box, the user needs to adhere the below-mentioned steps:
  • Visit the drop-down menu, and select the filter Detail Level and then select the Summary only.
  • After that the user is supposed to move to the drop-down menu and then choose the filter Online Status also choose Online to send.
  • The next step is to move to the drop-down menu and then select the filter Posting Status also select Filter option.
  • Coming to the end, the user is required to hit Find button from Find screen.
  • Followed by, reviewing the results:
    • If the user determine any non-payroll entry, then he/she needs to finish the processing.
    • Also, if the user gets the paychecks, so removing them the following moment and then making an attempt to send to Intuit again is the only option that the user should follow. If it is done successfully, then the user needs to recreate the paychecks.

We hope that you have got all the relevant information and also hope that the above stated information will assist the users to fix Error – QuickBooks Payroll “Failed to send usage data” while update.

However, if the issue still exist then the user can always reach out to the team of professional for the technical guidance and assistance from accounting experts.

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