Fix QuickBooks Error 1712 (When Installing QuickBooks for Desktop)

Since we are going through the shortcomings of QuickBooks, we came across another one. It is known as QuickBooks Error […]

Since we are going through the shortcomings of QuickBooks, we came across another one. It is known as QuickBooks Error 1712. It can be seen when you are trying to install the QuickBooks program in a corrupt folder or the operating system is damaged.

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There are certain signs through which you can know if you are facing this error. The symptoms are listed below:

  • You will be getting the blue screen on display
  • Http page error occurs
  • System will lag due to the slow input and output
  • Computer shutdown occurs all of sudden
  • The QuickBooks program or tasks freezes several times
  • Program or Windows gets crashed

What is the Reasons of QuickBooks Error 1712?

Nothing happens out of nowhere. There is always a source of the issue. Few possible reasons that are responsible for the cause of error 1712 into our QuickBooks program are listed below:

  • If you are getting a new version of QuickBooks program installed without uninstalling the previous version.
  • The installation setup of QuickBooks has got damaged.
  • Windows Registry may have some corruption issues.
  • Some required changes are done to the existing version of software in the same computer.
  • There has been a virus or malware attack into your computer.
  • The data file is damaged into your QuickBooks account.

Important Points to Remember Before Fix QuickBooks Error 1712

Tips you can apply before you face any issue, which will save you from several other errors. ITs called being constantly vigilant. Here are the tips:

  • Save a backup for your QuickBooks data files before moving towards any solution.
  • In addition to this, you also need to backup your Windows system in case of any data corruption in case of update or any error that may happen.
  • You should keep your Windows updated at all times.
  • You also need to check that you are using the updated version of QuickBooks which will support the compatibility factor.
  • Before opening QuickBooks you also need to ensure that the antivirus or firewall is disabled.

Ways to Fix QuickBooks Error 1712 (When Installing QuickBooks for Desktop)

There are few solution ways that we can implement in order to fix the problems that might bother you while the installation of the QuickBooks program. You have to identify the root cause and then go with the solution accordingly. The solutions are as follows:

Ways 1: Download and Install QuickBooks

  • Firstly, You need to go to the QuickBooks program.
  • Then you need to select the option for change.
  • You should choose the edition of the product like the United Kingdom (UK), United States (US), or Canada (CA).
  • In the field of Select product, you should click on the edition of QuickBooks you wish to get (Pro, Premier, Enterprise, or Accountants) as well as the versions.
  • Click on the search button. You should be redirected to the new page, here you should click on the Download button to download the selected version.
  • Then you should save it into your computer.
  • When the program has got downloaded and gets saved in file location in File Explorer.
  • You need to press the double-click on the file in order to initiate the installation.
  • Then you need to follow the instructions to ensure that program gets installed properly into your computer.
  • After completing the installation process, you need to click on the finish button and the process is completed.

Ways 2: You Can Download and Install the QuickBooks Tool Hub

  • Go to the official website of QuickBooks and download the QuickBooks Tool Hub with the latest version into your Windows computer.
  • Now, you should save the downloaded file in the default location.
  • You should go to the file and open it then press double-click on the .exe file to initiate the installation process.
QuickBooks Tool Hub
  • The install wizard gets opened and will show you prompts that you have to follow to complete the installation.
  • When it is all said and done then you should click on the Finish button
  • You need to go to the Desktop screen and press the double-click on the QuickBooks Tool Hub icon to open the tool
  • Now you should run the following tool to fix the issue one at a time. The tools are:-

Run Quick Fix My Program from Tool Hub

Run Quick Fix My Program from Tool Hub
  • In QuickBooks Tool Hub, you need to click on the Program problems if you have issues related to your program.
  • Then you should select the Quick Fix My problems tool.
  • It also scans the program and then ensures to fixes all the problems.
  • Then retry installing QuickBooks in your system.

Running the QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool from QuickBooks Tool Hub

QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool from QuickBooks Tool Hub
  • In QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Go to the option Installation issues.
  • Then run the tool QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool.
  • This particular set of steps to diagnose the problem and then fixes it so that you can easily go with your workflow in QuickBooks.

Once you are done, you should install and open QuickBooks to check for errors.

Ways 3: End Background Processes using Task Manager

  • As a first part of the program, you should close all the programs that are running on the system.
  • Then you should press and hold three keys including Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys altogether.
  • This step opens up the window of Task Manager on your screen.
  • Now you need to check that you are in the Processes tab if not then you should go ahead and click on it to enter.
  • Then you should search for the QuickBooks processes that are running in the background.
  • For each process, you need to click on the process of QuickBooks.
  • After this, you should click on the End Task to close it from running in the background.
  • Then close the Task Manager window and restart the system.
  • Open QuickBooks to check for errors.

Ways 4: Modify the Data Path of Application in the Registry

  • Click on the Windows Start button in your Windows system.
  • Then in the Search field you should type regedit.exe and then press the Enter button.
  • In the Regedit window, you need to locate for the path- HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MicrosoftWindows\CurrentVersion\Explore\User\Shell Folders.
  • In this specific Shell Folders, press the double-click on the entry App Data.
  • Then you have to switch the original value with your own local profile path in it.
  • Once it is entered and updated successfully, then you should close the window.
  • As a final part, you should restart your computer and check for errors.

Ways 5: You can also Add or Create the Windows User with Admin Rights

  • In order to take an alternate solution, you can go to your Windows system and open the Windows Settings.
  • Then you should press the Windows+I buttons at a time which will open the settings menu.
  • Or you can go to the power button available in the Start menu and then you should click on the gear icon to open Settings.
  • Then you should go to the option Accounts and click on the Other People or Family option.
  • After this, you need to select the option to add someone else as an authorized user to the computer.
  • It may ask you to enter the email address, but it is optional.
  • You can click on the button saying “I don’t have this person’s sign-in information.”
  • After this, you will see an option to add a user without a Microsoft account which is the exact option you should choose and click on.
  • Finally, you need to make a new username and password for this new user and then you should hit on the Next button to continue further.
  • Create this new local account as the administrator.
  • After this, click on the Local account that you just created newly on the page of the same account settings.
  • Choose the Change account type option.
  • In this, transfer the user from the Standard to the Administrator.
  • Click on the OK button and proceed further.
  • Restart your QuickBooks Desktop program.

Ways 6: Troubleshoot the Windows update and Windows installer

For Windows Update:

  • First of all, You need to click on the Windows Start menu button.
  • Then you need to click on the gear icon that is available for the System Settings.
  • Then you should click on the option of Update and security in the Settings window.
  • Furthermore, press the right click on the Windows Update tab on the left navigation pane.
  • Then you should hit on the Windows Update and then click on Check for updates.
  • When it is done for checking updates, if there will be an update available then it becomes visible if update is not visible to apply then it is up-to-date.

For Windows Installer

Download the troubleshooter of the Windows installer named Program Install and uninstaller Troubleshooter. It helps you to repair the problems of Windows. These problems are like when you are blocked from removing or installing the programs from your system. It also helps you in fixing the registry keys that are damaged.

After downloading the troubleshooter, you have to right-click on it and choose the option Run or open. Then it provides you with a few steps that you have to follow to make it do its work of troubleshooting the problem. If the program is not in the list of uninstalling options then it asks you for the product code of your program. It is available in the property table of the MSI file.

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