How to Fix QuickBooks User is Already Logged into the Company File Error

QuickBooks software program has specially been designed for small businesses to simplify the accounting operations. This way business accounting saves […]

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QuickBooks software program has specially been designed for small businesses to simplify the accounting operations. This way business accounting saves time and money and all the petty and time consuming tasks are taken care of by this program. Implementing software that offers business growth and perfect future plans for the business. Installing this software can be a very easy process as it involves very few and simple steps. Not only this, it also comes with different instructions for Desktop and Mac. Here we will discuss about how to Fix QuickBooks User is Already Logged into the Company file Error.

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However, at times, you may come across some issues that can create problems in log into the software. There can be the possibility of an issue with your current setting of system configuration. You also need to ensure that your browser has the JavaScript and cookies enabled with proper settings. If the issue is still persisting, you can always consider the obvious and the best option of clearing your cache and cookies. Then as per the recommendations, you should restart your computer, or you can also choose to try using a different browser. Clearing caches and cookies always does the trick.

To understand the issue better, it is best to know the issue itself inside out. You will also start to log into QuickBooks and you may receive the error message showing “User is already logged into the Company file“. In some of the instances, you may be logged in as an admin user and then force and switch the user’s account in the new setting of single user. With this, you will be able to push off other logged-in users and via the QuickBooks Messenger in older versions.

Causes for the QuickBooks Log in Error

As a QuickBooks user, you may encounter this error message due to these below-mentioned reasons:

  • An electrical issue in the circuit may have caused an upset glitch in the network.
  • The User Name is Already Logged into the company file from a different workstation.
  • Remote Access has been used by the accountant or user while logging into the company file and the user also did not log out from a previous session.

Steps to Fix QuickBooks User is Already Logged into the Company file Error

When this happens you would want to have everyone else log out of the QuickBooks program. And, the next step is to proceed with ending QuickBooks processes or services on the computer serving as your QuickBooks Server hosting the Company file. In order to do this:

1. The very first step is to Log-in as the Administrator to the system that has been serving as the QuickBooks Server hosting the Company file.

  • Open the Windows ‘Control Panel‘.
  • Select ‘Administrative Tools‘.
  • Choose ‘Services‘.
  • Then you need to double-click on the appropriate QuickBooks Database Server for your version (year) of QuickBooks to open the service (for example: QuickBooksDB27 is 2017, and QuickBooks DB28 is 2018).
  • When the window on the system opens, you need to click on the ‘Stop‘ button to shut-down the service. It is also considered to be critical however that QuickBooks has to be closed by all users prior to stopping the service.
  • Windows will display a Service Control window showing you the message that it is attempting to stop the service. The window will also close upon completion of the task and you will be redirected back at the previous service window. The service status should indicate that the service is Stopped.
  • Now, you need to give it approximately 10 seconds, then click on the ‘Start‘ button again to restart the QuickBooks Database Server.
  • Windows will display a Service Control window once again which will be showing a prompt that it is attempting to start the service. The window will close once the task is completed and you will be redirected towards the previous screen. The status of the service should indicate that the service has started.
  • Close the service window by clicking the ‘OK‘ button. Then you can also close the Services control panel window and then you can exit the Windows Control Panel.

2. There is another set of steps that will resolve any of the login issue you might be facing with QuickBooks or company file access:

It is recommended to follow these below mentioned step for resolving the issue:

  • Close all the open QuickBooks processes.
  • Click Ctrl + Alt + Delete open Task manager.
  • Click the processes tab.
  • Then click the image name to index all open processes.
  • Right-click and end process on all processes that begin with “QuickBooks“.
  • Now you need to approach the QuickBooks to sign in or log in to the Company Data File.
  • If you are unable to log in successfully restart the servers storing and hosting the company data file.
  • Open QuickBooks application on a workstation.
  • Attempt to Log in to the company data file.
  • If login is unsuccessful, then you can attempt to be logged in as a different user.

If you are unable to get to the QuickBooks online sign-in page or you are unable to locate the webpage, you will get error messages when attempting to open the company file: Webpage cannot be found, Error 404: File Not Found, or QuickBooks Online is currently unavailable. There are three steps that can be taken to resolve the problem. After this you need to follow the recommended steps in the given sequence and after each step try to sign in. If you are successful to log in no need to follow the further steps else you move on to the other steps.

  • The first step is to clear all the temporary internet files in the cache memory.
  • Open a new window and type in:
  • Reboot your computer and modem/router.
  • Power down in this order:
  • Computer.
  • Unplug modem.
  • Wireless Router/Server and unplug.
  • Wait 15-30 seconds then plug the modem then wireless router back in.
  • Power them back up in this order:
  • Modem.
  • Wireless Router/Servers.
  • Computer.

At any point, you feel that your issue is not resolved or you need some sort of assistance. You can always fill out the requisite form available on the official website of ours.

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